If you are considering visiting our
club, please call 07415614285, or alternatively 01352 754411

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer coaching at this time , due to COVID - 19 restrictions


Coaching is FOC and available to all club members.

We can cater for all ages and all abilities so if you have never fished before, come and have a go. If you have been fishing for years and want to improve your catch rate, then we can help.We have a limited amount of tackle that we can loan for the sessions and bait can be available on site. The Trap pool is not a commercial, it is the nearest thing to a natural venue you will find in North Wales, and as such, commercial tactics do not work. Smallers hooks lines and baits are the order of the day. People have said for many years, that if you have learned to fish on the Trap, you can catch fish anywhere.