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club, please call 07415614285, or alternatively 01352 754411

updated July 24th


Coaching is FOC and available to all club members.

We can cater for all ages and all abilities so if you have never fished before, come and have a go. If you have been fishing for years and want to improve your catch rate, then we can help.We have a limited ammount of tackle that we can loan for the sessions and bait can be available on site. The Trap pool is not a commercial, it is the nearest thing to a natural venue you will find in North Wales, and as such, commercial tactics do not work. Smallers hooks lines and baits are the order of the day. People have said for many years, that if you have learned to fish on the Trap, you can catch fish anywhere.

 updated March 2018

                    Junior Matches and Coaching

We have a planned programme of events for our junior members, details published below, however, should any new members or beginners require coaching or assistance, please contact me on 0741 5614285 and I am sure we can work something out.

Junior matches will commence on 18/07/2018

The draw will be at 5-00pm with fishing from 5.45 till 8.15.

There will be plenty of experienced anglers supervising and to give assistence as required.


 Saturday morning coaching

Coaching will start on Saturday 21th July. 2018

However, if any of you keen young anglers out there feel they would benefit from a little guidance before hand or advice on the best methods, areas or tackle, please don`t hesitate to give me a call or ask one of the lads in the clubhouse, they will be only to glad to help.

Please register your interest with Pete Evans on 0741 5614285


Results 2015

Summer Series no 6, Aug 26

1st Aran Jones  12-07-00 (peg 25)

2nd Edward Furber 9-09-00 (peg 27)

3rd Lewis Mossman  6-09-00 (peg 16)

Overall positions after the 6 match series

1st Edward Furber

2nd Ryan Mahon

3rd Jacob Keene

Edward Furber receives his trophy from Neil Pearce of Lionel`s Tackle.



Junior cup Saturday 22nd August

The Junior cup was fished in heavy rain and flat calm conditions ,however weights were excellent and everyone caught.

Jacob (pictured above) ran out a comfortable winner with an excellent display of long pole fishing.


1st Jacob Keene   21-10-00 (peg 20)

2nd Edward Furber   15-09-00 (peg 37)

3rd Ryan Mahon       11-00-00 (peg 16)

4th Lewis Mossman   10-00-00 (peg 42)


Junior summer series no 5 Aug 19th

1st  Ryan Mahon  8-04-00 (peg 12)

2nd  Lewis Mossman   4-13-00 (peg 16)

3rd Edward Furber 2-11-00 (peg 19)

Junior Summer series Aug 12th

1st Rhys Williams    4-09-00 (peg 8)

2nd Ryan Mahon      3-13-00 (peg 12)

3rd   Arran Jones     2-12-00 (peg 20)

Junior Summer Series Aug 5th

1st Tom Mossman  7-13-00 (peg 12)

2nd Edward Furber  6-09-00 (peg 16)

3rd Rhys Williams   2-09-00 (peg 8)

Junior Summer series July 29th

1st Edward Furber 12-02-00 (peg 16)

2nd Ryan Mahon     6-00-00 (peg 8)

3rd Jacob Keene     5-06-00 (peg 12)

Junior Summer Series July 22

1st Edward Furber    2-11-00 (peg 19)

2nd Amber Porter    2-08-00 (peg 10)

3rd Jacob Keene     1-09-00 (peg 16)


Junior matches will be run on Wednesday evenings. The draw takes place at 5:00 with fishing from 5:45 till 8:30. There is no need to book. Pease note, an EA licence is required by all over 12yrs. Entry is just a pound and tackle vouchers are given out on the night to the winners.

Please note, in this years series, any carp caught in excess of 5lb will count as 5lb and must be witnessed and returned to the water. Carp judged to be under 5lb may be placed in a keepnet until the end of the match.

Junior Cup Saturday August 30th 2014

Oliver Westbrook won the junior cup with a weight of 4-07-00 from peg 12. The pool fished poorly on the day, but Oliver boosted his weight with 2 fine crucian/common hybrids.

In second spot and not far behind was 9yr old Max Jones. Max caught a level 4lbs of Ide from peg 37.

Lewis Mossman came 3rd from peg 20 with 3-07-12 of mostly Ide.





Junior Summer League sponsored by Lionels Tackle

Round 6

1st Jacob Keene   7-09-00

2nd Edward Furber   6-06-00

3rd  Alex Westbrooke 5-10-00

With the points for the 6 matches totaled up, Edward Furber (pictured right with our sponsor, Neil from Lionels Tackle, came out on top with 48 points.

Second overall went to Rhys Ellis with 44 points and in third was Jacob Keene with 40 points.
The under 12`s was won by Alex Westbrooke with 30 points, second was Alf Jones with 29 points and third Max Jones with 26.5 points.




Pictured above, all the participants and prize winners of this years comp.

The event was contested by a total of 16 anglers, all between the ages of 9 yrs and 16 yrs. Our thanks to Lionels Tackle for supporting the event and providing the trophies.


Junior Summer series no 5 sponsored by Lionels Tackle. Aug 20th 2014

1st Edward Furber   5-14-00 (peg 38)

2nd Alex Westbrook   5-10-00 ( peg 31)

3rd Rhys Ellis    4-14-00 (peg 16)


Junior Summer Series no 4 sponsored by Lionels Tackle.Aug 13th

1st Jacob Keene   10-00-00 (peg 33)

2nd  Alf Jones       8-02-00 (peg 12)

3rd Louis Mossman  5-11-00 (peg 16)


Junior Summer Series Match 3 sponsored by Lionels Tackle Aug 6th

Young Alex Westbrook caught this magnificent 15lb 3oz Carp, in this latest round, but due to the new rules, it did`nt count fully. Alex was allowed the max 5lb only. However along with 4lb of silvers recorded a winning weight of 9lb 5oz.



1st Alex Westbrook   9-05-00 (peg 30)

2nd Alf Jones  6-05-00 (peg 37)

3rd Rhys Ellis   6-00-00 (peg 20)

League positions after 3 rounds

1st Rhys Ellis  25 pts

2nd Edward Furber 23 pts

3rd Liam Carruthers 19 pts


Junior Summer Series Match 2  sponsored by Lionels TackleJuly 30th

1st Rhys Ellis  11-13-00 (peg 30)

2nd Liam Carruthers   9-09-00 (peg 21)

3rd Carrigan Parry   7-12-00 (peg 19)


Junior Summer Series Match 1 (July23rd 2014) sponsored by Lionels Tackle

This match was very well attended with 14 anglers taking part.


1st Edward Furber 11-14-00 (peg 21)

2nd Jacob Keene    10-15-00 (peg 37)

3rd Max Jones        7-15-00 (peg 38)

Points are awarded with 12 for a win, 10 for second etc.

Best 4 results from 6 count towards the final placings.



Saturday 24th August 2013.

The last Coaching session of the year took place last Saturday. Highlight of the morning was Alfie Jones landing this fine Common Carp. (pictured left).              



Junior Cup Aug 31st

This was fished in colder and windier conditions than we have been used to of late and although weights were down, it was still a close run thing. Winner on the day was Ben Williams with 12-02-00 from peg 12. In second with a fine bag of skimmers for 11-05-00 was Rhys Ellis. Third place went to Alfie Jones with 8-10-00 and in fourth was Alex Westbrook with 8-03-00


Rhys Ellis netting one of several Bream taken from peg 25 (The Jetty)




Round 6 Aug 29th 2013

Alex Westbrook easily won this last round with two magnificent carp for 24-10-00. Alex pole fished banded pellet and caster from the Jetty.   Second spot went to the overall series winner, Liam Caruthers, with 8-05-00 of mainly Ide taken from peg 38. Third spot on the night went to Jacob Keene with 4-05-00 from peg 16.                                                      



The top 3 in the series of six matches. From left to right, Event sponsor Neil Pierce of Lionels Tackle, Mike Rough (second), the winner Liam Carruthers, and Alex Westbrook.(third) and below Neil with tonights participants.





Match no 5  22nd August

Once again, a carp has saved the day. This time it was Liam Carruthers who did excellent to land this small Common on light tackle. to win with 9-14-00

Mike Rough came second with a fine net of skimmers from peg 13 for a weight of 8-13-00.

Luke Whitford came third with 4-00-00 of Roach , Perch and Ide from peg 16.




Match no 4 August 15th 2013.

Michael Rough returned from International duty and ran away with this one. Mike drew peg 19 and pole fished pellet in 3m of water for a succession of Bream and skimmers for a level 20lb. An excellent weight for a 2.5 hour match.

Rhys Ellis drew peg 25 (The Jetty) and fished a fine match catching mainly small fish, but boosting his weight with this small carp, to a creditable 12-10-00.

 Liam Carruthers finished third with 5-06-00 from peg 27.





Match no 3 Aug 8th 2013

Max Jones age just 8yrs old won this third round with a fine performance, using pole fished caster from peg 12. Max caught Barbel, Perch, Roach and Ide for a weight of 5-05-00. His older brother Alfie, tied with Liam Carruthers for second with 4-11-00.

Alfie Jones caught this fine Barbell of around 3lbs and was unlucky to lose three other large fish. Alf pole fished maggot and caster from peg 19.



Match no 2. 1st Aug 2013

An excellent performance by Mike Rough secured victory in the second round. Mike managed to land a good common Carp of around 12lb and together with Bream and Skimmers weighed in an impressive 20lb 50z.

In second and some way behind was Liam Carruthers with 3lb 4 oz of silvers from peg 16.

10yr old Alfie Jones was not far behind with 3lb 1 0z from peg 19.

Max Jones took the under 12 prize with 2lb 4 oz from peg 8.




 Match no 1 Thursday 25th July 2013

Young Alex Westbrook won this first round with a fine display of pole fishing. He landed a couple of  sizeable carp and two skimmers for an amazing weight of 21lb 7 0z.

Second spot went to Rhys Ellis with 8lb 4oz. Rhys caught a mixture of Roach, Ide and Perch from peg 16.

Liam Carruthers came third with 7lb 3oz of Roach and skimmers from peg 13.

Top in the under 12 category, apart from Alex who took the main prize was Alfie Jones with 2lb 11oz of skimmers from peg 20.

All winners received Tackle Vouchers. Next match is next Thursday, draw 5.15pm.






Junior Cup Saturday 25th Aug

This turned out a very close afair, with some good weights being recorded by all. The overall winner was 9 yr old Alfie Jones (pictured right). Alf fished pole and maggot on peg 12 for a fine catch of Roach, Perch and Ide weighing 8-14-00.

 Liam Carruthers came second with a similar catch of oach and Ide for a weight of 7-05-00 from peg 16.

In third spot was Ben Williams with 6-09-00 from peg 23. Ben again caught silvers and boosted his weight with a useful Bream of about 2lbs.




Thursday League

Match number 1

1st Michael Rough   4-10-00  (peg 21)

2nd  Alex Westbrook  3-15-00 (peg 19)

3rd Liam Carruthers  3-14-00 (peg 20)


Match 2   Aug 2nd


1st Michael Rough   5-07-00   (peg 18)

2nd  Oliver Westbrook   4-15-00  (peg 21)

3rd  daniel Woosey        4-12-00  (peg 20)


  Match 3 Aug 9th 

     This latest round was fished in ideal conditions, and the weights are getting better with each match    fished. This round was narrowly won by Liam Carruthers (pictured left). Liam drew peg 16 and fished the pole for a mixed bag weighing 6-10-00.

In second spot was Rhys Ellis with 6-08-00 of Perch and Ide from peg 12. Ben Williams came 3rd with 4-00-00 taken from peg 23.


Top in the under 12`s on the night was Alex Westbrook with 3-04-00 of Perch, Roach and Crucians from peg 21.


Match 4


The fourth match in the series was fished on the Trap today, and for some reason the fish just switched off, making it very difficult.

Carrigan Parry (pictured right) faired best, with a number of small Crucians from peg 21 with Liam Carruthers close behind with a mix of silvers from the Jetty.

1st   Carrigan Parry   3-10-00 (peg 21)

2nd  Liam Carruthers  3-02-00 (peg 25)

3rd  Jay Jones                2-01-00  (peg 16)

4th  Luke Whittford     1-15-00   (peg 12)


Match 5

1st  Mike Rough        9-09-00   (peg 23)

2nd   Dan Woosey   3-08-00  (peg 22)

3rd   Alex Westbrook   3-02-00 (peg 19)


Round six, the fnal match, was fished on the Trap Pool last Thursday. Due to available light this match was fished over just two hours and the weights were very good, considering.

Michael Rough put in an excellent performance to record 8-10-00 or silvers from peg 23. This gave him his fourth win of the series and an unbeatable points maximum of 48, to finish up the overall winner of the series.


Liam Carruthers drew peg 16 and weighed 4-02-00 for second on the night and second overall.

Daniel Woosey came third with 4-00-00 from peg 12 and this also put him third overall.

The under 12 age group was also a close run thing with Alex Westbrook just edging out Alfie Jones for first overall.



After 6 rounds (with worst 2 rounds deducted)

   over 12`s


Mike Rough            48

Ben Williams           30

Rhys Ellis                 34.5

Liam Carruthers   44

Dan Woosey           39.5

Dan Jones                 4  

Carrigan Parry      28

Jay Jones               10

Under 12`s

Alex Westbrook  32.5

Jack Massey           20

Alf Jones                  30.5

Luke Whittford        24

Oliver Westbrook  26

Robert Shone         15

Max Jones                9

Best 4 from 6 to count towards final. Prizes to be awarded for top and runner up in each age category.