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Match fixtures and results


Match Schedule for 2024

Junior Matches

We will be holding Junior matches on the Trap Pool, Starting on May 18th

Draw will be at 9am with fishing from 9.45 to 12.30

These matches are for ages 16 and under

Entry is free, and Tackle Vouchers will be paid out to the top 3 on the day.

Anglers under 14, must be accompanied by an adult and can receive as much assistance as they require, for the safety of the fish and their own enjoyment.

Providing there is sufficient interest, then these matches will be held fortnightly through the summer months.

PLEASE book in either on the Buckley Trap Management Team Facebook page or by calling 0741 561 4285




April 1   Trap evening sweep draw 1pm fish 2 till 7pm

April 28    Trap

May 5    Weston Pools (Canal)

May 19    Trap (Charity Open) book in on 0741 5614285

May 26   Papermill

June 2    Trap

June 9    Visiting Club on the Trap (Flint)

June 16    Weston Pools (Weir)

June 30    Trap

July 7    Cheshire Oaks

July 21    Trap

July 28    Papermill

Aug 4    Trap

Aug 18    Trap

Aug 25    Hampton Springs (Meadow)

Sept 8    Yewtree

Sept 15    Trap

Sept 22    Visiting club on the Trap (Flint)

Oct 6    Trap

Oct 13    Stamford Way

Oct 27    Trap

Nov 3    Trap

Nov 10   Chester Lakes (Eccleston, Aldford and Pulford)

Dec 17    Trap (Christmas Social Match)


In addition;

there will be midweek evening matches from mid may. 5;15 draw fish 6 till 9

We plan to run several 24hr carp matches through the summer months, details to follow

All matches are 9am draw unless stated

Book in for all away matches with Chris Ellis on 07818 094233

1. The starting and finishing times for the match must be prominently displayed at match headquarters and on all literature relating to the match.

2. The recommended duration for a contest shall be five hours.

3. The match must be a pegged down competition. Pegs, preferably twenty yards apart and not less than fifteen yards, must be staked out and numbered prior to fishing. All pegs used under normal conditions must be of a state to give competitors a practicable and reasonable chance to fish his or her swim.

4. All officials participating in the organisation of the match must wear some kind of insignia, ie an armband, as clear evidence of their authority.

5. Each competitor on drawing his/her number shall proceed to the corresponding number on the bank and this will be considered his/her fishing ground where he/she will fish. The peg must remain in position until the weigh-in is completed.

6. Every competitor must fish from within one metre either side of his/her designated peg. On flowing water, the competitor may fish in the direction of the flow as far as the next peg. On still water, he/she may fish as far as half the distance between his/her peg and the pegs on either side. Where competitors are drawn on opposite banks, the limit of the swim is the line midway between each bank. The competitor will restrict their activities completely to these boundaries, neither his/her person, his/her tackle, his/her hookbaits or groundbaits may intrude into his/her neighbours swim. In an extreme situation eg snagged tackle of a snagged fish, an angler must seek permission from his/her neighbour/s before moving from his/her designated peg to try and remedy the situation. MODEL MATCH RULES Effective from 1st January 2009 A competitor must not cause annoyance to, or seek to interfere with another competitor or use mobile phones during the course of the competition, and must act in a sporting manner at all times.

7. No competitor may move his/her peg or exchange his/her peg or draw card with another without the organiser’s official consent.

8. No competitor shall buy more than one entry ticket for himself/herself from which it follows that all competitors must be strictly restricted to one draw.

9. Competitors must retain all fish in keepnets which comply with the relevant EA Byelaws. Competitors must take every practicable step to keep their fish alive and, after weighing them, must ensure their careful return to the water. If, for any reason fish are seen to be in distress, a competitor or match official has the right to demand that they be weighed immediately and returned to the water during the course of the match.

10. A competitor shall have in use one rod or pole, one line and one single hook at one time, but may have other rods or poles and tackle assembled for use in position behind him/her, if possible, providing that no such other tackles are baited.

11. Any bait, subject to local rules, can be used except live or dead fish, frogs spinning baits or artificial lures.

12. No competitor shall have live or dead fish in his/her possession before a match. All competitors must submit to a search if requested by a contest official.

13. Before the starting signal no competitor must on any account groundbait or loose feed the swim but will be allowed to wet a line, plumb the depth and test the float, mix and wt groundbait, clear his/her ground of weed or obstructions and position his/her equipment. On no account must a feeder be used before the starting signal. A ledger weight may be cast to find depth and distance etc, but a no time must the line be left in the water whilst continuing to set up other tackle.

14. Competitors may receive assistance to or from their peg, or both, for themselves or their tackle, or both.

15. All groundbait may be thrown in by hand, or by use of one or two handed catapults, throwing sticks, swim feeders, bait droppers and bait cups, but no other mechanical means of projecting groundbait is allowed. No bait shall be introduced with a pole cup or bait dropper attached to an extra rod/pole whilst continuing to fish.

16. All hooks on all waters should be Barbless (Maximum size 10)

17. Braid Hook lengths are not allowed

18. Maximum permitted length of poles is 16 metres

19. Floating poles are not permitted

20. Floating baits either hookbait or feedbait are not permitted

21. A competitor must strike, play and land his own fish.

22. Hand lineing fish is not permitted ,this includes handling elastics and line , also not allowed is the practice of trapping stretched elastic with the hand down the length of poles sections. Fish should never be bullied like this.

23. Keepnets should be dry when arriving to fish as dry nets do not spread disease. Fish must never be handled with gloves or towels.

24. Carp over 5lbs and silver fish must be kept in separate nets . no more than 40lbs in a net . Common Sense must prevail when net weights are verified.

25. No bait, equipment or information can be given to any competitor during the course of the match. Competitors withdrawing from the match are not allowed to give their groundbait or hookbait to or approach another competitor during the duration of a match.

26. Any competitor who abandons his/her peg having decided to cease taking part in the match but who decides to continue fishing must do so outside the confines of the length being used for the match.

27. All competitors shall, as far as possible, prevent any persons other than match officials from entering the fishing ground.

28. A competitor may wade provided that the water does not extend above the knees unless he/she can touch the bank with fingertips, in which case the water can extend above the knees. When platforms are used, the water must not come over the knees when standing on a river / lake bed.

29. No competitor shall leave his/her peg at any time during the course of the match other than to answer the call of nature and then he/she must not leave his/her baited hook in the water. At the end of the match, a competitor must remain at his/her peg until his/her catch has been weighed unless he/she has been detailed for weighing duties. Any competitor so detailed must have a witness to the weighing of his/her own catch.

30. A competitor must cease fishing at the finishing signal. Should he/she still be playing a fish hooked before the signal is given, he/she will be permitted no more than fifteen minutes after time has been called to land the fish.

31. All fish caught are eligible for weighing with the exception of game fish and crustaceans. It will be the responsibility of the scalesman to return all live fish to the water after weighing. Dead fish, handed to the competitor by the scalesman, must be returned after the match, to the headquarters by the competitor concerned and placed in the receptacle provided. Any fish suspected of being weighted or any fish considered suspicious by the weighers must be laid before the match organisers and the angler’s weight be not confirmed until a ruling has been obtained. If stewards recommended the disqualification of a competitor they will weigh his/her fish in case the ruling is not upheld.

32. All catches will be weighed to the nearest quarter of an ounce or ten grammes rounded up.

33. Each competitor will be responsible for ensuring the correct weight of their catch is recorded by the Steward and sign the sheet to that effect. In any dispute the decision of the weighers and the organisers will be final.

34. All fish must be weighed at the competitor’s peg. Unless the bankside terrain renders impossible, no catch shall be carried more than ten yards to the scales.

35. Competitors are responsible for ensuring that their pegs are clear of litter and no competitor may have his/her catch weighed in who has litter lying on the banks of his/her swim.

36. Any objection to an angler’s conduct, for whatever reason, must be lodged in writing with a match official or weigher within one hour of the end of the match. In all cases the objector shall inform the offender of his/her intentions at the time in order that he/she may speak in his/her own defence. Should an offender after receiving such a warning leave the match scene, the objection shall be deemed to have been sustained and the match organisers must inform him/her of their findings and punishment (if any) within seven days.

37. All the foregoing rules are subject to the byelaws of the Environment Agency, and any local rules applicable to a fishery.

38. All holders of trophies must, on presentation of them, give a written guarantee for their safety and shall undertake to return same (when applicable) in a clean and presentable condition when asked by the organisers. In the case of a team trophy, all members of that team are obliged under this rule.

39. Any angler proved to have been in contravention of these rules will be disqualified.

40. Any association or organisation wishing to deviate from these recommended Angling Trust rules must advertise the fact and list the deviation on the match entry ticket and other literature.

41. Details of each angler making up the team must be entered on a team card (or sheet) which must be handed in before the match begins. No alterations in the make-up of a team will be permitted once the draw has begun.
42. A team competition may be decided in two ways, by means of aggregate weight or by means of points. Where the latter is preferred the Angling Trust recommend that the system to be adopted be the same as that set out in Rule 48 of the Angling Trusts Nationals Championship rules.
43. The use of lead, including any alloy or compound lead, in the form of split shot or any other suitable thing for weighting fishing lines is prohibited. The prohibition does not apply to weights of lead, alloy or compound lead, less than 28.35 grms if such lead, alloy or compound lead, is incorporated in the construction of swim feeders or self cocking floats.




Last years results below


Sunday May 29th

1st Pete Evans 17-12 peg 20 (roach and rudd)

2nd Steve Leonard 12-4 peg 13 (bream and skimmers)

3rd Ken Edwards 8-6 peg 25 (mixed bag)

Thursday May 26 (3hr)

1st Ken Edwards 11-13 peg 24 (mixed bag)

2nd Laurie Sproston 8-12 peg 20 (F1`s)

3rd Justin Westbrook 7-8 peg 12A (mixed bag )

Thursday May 19th (4hr)

1st Chris Ellis 28-10 peg 12A ( mixed bag)

2nd Mike Sedgwick 19-12 peg 33 (Bream)

3rd Kev Carr 18-6 peg 42 (mixed bag)




1st Kev Carr   14-9 peg 12A

2nd Mark Whiteside 12-14 peg 20

3rd Pete Evans 11-14 peg 7

4th Graham Davidson  11-4 peg 33

5th Justin Westbrook 10-8 peg 42


Draw 3-15pm fish 4 till 8, Pools just £5 (nb. members only)

Winter League starts on October 16 draw 9am fish 10 till 3

these will be weekly and ran as Rovers with a Golden Peg.


It is our intention to book a few away matches on commercials as and when.

These will be posted here and on our FB page when known.




Sunday Aug 22

1st Graham Davidson 9-6 peg 32

2nd Pete Evans 8-5 peg 36

3rd Kev Carr 8-0 peg 20

Wednesday Aug 18

1st Pete Evans 12-4 peg 7

2nd Mike Sedgwick 11-12 peg 17

3rd Mal Griffiths 7-6 peg 6

Sunday Aug 15

1st Pete Evans 9-12 peg 34

2nd Ken Edwards 8-14 peg 23

3rd Dan Davies 8-7 peg 29

Wednesday Aug 11

1st Pete Evans 23-7 peg 33

2nd Dan Davies 7-2 peg47

3rd Chris Ellis 7-1 peg 20

Sunday Aug 8

1st Graham Davidson  8-12 peg 27

2nd Ken Edwards 7-12 peg 12

3rd John Porter 6-11 peg 33

Wednesday Aug 5

1st Mal Griffiths 8-14 peg 22

2nd Pete Evans 7-12 peg 24

3rd Mark Whitehead 5-8 peg 36

Wednesday 28 July

1st Justin Westbrook 13-6 peg 19

2nd Mark Whitehead 11-12 peg 12A

3rd John Porter 8-10 peg 23

Sunday July 25

1st Pete Evans 21-7 peg 12

2nd John Porter 14-6 peg 13

3rd Mike Sedgwick 12-9 peg 21


Wednesday 21 July

Kev very nearly made it 4 in a row, but a lost Bream with minutes to go relegated him to second spot.

1st Ken Edwards 15-7 peg 25

2nd Kev Carr 14-10 peg 35

3rd Justin Westbrook 13-2 peg 20

Sunday 18 July ( Cheshire Oaks )

Kev pulled an end peg and made the most of it , taking his 3rd win in a row.

1st Kev Carr 39-0

2nd John Edwards 35-12

3rd Justin Westbrook 30-0

Wednesday 14 July

1st Kev Carr 15-0 peg 20

2nd Ken Edwards 8-12 peg 6

joint 3rd Pete Evans / Chris Ellis 8-2 pegs 36 and 2

Thursday July 9

Sunday 11 July

1st Kev Carr 19-12 peg 25

2nd Justin Westbrook 13-6 peg 21

3rd Mike Sedgwick 12-14 peg 33

1st Pete Evans 10-15 peg 21

2nd Justin Westbrook 9-12 peg 25

3rd Kev Carr 8-12 peg 19

Wednesday 30 June

1st Chris Ellis 15-8-0

2nd Allan Maddocks 14-4-0

3rd John Porter 12-4-0

Sunday June 27

Joint first

Mike Ellis and Luke Baker with 14-8-0

3rd Ken Edwards 10-15-0

4th Graham Davidson 10-9-0

Wednesday 24 June

1st John Porter 13-12-0

2nd Mark Whitehead 10-13-0

3rd Dave Singleton 9-8-0

Thursday 17th June

1st Ken Edwards 11-8-0 (peg 46)

2nd Mark Whitehead 7-8-0 (peg 42)

3rd Allan Maddocks 5-12-0 (peg 23)

Conditions tonight were extremely poor with it being flat and bright. Lots of big fish hooked and lost (Bream and Carp) from all over the pool.

Sunday 13th June

1st John Porter 9-12-0 (peg 20)

2nd Chris Ellis  8-12-0 (peg 27)

3rd Mark Whitehead  7-12-0 (peg 34)

4th Mal Griffiths 6-7-0 (peg 23)

21 fished

June 9th mid week sweep(3hrs)

1st Mark whitehead 11-2-0 peg 33

2nd Mal Griffiths 10-15-0 (peg 12)

3rd Kev Carr 8-4-0 (peg 25)


June 2nd

1st Luke Baker (peg 20) 11-12-00

2nd Chris Ellis (peg 33) 10-9-00

3rd Ken Edwards (peg 19) 8-14-00

12 fished

Wednesday 26th May.

1st Pete Evans  (peg 43)     13-6-0   (mainly F1`s a Tench and a small mirror)

2nd John Porter (peg 12)    11-11-0 ( Ide, Skimmers, roach and F1`s)

3rd Dan Davies  (peg 23)     7-0-0    (F1`s)

4th Mike Sedgwick ( peg 33 ) 6-0-0  ( Roach and Bream)

13 fished
















Results 2019 Season

Over 50`s 25/4/2019

1st Pete Evans  16-8-0 (peg 6)

2nd joint Mal Griffiths 14-3-0 (peg 12A)

               Steve Martin 14-3-0 (peg 20)


Summer League 2

1st Steve Leonard 7-0-0 (peg 12A)

2nd Mal Griffiths 6-12-0 (peg 25))

3rd Kev Carr 5-12-0 (peg 20)


Summer League 1

1st Ken Edwards 16-11-00 (peg 20)

2nd Mal Griffiths 13-5-00 (peg 37)

3rd John Porter 12-00-00 (peg 33)

Results 2018 season

Silverfish sweep Sunday 9th Sept

1st Pete Evans 16-00-00 (peg 20)

2nd Mal Griffiths  12-09-00 (peg 12)

3rd Ken Edwards   9-09-00 (peg 43)

Thursday over 50`s Sept 6th 2018

1st Kev Carr  13-06-00 (peg 20)

2nd Steve Martin  10-07-00 (peg 42)

3rd Pete Evans    6-08-00 (peg 4)

Summer League 11

1st Mark Foster  33-14-00 (peg 19)

2nd Tony Belcher 13-02-00 (peg 32)

3rd Graham Davidson 12-09-00 (peg 23)

Summer League 10 Sunday 19th Aug

This ended up the closest result in memory!

Joint 1st Graham Davidson  12- 11-00 (peg 12A)

              Pete Evans              12-11-00 (peg 25)

3rd        Mal Griffiths           12-9-00  (peg 32)

Thursday 16th Aug

1st Pete Evans   22-14-00  (peg 20)

2nd John Porter  9-9-0  (peg 19)

3rd Tony Belcher 7-12-0 (peg 32)



Sunday 12th August 2018

Today we ran a Silverfish match (ie, all spcies except carp) and the match was won by John Porter (pictured right) John caught  a number of good Bream for 13lb 8oz.

The top 4 were separated by just onnces and all caught quality fish.

1st John Porter 13-8-0 (peg 33)

2nd Steve Dorring 8-7-0 (peg 19)

3rd Ken Edwards 8-4-0 (peg 13)

4th Mal Griffiths 8-2-0 (peg 14)

4th Pete Evans   8-2-0 (peg 6)

Ken caught this 1lb 8oz Perch on a pellet in 15 foot of water. (How strange !)







Sunday 5th August 2018

Today was the annual charity match, Combat Stress.

Considering the very hot and bright conditions, the pool fished very well, with a lot of quality fish being caught and plenty of monster carp lost.

1st Pete Evans     11-08-00 (peg 33, pictured right)

2nd MikeEllis    8-12-00 (peg 15)

3rd Steve Martin  8-01-00 (peg 37)

3rd joint Mike Delve 8-01-00 (peg 12)



Thursday over 50`s Thursday 26th July

1st Pete Evans   10-11-00  (peg 4)

2nd Mal Griffiths  9-10-00 (peg 12)

3rd Steve Martin 5-12-00 (peg 42)

Summer Series no 9 July 22nd 2018

1st Ken Edwards    17-03-00 (peg 25)

2nd John Porter    16-05-00  (peg 33)

3rd Mal Griffiths   8-15-00 (peg 12)

4th Pete Evans      8-3-00 (peg 32)

After 9 rounds

1st Graham Davidson  69 pts

2nd Pete Evans            53 pts

3rd John Porter            49 pts

4th Ken Edwards         47 pts


Over 50`s Thursday 24th May

The best weight of the season, recorded on Tuesday night has been beaten already, with a fine catch of Bream, Skimmers and Ide from peg 33. Kev Carr pole fished maggot and pellet for a weight of 24-12-00.

1st Kev Carr   24-12-00 (peg 33)

2nd Pete Evans  10-00-00 (peg 19)

3rd Steve Martin  8-07-00 (peg 20)


Tuesday May 22nd

Mike Peers won this latest round with the best weight of the season so far.

Mike drew the Jetty (peg 25) and caught a succession of good Ide and Skimmers from the off, for a weight of 24-07-00.




Pete Evans made a slow start, but caught predominantly Bream and Skimmers to 3lb on maggot, plus 8 or 9 Ide for a weight of 15-15-00, for second spot.

Pete fished peg 20 and just pipped Ken Edwards on peg 23. Ken weighed 14-06-00 and was unlucky having lost time playing a carp that he eventually lost.

Sorry no picture of Ken`s fish, Ken was taking the pictures.


Summer Series no 4 Sunday20th May

1st Graham Davidson  11-12-00 (peg 25)

2nd John Porter            8-03-00 (peg29)

3rd Bill Mourant        7-13-00 (peg 33)

4th Kev Carr               7-09-00 (peg 19)

Over 50`s May 17

1st Pete Evans 16-12-00 (peg 20)

2nd John Porter 12-11-00 (peg 25)

3rd Mike Delve 5-14-00 (peg 12A)

Over 50`s 10 May

1st Mal Griffiths  12-14-00 (peg 12)

2nd Tony Belcher  7-4-00 (peg 32)

3rd John Porter 5-4-00 (peg 20)

Summer Series no 3 Sunday 6 May

1st Graham Davidson 12-4-00 (peg 25)

2nd John Porter 10-11-00 (peg29)

3rd Steve Dorrin 9-7-00 (peg 23)


Over 50`s Thursday 3rd May

1stJohn Porter 16-3-0 (peg 25)

2nd Steve Martin 13-4-00 (peg 32)

3rd Mike Delve 9-14-00 (peg 20)

Over 50`s Thursday 26th April

1st Kev Carr         17-04-00 (peg 32)

2nd John Porter   16-04-00 (peg 25)

3rd Tony Belcher  11-04-00 (peg 29)

4th Mal Griffiths  9-04-00 (peg 20)

Summer League no2

The 2nd match in the series, was won by Peter Evans. Pete made the most of a good draw (the Jetty) and caught a dozen small skimmers, a few Ide and 30 Roach for a total weight of 10lb 15oz.

Pete fished a 10m pole, on the bottom in 6 foot of water. Pete fed groundbait laced with squatts and fished single maggot over.


1st Pete Evans  10-15-00 (peg 25)

2nd John Porter 8-05-00 (peg 12)

3rd Tony Belcher 7-04-00 (peg 29)

Tony was perhaphs a little unlucky not to do better he caught a nice Barbel and a load of Roach, but lost a second Barbel at the net.


Summer League no1

Just as we were used to strong winds, heavy rain and snow, thev start of the Summer League saw a massive change in the weather with bright skies and flat calm conditions. Not the best, but never the less, weights improved considerably. It was surprisingly, the shallows hat threw up the best weights.


Graham Davidson drew the Jetty (peg 25) and fished long pole into 6 foot of water for a good net of Roach and Ide for 13lb 1oz.




Jane came second from peg 20 (the Willow). Jane fished a maggot feeder into 7 foot of water for a succession of good Ide for a weight of 9lb 12oz.


Steve Leonard came third with a weight of 6lb 7oz from peg 12. This was a mixed bag with Crucian, Ide, Roach, Ide and a Chub.



Results 2017 season

Thursday Over 50 matches start on 26/04/2018draw 9am


Junior summer league starts 18/07/2018

for 6 weeks draw 5pm fish 5.45 to 8.15pm

Winter League Draw 9am first match 30/9/2018 then weekly for 8 weeks. Best 6 from 8 to count.


Thursday over 50`s October 26th

1st Tony Belcher 8-10-00 (peg 20)

2nd Kev Carr 7-03-00 (peg 15)

3rd Pete Evans 7-02-00 (peg 3)

Thursday over 50`s Oct 19th

1st Pete Evans   10-14-00 (peg 19)

2nd Mike Delve  3-11-00 (Island)

3rd Kev Carr      3-06-00 (peg 26)

Thursday over 50`s Oct 12th

1st Pete Evans   12-14-00 (peg 25)

2nd Kev Carr    10-01-00 (peg 15)

3rd John Porter  7-09-00 (peg 19)

Thursday over 50`s Oct 5th

Anglers were greeted with a very wind swept Trap this morning with many good pegs almost unfishable, however Steve Martin caught this 3lb 10oz Barbel from peg 27.


1st Pete Evans  11-01-00 (peg 25)

2nd John Porter  7-07-00 (peg 33)

3rd Steve Martin   6-14-00 (peg 27)

Thursday over 50`s Sept 28th

1st John Porter  13-02-00 (peg 20)

2nd Pete Evans  11-09-00 (peg 34)

3rd Mike Delve 8-14-00 (peg 12A)

Running Line Sweepstake Sunday 24th Sept

This is probably a first for Buckley AA, such is the power and effectiveness of the Pole.

However, we thourght it worth a go. Weights were a little dissapointing with most of the pool as still as a Mill Pond.

1st Pete Evans  8-07-00 (peg 25, Waggler fished shallow)

2nd Bill Mourant 6-15-00 (peg 20, Waggler fished over groundbait)

3rd Mike Delve  5-08-00 (Slider on peg 12A)

I think it fair to say that everyone enjoyed it for a change, but also most felt they would have done much better on the Pole. Perhaps we should get some practice and do it more often. With the Winter League approaching, it was noticeable that the Feeder faired less well, and it will be interesting to see how the pool performs over this coming  series now that we have Aeration in the water.

Thursday over 50`s Sept 21st

1st Pete Evans   16-10-00 (peg 19)

2nd Mike Delve  10-09-00 (peg 12)

3rd Steve Martin 10-05-00 (peg 37)

Thursday Over 50`s Sept 14th

1st Pete Evans   20-05-00 (peg 2)

2nd Mike Delve  9-05-00 (peg 12)

3rd Steve Martin  9-04-00 (peg 29)

Thursday Over 50`s Sept 7th

1st John Porter  19.01.00 (peg 25)

2nd Mike Delve 8-11-00 (peg 12)

3rd Steve Martin 8-04-00 (peg20)

Thursday over 50`s Aug 31st

1st Pete Evans 15-07-00 (peg 19)

2nd Ken Edwards 14-04-00 (peg 22)

3rd Jane Cropper   10-09-00 (peg 20)

Summer Series 12 Sunday 27th Aug

This was the last match in the series with first and separated by just 1 point. Surely Ken couldn`t make it 4 in a row. Well he did and in fine style with a weight of 22lb

1st Ken Edwards  22-02-00 (peg 25)

2nd John Porter 14-14-00 (peg 12)

3rd Graham Davidson 11-08-00 (peg 20)

Congrats to Ken on winning the 12 match series. Next up the Winter League, and with the pool now fishing really well it`s aseries to look forward to.

Over 50`s Thursday 24th August

1st Mal Griffiths   17-06-00 (peg 20)

2nd Steve Martin   13-04-00 (peg 38)

3rd Pete Evans       11-01-00 (peg 19)

Summer Series 11 Sunday August 20th 2017

1st Ken Edwards    24-09-00 (peg 12)

2nd Graham Davidson  7-12-00 (peg 34)

3rd John Porter 7-11-00  (peg 32)

Well, congratulations to Ken making it 3 wins in a row. Ken is now just 1 point behind Pete Evans with just one match to go.

Summer Series 10 Sunday 13th August 2017

1st Ken Edwards  16-07-00 (peg 20)

2nd Kev Carr    9-06-00 (opeg 12)

3rd John Porter 7-12-00 (peg 19)

Summer Series 9 Sunday 6th August 2017

1st Ken Edwards  16-14-00 (peg 19)

2nd Kev Carr     13-11-00 (peg 20)

3rd John Porter 7-12-00 (peg 36)

Over 50`s match Thursday 3rd August

1st Pete Evans   10-06-00 (peg 25)

2nd Mal Griffiths 8-05-00 (peg 20)

3rd Tony Belcher  7-12-00 (peg 32)


Ladies Match and BBQ Sunday 30th July

The Ladies match was a success with loads of good fish hooked, but unfortunately, not so many landed.

Winner on the day was Whinnie with 3-12-00 of Crucians and Roach.

Sue came a close second with 3-08-00 of bits. Paula was third with 2lb from the Jetty.

Congratulations to all taking part and many thanks to our Bailiff, Brian for the splendid BBQ.


Below are a few pictures.

Summer Series 8 Sunday 23rd July

1st Mal Griffiths 7-14-00 (peg 32)

2nd John Porter 6-13-00 (peg 22)

3rd Graham Davidson 5-09-00 (peg 36)

Thursday over 50`s July20th

1st Mal Griffiths  11-14-00 (peg 25)

2nd Tony Belcher 9-12-00 (peg 32)

3rd Pete Evans  8-04-00 (peg 20)

Combat Stress, Charity Match

Mark Foster drew peg 25 (the Jetty) and pole fished double caster for a good net of Crucian and Crucian Hybrids to take first place with 11-14-00.

1st Mark Foster 11-14-00 (peg 25)

2nd Joe Bird 7-09-00 (peg 19)


3rd Mike Delve 7-00-00 (peg 37)



Over 50`s Thursday 13 July

1st Joe Bird 6-15-00 (peg 37)

2nd Steve Martin  5-15-00 (peg 42)

3rd Brian Plumridge  5-00-00 (peg 2)


Summer Series no 7 July 9th

1st Pete Evans   9-14-00 (peg 32 )

2nd Ken Edwards  9-05-00 (peg 19)

3rd Mike Delve   6-15-00 (peg 23)

All top 3 anglers caught over 100 fish each

Thursday over 50`s July6th

1st Steve Martin  8-07-00 (peg 20)

2nd  Mal Griffiths  7-01-00 (peg 19)

3rd Paul Morrlle  4-12-00 (peg 21)

Summer Series no 6 July2nd

1st Pete Evans 9-08-00 (peg 23)

2nd Bill Mourrant 7-06-00 (peg 29)

3rd Steve Martin   5-06-00 (peg 8)

Summer Series no 5, Sunday June 18

1st Mal Griffiths  8-09-00 (peg 20)

2nd Tony Belcher  5-06-00 (peg 19)

3rd Pete Evans 3-05-00 (peg 37)


Over 50`s Thursday 25th May

1st John Porter 10-03-00 (peg 42)

2nd Steve Martin 9-11-00 (peg 20)

3rd Kev Carr   8-12-00 (peg 28)

over 50`s Thursday 18th May

1st John Porter  30-09-00 (peg 21)

2nd Paul Morrelle 20-04-00 (peg 20)

3rd kev Carr 13-01-00 (peg 33)

Sunday Sweep 14th May

1st  Mal Griffiths   17-09-00 (peg 19)

2nd John Porter     15-07-00  (peg 23)

3rd Ken Edwards   14-11-00 (peg 33)

4th Steve Martin 13-12-00   (peg 20)

Over 50`s Thursday 11th May 2017

Weights continue to improve on the Trap Pool with Kev setting the top weight of the year so far !

1st Kev Carr   36-13-00 (peg 23 )

2nd Mal Griffiths 22-13-00 (peg 19)

3rd Steve Martin 10-08-00 (peg 17)

Summer Series no 4 Sunday 7th May

This match was fished in very bright conditions and weights were down on recent weeks.

1st Pete Evans   13-02-00 (peg 12)

2nd Kev Carr    11-06-00 (peg 37)

3rd  Ken Edwards  11-03-00 (peg 23, this was predominantly Crucians)

4th Mal Griffiths     10-12-00 (peg 33)

Over 50`s Thursday 4th May

The first match in this annual series was fished today in a very cold easterly wind but catch weights continued to impress.

this is a series of matches fished throughout the summer on Thurday mornings, 9am draw. They are open to all members over 50 and entry is just £1. and a full payout to the top 3. They are run as Rovers with the pool open to other anglers.

1st Pete Evans   26-03-00 (peg 19 )

2nd John Porter  17-00-00 (peg 24)

3rd Mal Griffiths   11-15-00 (prg 20)

Summer series  no 3 30th April 2017

1st Bill Mourant   29-02-00 (peg 22)

2nd Ken Edwards  24-10-00 (peg 19)

3rd Kev Carr          18-12-00   (peg 25)

4th Pete Evans        16-15-00 (peg 23)

5th Graham Davidson 13-02-00 (Long Bank Island)

6th Joe Bird                 11-02-00 (peg 29)


Summer Series Match no 2 April 23rd 2017

1st Graham Davidson    24-02-00   (peg 29)

2nd Pete Evans              19-11-00 (peg 23)

3rd Joe Bird                   16-12-00 (peg 12)

4th Mal Griffiths            14-02-00 (peg Long Bank Island)


Summer Series match no 1 April 9th 2017

The first match of the new season was fished in less than ideal conditions, with bright sun and flat for most of the 15 strong field.

Bill Mourant (pictured right) drew peg 23 in the shallows, probably the first time it has been fished in 6 months. Bill caught Ide, Roach and one good Crucian hybrid to take top spot with 13-02-00.




1st Bill Mourant 13-02-00 (peg 23)

2nd Pete Evans   11-13-00 (peg 27)

3rd Joe Byrd       11-09-00 (peg 13)






The Club have been running series of matches on Sunday Mornings between January and present. Generally weights have been poor, but things have improved dramatically over the last few weeks. Attendance has averaged at about 12 even in the harsh weather.

Sunday 2nd April

Trap Pool really fishing well, tpo 12 anglers put 125lb of fish on the scales. Catches predominantly Roach with Ide making the difference.

1st  Mal Griffiths     18-04-00 (peg 37)

2nd Graham Davidson  17-00-00 (peg 13)

3rd Pete Evans              16-03-00 (peg 20)

4th John Porter             14-02-00 (peg 25)

5th Ken Edwards         13-08-00  (peg 33)


Sunday 26 March

1st Graham Davidson    17-08-00  (peg8)

2nd  Joe Bird                  15-03-00 (peg4)

3rd  John Porter              14-13-00 (peg19)

Sunday 19 March

1st Bill Morrant        21-07-00 (peg32)

2nd  Mal Griffiths     15-05-00 (peg 27)

3rd  Joe Bird              11-06-00 (peg 8)


Sunday 12/03/2017

1st Mal Griffiths  20-12-00 (peg 37)

2nd Bill Morrant   16-04-00 (peg 13)

3rd John Porter  13-13-00 (peg 16)

4th Joe Bird     11-03-00  ( peg 12)

Weights are typically made up of Roach with a few Ide starting to show.

100 plus fish in a session is commonplace, and its the better quality fish that boost the weights.





Winter League no 7.Sunday 13th Nov

1st John Porter   18-04-00 (peg 25)

2nd Kev Carr      9-02-00 (peg 28)

3rd  Mike Delve    6-07-00 (peg 42)

Winter League 6 Sunday 6th Nov

1st Kev Carr   12-09-00 (peg 24)

2nd Pete Evans  10-12-00 (peg 16)

3rd John Porter  10-09-00 (peg 27)

Winter League 5 Sunday 30th Oct

1st Pete Evans 10-09-00 (peg 27)

2nd Tony Belcher 9-00-00 (peg 12)

3rd Ken Edwards 8-15-00 (peg 24)

Winter League 4 Sunday 23rd Oct

1st John Porter   10-11-00  (peg 25)

2nd  Joe Bird      6-08-00 (peg 42)

3rd   Bill Morrant  6-00-00 (peg 12)

Winter League 3 Sunday 16th Oct

1st Kev Carr     10-9-0   (peg 34, skimmers)

2nd  John Porter  8-12-00 (peg 25 )

3rd  Pete Evans   7-12-00 (peg 12)

Winter League 2 Sunday 9th Oct

1st Mike Delve   9-0-0 (peg 12)

2nd  Kev Carr   8-12-00 (peg 34)

3rd  Mak Foster  6-7-0 (peg 42)

Winter League 3 Sunday 2nd Oct

1st Joe Bird   12-14-0 (peg 42)

2nd Kev Carr  12-10-00 (peg 23)

3rd Derek Long   8-9-0 (peg 38)

Summer League Sunday 28th Aug (Summer Series 11)

1st Glyn Williamson    15-04-00 (peg 25)

2nd  Steve Martin   9-14-00    (peg 12)

3rd  Jane Cropper    8-00-00  (peg 37)

Summer League  Sunday 14 Aug (SS 10)

1st Joe Bird    15-07-00    (peg 33)

2nd Jane Cropper   13-12-00  (peg 33)

3rd Pete Evans     9-14-00 (peg 12)

Summer League Sunday July 31st

1st John Porter     14-03-00 (peg 20)

2nd  Mike Delve   11-01-00 (peg 25)

3rd Mal Griffths     10-09-00 (peg 33)

Combat Stress Sunday July 24th

1st John Porter         42-10-00 (peg 13)

2nd Ken Edwards     15-12-00 (peg 12)

3rd Pete Evans          14-04-00 (peg 20)

Summer League Sunday 17th July

1st Jane Cropper and Pete Wright       8-12-00 (pegs 20 ans 34)

3rd mal Griffiths and Joe Bird             6-12-00 (pegs 33 and 13)


Thursday Over 50`s July 7th

1st Pete Evans        12-04-00   (peg 25)

2nd Mal Griffiths   11-15-00  (peg 33)

3rd John  Porter     10-14-00   (peg 23)


Summer Series no 7 Sunday 3rd July

1st Pete Evans   25-13-00 (peg 23)

2nd  Kev Carr  12-02-00 (peg 20)

3rd Mark Foster  9-09-00 (peg 12)

Over 50`s match Thursday 30th June 2016


1st Pete Evans   9-15-00 (peg 34)

2nd Mal Griffiths  6-12-00 (pegt 25)

3rd Mike Delve 6-05-00 (peg 42)

Please note this was once again a NO IDE match

Over 50`s Thursday match

Ide have been dominating the matches of late so as an experiment, we decided to run a No Ide Match, meaning that al Ide caught must be returned to the water and not weighed in. Conditions were flat and very bright, not the best.

1st Pete Evans       10-04-00  (peg 19 )

2nd Pete Wright      9-07-00  (peg 25)

3rd Mal Griffiths     7-00-00  (peg 4)

Better than expected in the conditions.


Summer League 6 Sunday 19th June 2016

1st Joe Bird    20-3-00 (peg 18)

2nd Mal Griffiths   19-04-00 (peg 25)

3rd John Porter       12-05-00  (peg 32)

4th Ken Edwards     11-06-0   (peg 4)

Over 50`s Thursday June 16th

Flat bright conditions, coupled with a number of anglers leaving very early to watch the football, resulted in a poor set of weights, and unfortunately a disapointing scoreline.

1st Pete Evans            10-13-00  (peg 46)

2nd Brian Plumridge     8-12-00 (peg 2)

3rd S Brown                  7-05-00 (peg 14)

Over 50`s Thursday June 9th

Joe Bird found himself in the unusual position of being the only angler pegged in the shallows and used it to his advantage, with a fine display of waggler fishing to record the biggest weight of the summer so far.

1st Joe Bird                47-15-00  (peg 20)

2nd Pete Evans         17-08-00  (peg 2)

3rd BrianPlumridge  12-06-00 (peg 6)

Summer League no 5 Sunday 5th June 2016

1st Mal Griffiths   20-14-00  (peg 34)

2nd  Joe Bird        19-12-00 (peg 25)

3rd Ken Edwards   15-06-00 (peg 13)

4th Bill Morrant 11-03-00   (peg 33)

Over 50`s Thursday 2nd June

joint 1st Joe Bird and Mal Griffiths  18-14-00 (pegs 46 and 33)

3rd Kev Carr   18-03-00 (peg20)

4th Pete Evans 16-09-00(peg 25)

Over 50`s Thursday 26th May 2016

1st Pete Evans            15-14-00 (peg 46)

2nd Brian Plumridge 11-06-00 (peg 4)

3rd Steve Martin         6-15-00 (peg 20)

SummerSeries 4 Sunday 22nd May

1st Mal Griffiths     17-09-00 (peg 13)

2nd Ken Edwards    15-03-00   (peg21)

3rd Steve Martin     14-15-00 (peg 37)

4th Pete Evans         11-01-00   (peg 16)

5th Bill Morant        10-13-00  (peg 19)

Thursday over 50`s May 19th 2016

At last, we are seeing the sort of weights we have become accustomed to at this time of year.

1st Mal Griffiths     27-09-00    (peg 33)

2nd Joe Bird           16-00-00  (peg 2)

3rd Pete Evans        15-03-00 (peg 34)

4th Jane Cropper     14-06-00  (peg 28)

And the list goes on with a total of 8 weights over 10lb. However, unluckiest angler today was Jane. She landed an 18lb carp on light gear but unfortunately, due to the rules of this particular series, it only counted as 5lb. Should have saved it for Sunday Jane, unlucky!

Thursday over 50`s May 12th 2016

1st Mal Griffiths      17-02-00  (peg 13)

2nd Pete Evans        14-02-00  (peg 34)

3rd Mike Delve        10-05-00  (peg 2)



Summer series no 3 Sunday 8th May

1st Pete Evans        11-08-00    (peg 25)

2nd  Joe Bird          7-02-00      (peg 20)

3rd    Ken Edwards   7-01-00 (peg 34)


Thursday over 50`s 5th May 2016

1st Pete Evans    15-12-00 (peg 23)

2nd Mal Griffiths  9-06-00 (peg 33)

3rd Denis Jones     5-14-00 (peg 37)


Old Gits match Thursday 28 April 2016

Get your head around this! frost, hail, snow and rain for much of the match and yet, the pool fished very well.

Steve Martin put in an excellent performance fishing a straight lead on a peg with no form to put 13lb of Skimmers, Roach and Ide on the scales. Well done Steve!.

1st Steve Martin   13-01-00 (peg 32)

2nd Pete Evans  11-11-00   (peg 29)

3rd Jane Cropper  8-06-00 (peg 12)


Summer Series no 2 Sunday 24th April

A sudden drop in temperature (nearly 10 deg) resulted in very hard conditions for everyone, but a good mix of species were caught.

1st Mal Griffiths         9-06-00    (peg 33,  Ide)

2nd  John Porter         8-09-00 (peg 34, skimmers)

3rd Joe Bird               8-04-00 (peg 12,  Crucian Hybrids)


Old Gits match Thursday 21 April 16

At long last, there are signs that winter is comming to an end. The Pool has a good colour and the water is warming up. Fish are now moving all around the pool and catches are improving. Pole is now the most productive method. take a look at the weekly report for more details.

1st Pete Evans      10-03-00  (peg 20)

2nd Mal Griffiths  8-06-00  (peg 16)

3rd Steve Martin   6-05-00   (peg 29)



Summer Series 2016

Buckley Trap Cup Summer Series no 1


Joint 1st   Joe Bird          7-13-00 (peg 32)

                 Ken Edwards  7-13-00 (peg 29)

3rd          Mike Delve       6-09-00 (peg 13)




Fur and Feather Sunday 6th December

1st Graham Davidson     8-11-00 (peg 34)

2nd Mal Griffiths            6-09-00 (peg 16)

3rd  Steve Dorrin            5-08-00 (peg 32)

4th Ken Edwards           5-06-00 (peg 27)

Over 50`s Thursday 14th  Oct

1st Brian Plumridge 14-07-00 (peg 20)

2nd Derek Long     13-08-00 (peg 25)

3rd Ken Edwards   13-05-00 (peg 37)

Sunday Winter League warm up Sept 27 Sept

1st John Porter  20-06-00 (peg 25)

2nd Pete Evans  19-04-00 (peg 37)

3rd Jane Cropper   12-12-00 (peg 16)

Thursday over 50`s  Sept 24 2015

1st Joe Bird   25-09-00 (peg 19)

2nd  Chris Thomas  15-05-00 (peg 20)

3rd Malcolm Griffiths 12-02-00 (peg 37)

Summer Series no 12 Sept 20 2015

1st Joe Bird 12-01    (peg 20)

2nd Pete Evans 11-08 -00 (peg 16)

3rd John Porter  11-07-00 (peg 25)


Over 50`s Thursday Sept 17

Over 50`s Thursday Sept 10

1st Chris Thomas   12-09-00 (peg 25)

2nd Denis Jones              12-03-00 )peg 37)

3rd Paul Morlle      11-06-00 (peg 23)

Summer Series 11 6th Sept 2015

1st Graham Davidson  21-15-00 (peg 13)

2nd Mal Griffiths   15-02-00 (peh 16)

3rd Derek Long      14-00-00 (peg 25)

Over 50`s Thursday Sept 3

1st Paul Morlle  16-12-00 (peg 20)

2nd Mal Griffiths   13-06-00 (peg 33)

3rd Mike Delve    12-07-00 (peg 38)

Ladies Match Aug 30th

The Ladies match was fished on Bank Holiday Sunday. For a change, the weather was kind to us and whats more the fish turned out in numbers.

First on the day was Sue Edwards with an amazing weight of 21-05-00 of silver fish taken on pole from peg 38.

Second was Sadie Mossman with another great catch 0f 11-09-00 from peg 16. Sadie also fished the pole and caught silvers.

Third was Nikki Pearce with a similar catch of silvers weighing 8-09-00 from peg 20.

Bearing in mind that this was only a 3 hour match, the results were amazing. We finished the day off with a BBQ prepared by our Gourmet Bailiff, Brian. Well done to everyone that took part and a big thank you to those that turned out on the day to assist with the preparations.

Over 50`s Aug 27

1st Pete Evans 25-00-00 (peg 21)

2nd Joe Bird  19-06-00 (peg 4)

3rd Jane Cropper  13-12-00 (peg 16)

Summer Series 10 Aug 23

1st Joe Bird 25-10-00 (peg 25)

2nd  Mal Griffiths   15-14-00 (peg 13)

3rd Tony Belcher    12-15-00 (peg 34)

Thursday over 50`s Aug 20

1st Paul Morrelle    25-07-00  (peg 20)

2nd Pete Evans       21-12-00  (peg 33)

3rd  Brian Plumridge  19-10-00 (peg 46)


Thursday over 50`s Aug 13

1st Bill Morrant     19-11-00 (peg 19)

2nd Pete Evans       14-14-00 (peg 4)

3rd Brian Plumridge  13-12-00 (peg 3)

Combat Stress Charity Match

1st Pete Evans       17-01-00 (peg 37)

2nd Graham Davidson   16-04-00 (peg 12)

3rd Mark Foster         15-12-00 (peg 20)

   Thursday Over 50`s Aug 6th

1st Paul Morrlle      12-10-00 (peg 42)

2nd Pete Evans       11-01-00 (peg 19)

3rd Mal Griffiths    10-13-00 (peg 4)


Thursday over 50`s July 30th

1st Frank Roberts 10 -12-00 (peg 38)

2nd Pete Evans      8-11-00 (peg 34)

3rd Brian Plumridge  7-15-00 (peg 20)

Summer series 8 Sunday 26 July

joint 1st  Mal Griffiths   9-04-00 (peg 37)

               Joe Bird            9-04-00 (peg 32)

3rd John Porter             9-03-00 (peg 16)

Thursday over 50`s 23rd July

1st Joe Bird   13-10-00 (peg 33)

2nd Pete Evans   7-15-00 (peg 29)

3rd Mike Delve   6-12-00 (peg 27)

Thursday over 50 16th July

1st Brian Plumridge    10-12-00 (peg 10)

2nd Pete Evans     8-03-00  (peg 34)

3rd Mike Delve    5-14-00 (peg 27)

Tuesday sweep

1st Pete Evans    10-03-00 (peg 12)

2nd  Ken Edwards   8-10-00 (peg 13)

3rd John Porter  4-15-00 (peg 25)

Summer Series no 7 July 12th

How unlucky is this, hooked at 1.57pm, all out 2pm, landed at 2-25pm.

Pete Evans, pictured above with 16lb that didn`t count.


1st Joe Bird 14-14-00 (peg 27)

2nd Graham Davidson 13-09-00 (peg 12)

3rd Ken Edwards 12-09-00 (peg 33)

No where - Pete Evans 2-02-00 (peg 16)



Over 50`s 9 July

1st Joe Bird   16-10-00 (peg 12)

2nd Paul Morrelle  7-03-00 (peg 33)

3rd Pete Evans 6-02-00 (peg 27)


Thursday over 50`s

1st Chris Thomas    13-05-00  (peg 38)

2nd Brian Plumridge  12-14-00 (peg 8)

3rd  Joe Bird 11-05-00 (peg 19)

Tuesday sweep June 30

1st Noel Poplewell     22-10-00 (peg 38)

2nd Justin Westbrook   15-12-00 (peg 19)

3rd Pete Evans          9-06-00  (peg 6)

Summer Series 7 Sunday 28th June

1st Graham Davidson   18-11-00 (peg 21)

2nd John Porter   18-03-00 (peg 8)

3rd Pete Wright    15-10-00 (peg 33)

Thursday over 50`s 25th June

1st Joe Bird    31-10-00 (peg 25)

2nd Bill Mourant  21-05-00 (peg 42)

3rd Pete Evans     16-06-00 (peg 2)

Tuesday sweep

1st Glyn Williamson   10-02-00 (peg 12)

2nd Justin Westbrook  9-12-00 (peg 33)

Over 50`s Thursday 18th June

1st Joe Bird    25-08-00 (peg 32)

2nd Pete Evans  19-01-00 (peg 27)

3rd Bill Mourant  11-12-00 (peg 8)

Tuesday Sweep

1st John Porter   16-10-00 (peg 19)

2nd Pete Wright   14-06-00 (peg 7)

3rd Joe Bird      13-12-00  (peg 33)

Summer series no 6 June 14th

A change in the weather and prob air pressure, made for a difficult day on the Trap. However, Jane, pictured above, made the most of things and went for bottom feeders on peg 12. She landed  7 good Barbel and a number of Roach, Crucians and Ide to run out a comfortable winner with 21-13-00.

1st Jane Cropper   21-13-00 (peg 12)

2nd  John Porter     17-10-00 (peg 27)

3rd Graham Davidsion  15-06-00 (peg 27)

4th Noel Popplewell    14-06-00 (peg 32)


Over 50`s June 11th

1st Pete Evans    29-11-00 (peg 34)

2nd Joe Bird  24-08-00 (peg 20)

3rd Mal Griffiths   17-10-00 (peg 1)

Tuesday Sweep

1st Pete Wright     20-12-00 (peg 33)

2nd John Porter   20-00-00  (peg 25

3rd Noel Popplewell  19-15-00 (peg 10)

Over 50 Rover Thursday June 4th

1st Pete Evans 43-00-00 (peg 23)

2nd Joe Bird    13-10-00 (peg 38)

3rd  Paul Morlle 10-08-00 (peg 33)

Tuesday Sweep June 2nd

1st Noel Popplewell  22-04-00 (peg 38)

2nd Pete Evans        21-12-00 (peg 29)

3rd Graham Davidson  14-07-00 (peg 42)

Summer Series no 5 May 31st


The old match record was a little over 52lb, was predominantly Carp and stood for nearly 20 years.

Graham Davidson (pictured above ) caught 64lb 5oz of skimmers,Roach and Ide, fishing a groundbait feeder from peg 33. Graham actually started slowly with probably less than 3lb in the net after the first hour, but then caught steadily for the next 4 hours. So, just maybe, the new record may be beaten in the near future !

1st Graham Davidson    64-05-00   (peg 33)

2nd Pete Evans              21-04-00   (peg 20)

3rd Ken Edwards          10-04-00    (peg 27)

4th Mike Delve             10-01-00 (peg 13)


Thursday over 50`s May 28th

1st Pete Evans   26-01-00 (peg 25)

2nd Chris Thomas  13-10-00 (peg 34)

3rd Brian Plumridge  7-09-00 (peg 12)

Tuesday Sweep May 26th

1st Pete Wright   23-05-00 (peg 33)

2nd Pete Evans   16-10-00  (peg 19)

3rd Noel Popplewell  14-06-00 (peg 10)

Thursday Over 50`s May21st                                                                                                                                      

Joe Bird (pictured above) won the latest match in this series with a fine catch of Ide taken on Waggler tactics from peg 29. Unfortunately Joe`s weight fell just short of the required 30lb mark which would grant him membership of this years 30 Club.

1st Joe Bird     29-12-00  (peg 29, waggler and maggot)

2nd Pete Evans  21-05-00 (peg 19 long pole and caster )

3rd Tony Belcher 7-07-00 (peg 13, feeder)

Tuesday Sweep 19th May

1st Noel Popplewell  18-05-00   (peg 10)

2nd John Porter        17-10-00 (peg 25)

3rd  Ken Edwards    15-05-00 (peg 33)

4th Pete Evans 14-15-00 (peg 29)




Summer series May 17th

Congratulations to Malcolm (pictured above) on being the first angler this season to break the 40lb mark, and he did it with a bag of silvers taken on maggot feeder.

1st Mal Griffiths  42-04-00 (peg 33)

2nd Pete Evans     21-12-00 (peg 36)

3rd Graham Davidson 21-00-00 (peg 27)

The pool fished very well with good weights all around. Other notable catches were;

4th John Porter   19-12-00 (peg 25)

5th Bill Morrant  18-10-00 (peg 20)

6th Ken Edwards 17-02-00 (peg 16)

Next match is on Tuesday night, draw 5.30pm. This is the start of the Target matches and the first target is set at 50lb and reducing 5lb a week.



Over 50`s Thursday 14th May

1st Pete Evans     34-13-00 (peg 18)

2nd  Joe Bird      24-04-00 (peg 13)

3rd  Bill Morrant 9-06-00  (peg 8)

Over 50`s Thursday 7th May

1st Pete Evans      19-01-00  (peg 34)

2nd Mal Griffiths  17-09-00 (peg 33)

3rd Joe Bird         13-06-00 (peg 27)

4th Bill Morrant   12-10-00   (peg 19)

Sunday 3rd May (summer series 3)

1st Joe Bird                    21-00-00 (peg 20)

2nd Graham Davidson  18-02-00  (peg 33)

3rd Pete Evans              17-15-00  (peg 34)

Thursday over 50`s April 30th

1st Joe Bird      12-10-00  (peg 29)

2nd Steve Martin   8-09-00 (peg 32)

3rd Pete Evans    7-01-00 (peg 25)

Summer Series match 2 Sunday 26 April

1st Ken Edwards           14-09-00 (peg 29)

2nd Graham Davidson  12-14-00 (peg 19)

3rd Mal Griffiths             9-01-00 (peg 13)

4th Joe Bird                    9-00-00  (peg 36)

Over 50`s Thursday 23rd April

1st Pete Evans        31-06-00 (peg 20)

2nd Joe Bird          18-07-00 (peg 32)

3rd Mal Griffiths   15-03-00 (peg19)

4th Alan Maddocks  11-09-00 (peg 13)

5th Bill Morrant        11-02-00 (peg 17)

Over 50`s Thursday 16th April

1st Pete Evans    16-10-00   peg 19

2nd  Mal Griffiths   13-14-00  peg 13

3rd Al Maddocks    10-12-00  peg 29

Summer Series no 1 Sunday 12th April

This first match was contested in awful conditions with winds gusting to 50 mph. Most participants were forced to adopt either feeder or very short pole tactics, and this was reflected in the low weights.

1st Pete Evans    8-12-00   peg 34

2nd Mike Delve   7-14-00  peg 25

3rd Mal Griffiths    7-04-00 peg 20.


Over 50`s 9th April

1st Bill Morrant  31-05-00 peg 19

2nd Brian Plumridge  15-00-00 Peg 37

3rd Pete Evans      12-15-00  peg 2

4th Jane Cropper   11-10-00  peg 25


Over 50 rover Oct 2nd

1st Brian Plumridge 12-02-00

2nd Joe Bird   9-05-00


Over 50 rover Sept 24th

1st Brian Plumridge   20-03-00 (peg 42)

2nd Joe Bird     14-04-00 (peg 20)

3rd Bill Morrant  11-14-00 (peg 38)


Final Summer League match 21st Sept 2014

1st Mal Griffiths   15-13-00 (peg 20)

2nd Graham Davidson  12-11-00 (peg 38)

3rd Jane Cropper 11-14-00 (peg 33)

Final League positions

1st Graham Davidson

2nd Joe Bird

3rd Justin Westbrook


Over 50 Rover 17th Sept

1st Pete Evans  22-06-00 (peg 25)

2nd Bill Morrant   14-12-00 (peg 42)

3rd Jane Cropper   10-03-00 (peg 37)


Sweepstake Sunday 14th Sept

1st Pete Evans  15-13-00 (peg 46)

2nd Jane Cropper   6-13-00 (peg 37)


Thursday over 50 Rover 11th Sept

1st Steve Martin  10-05-00 (peg 20)

2nd  John Shaw  9-03-00 (peg 34)

3rd Pete Evans  7-04-00 (peg 2)


Combat Stress Charity Open  Sunday 7th Sept

This afternoon match was again well attended with 16 anglers taking part. This is a match fished annually to raise money for the very worthwhile charity, Combat Stress. The event was started many years ago by one of our own ex-servicemen, Pete Ryan, whom sadly is no longer with us. However the tradition continues in his memory and this year will see in excess of £300 raised for the charity.


1st  Brian Plumridge   22-10-00 (peg 13)

2nd Justin Westbrook   20-05-00 (peg 32)

3rd Graham Davidson    16-12-00 (peg 38)

4th Pete Evans     9-02-00 (peg 37)

5th Mal Griffiths  8-08-00 (peg 46)

Many thanks to Peter Wright of the Tavern in Alltami and Lionels Tackle for the donation of raffle prizes.


Thursday over 50 Rover Sept 4th

1st Pete Evans     24-09-00 (peg 25)

2nd Mike Delve    17-05-00 (peg 38)

3rd Brian Plumridge   6-12-00 (peg 20)


Thursday over 50 Rover August 28th

1st Pete Evans   11-13-00 (peg 19)

2nd Mike Delve 9-05-00 (peg 38)

3rd Pete Ellis  7-15-00 (peg 37)


Summer Series no11 Monday 25th

1st Graham Davidson    14-02-00  (peg 37)

2nd Joe Bird       10-01-00 (peg 13)

3rd Justin Westbrooke  8-14-00 (peg 27)


Ladies Match Sunday 24th August 2014

Sophie Westbrooke won the Ladies match for an incredible fourth consecutive year.Sophie caught half a dozen Ide and lost 2 carp, before hooking a third late on and landing it in extra time.


1st Sophie Westbrooke   9-04-00

2nd Jane Cropper            2-11-00

3rd Nickie Pearce            1-15-00



Thursday over 50`s Aug 21 2014

1st Pete Evans    13-09-00 (peg 20)

2nd Frank Roberts  10-05-00 (peg 13)

3rd  Mike Delve     6-15-00 (peg 27)


Summer League no 10 Aug 17th 2014

joint 1st  Jane Cropper     16-08-00 (peg 32)

                  Graham Davidson  16-08-00 (peg 33)

3rd   Tony Belcher   14-07-00 ([peg 12)


Thursday over 50 Rover Aug 13th

1st Roy Bandy   12-01-00 (peg 2)

2nd Pete Evans   11-01-00 (peg 31)

3rd Tony Belcher  10-00-00 (peg 33)


Thursday Rover Aug 7th

1st Pete Evans   30-13-00 (peg 20)

2nd Mal Griffiths   12-08-00 (peg 37)

3rd Brian Plumridge  11-04-00 (peg 12)


Tuesday Sweep Aug 5th

1st Justin Westbrook  23-01-00 (peg 20)

2nd Steve Norman 11-10-00 (peg 32)

3rd Joe Bird 11-03-00 (peg 12)


Summer series 9 August 3rd 2014

1st Joe Bird  22-15-00 n(peg 32)

2nd Ken Edwards  16-15-00 (peg 25)

3rd Graham Davidson  13-01-00 (peg 42)

 Thursday over 50 July 31st

1st Joe Bird 32.04.00 (peg 33)

2nd Mal Griffiths 20-14-00 (peg 20)

3rd Chris Thomas 14-12-00 (peg 32)

 Tuesday Sweep

1st Ken Edwards   18-01-00 (peg 33)

2nd Justin Westbrook   16-15-00 (peg 23)

3rd   Mark Foster 9-15-00  (peg 29)


Thursday over 50 rover

1st Chris Thomas   17-06-00 (peg12)

2nd Steve Martin   16-12-00 (peg 42)

3rd Paul Morlle     16-05-00 (peg25)


Target match, Tuesday 22nd July

1st Pete Wright   26-13-00 (peg 19)

2nd Mark Foster   18-14-00 (peg 32)

3rd Pete Evans     18-05-00 (peg 38)

The Target was set at 20lbs, so congratulations to Peter for winning the match and taking the kitty.


July 20th Summer Series 8

1st Pete Evans   25-11-00 (peg 42)

2nd  Tony Belcher  22-13-00 (peg 33)

3rd Graham Davidson   18-09-00 (peg 12)

League to date

1st Graham Davidson  60                       currently require to drop 6 pts

2nd Justin Westbrook   51.5                    no points to be dropped

3rd Joe Bird                49.5                         currently requires to drop 5 pts

4th Pete Evans            43                             currently requires to drop 1.5 pts


Thursday Rover July 17th

1st Pete Evans  14-07-00 (peg 38)

2nd Jane Cropper  12-14-00  (peg 16)

3rd Joe Bird      12-02-00 (peg 8)


Tuesday Target Match July 15th

1st   Noel Popplewell   14 -14-00  (peg 12)

2nd   Joe Bird  9-07-00 (peg 38)

3rd   Mike Delve   7-10-00 (peg 8)


Thursday over 50 Rover July 10th

1st Jane Cropper 12-15-00 (peg 12)

2nd Mal Griffiths 9-07-00 (peg 31)

3rd Mike Delve 8-10-00 (peg 8)



Tuesday Target match July 8th

1st Pete Wright  9-07-00 (peg 20)

2nd Pete Evans  6-02-00 (peg 8)

3rd Geraint Edwards  5-01-00 (peg 12)


Summer series no7 July 6th

1st Justin Westbrook   21-08-00 (peg 27)

2nd Pete Evans  8-10-00 (peg 38)

3rd Geraint Edwards   7-15-00 (peg 12)


League Leaders to date (two poorest results to be dropped)

1st Graham Davidson  52  with currently 6pts to drop

2nd Justin Westbrook  51.5 with just 1.5 to drop

3rd Joe Bird                       43.5 with 5 to drop

4th Steve Martin               33 with nothing to drop         


Thursday over 50 July 3rd

1st Pete Evans  8-15-00 (peg 8)

2nd Joe Bird 7-07-00 (peg 12)

3rd Mal Griffiths   5-15-00 (peg 33)


Tuesday Target July 1st

1st Noel Poplewell   12-10-00  (peg 12)

2nd  Joe Bird       5-10-00   (peg 33)

3rd   Mike Delve  4-11-00 (peg 38)


Thursday over 50 rover June 26th

1st Colin Nicholls   16-06-00 (peg 12)

2nd Pete Evans      16-04-00   (peg 25 )

3rd Joe Bird          11-11-00      (peg 30)


Tuesday Target Match

1st Noel Poplewell 13-15-00 (peg 12)

2nd Pete Evans     10-12-00 (peg 23)

3rd  Mark Foster   8-05-00 )peg 29)


Summer Series June 22nd

1st Joe Bird  45-07-00 (peg 29)

2nd Graham Davidson  18-14-00 (peg 16)

3rd Mark Foster   14-11-00 (peg 32)

4th Steve Norman  12-14-00 (peg 23)


Thursday over 50`s June 19th

1st Pete Evans   26-09-00 (peg 20)

2nd Joe Bird 22-10-00   (peg 32)

3rd Mike Delve    20-05-00 (peg 12)


Tuesday Target Match June 17th

1st Justin Westbrook 27-12-00  (peg 32)

2nd Mal Griffiths  14-08-00 (peg 20)

3rd Steve Martin 4-04-00 (peg 19)

Congratulations to Justin who picked up £150 for winning the Target Kitty.

Next Tuesday sees the start of a new kitty with the target set at 40lb



Thursday over 50`s June 12th 2014

1st Joe Bird     24-12-00 (peg 6)

2nd Mal Griffiths    22-10-00 (peg 20)

3rd Pete Evans 12-14-00 (peg 30)


Tuesday Rover June 10th

1st Mal Griffiths  14-03-00 (peg 37)

2nd Mark Foster  12-06-00 (peg 19)

3rd Pete Ellis  8-14-00 (peg 20)

Target kitty carries over to next week at 25lb





Summer League no 5 June 8th (14 fished combined wt 193lb)

1st Justin Westbrook  24-07-00 (peg 42)

2nd Joe Bird                 20-00-00 (peg 38)

3rd Pete Evans          18-01-00   (peg 12)


Thursday Rover June 5th

1st Joe Bird   38-04-00 (peg 33)

2nd Pete Evans   16-01-00 (peg 23)

3rd Paul Morrle   14-04-00 (peg 37)


Tuesday Target Match  3rd June

1st Mark Foster   19-15-00 (peg 33)

2nd Pete Evans  17-08-00 (Peg 25)

3rd Graham Davidson   17-03-00 (peg 42)

Target Kitty rolls over to next week with a new target of 30lb.


Thursday Rover May 29th

1st Pete Evans  29-10-00  (peg 38)

2nd  Pete Ellis   23-14-00 (peg 20)

3rd Steve Martin   22-10-00 (peg 33)


Tuesday Target match 27th May

1st  Pete Evans   28-07-00 (peg 33)

2nd Mal Griffiths   20-00-00 (peg 13)

3rd Justin Westbrook  16-05-00 (peg 19)

Target weight of 40lb not achieved and so kitty carries over to next week when the new Target will be 35lb.


Summer series May 25th 2014 (15 fished combined wt 178 lb)

1st Mal Griffiths      24-06-00 (peg 34)

2nd  Justin Westbrook   20-08-00 (peg 16)

3rd Pete Evans  20-04-00    (peg 25)

4th Steve Martin  19-06-00 (peg 12)


Thursday Rover May 22nd (9 fished combined wt 155lb)

1st Mal Griffiths    38-06-00 (peg 13)

2nd Pete Evans    30-03-00  (peg 29)

3rd Joe Bird          26-13-00  (peg 40 )

4th Paul Morlle    18-15-00  (peg 37)



Tuesday Target wt match May 20th (13 fished combined wt 170lb)

1st Justin Westbrook    26-10-00 (peg 33)

2nd Mal Griffiths        20-14-00    (peg 13)

3rd Pete Evans            19-06-00  (peg 19)

4th  Noel Poplewell   16-05-00 (peg 12)

Target weight will be reduced to 40lb for next Tuesday.


Thursday Rover May 15th.( 16 fished combined wt 200lb+)

1st  Mal Griffiths   30-00-00 (peg 20)

2nd Joe Bird        23-00-00   (peg 38)

3rd   Mike Delve  18-04-00 (peg 16)


Tuesday Target match (50lb target)

13 fished, combined wt 157lb

1st   Mal Griffiths    23-02-00   (peg 33)

2nd  Charlie Gladwyn   22-00-00 (peg 3)

3rd  Jane Cropper     17-00-00 (peg 16)

Target wt will be reduced to 45lb for next Tuesday.


Summer series Sunday 11th May (14 fished, combined wt 185lb)

1st  Mike Delve  34-09-00  (peg 33)

2nd  Steve Martin   22-15-00  (peg 20)

3rd Graham Davidson  17-15-00 (peg 37)

4th joint Jane Cropper  14-15-00 (peg 16)

                  Reg Gilbert    14-15-00    (peg 12)

6th  Glyn Williamson  14-11-00 (peg 38)


Thursday 8th May (7 fished)

1st Mal Griffiths     24-00-00  (peg 19)

2nd Brian Plumridge   13-04-00   (peg 38)

3rd  Jane Cropper       12-00-00  (peg 12)


Thursday over 50 Rover May 1st(13 fished combined wt 145lb)

1st Charlie Gladwyn  29-11-00  (peg 2)

2nd Joe Bird   21-10-00 (peg 45)

3rd  Steve Martin  18-08-00  (peg 12)

4th Phil Iball   16-00-00 (peg 37 )


Summer League no 2 Sunday 27th April (15 fished  154lb combined wt)

1st  Steve Martin     21-08-00  (peg 34)

2nd  Graham Davison   16-15-00  (peg 16)

3rd  Justin Westbrook   14-14-00  (peg 37)

4th   Joe Bird   14-03-00 (peg 44)



Thursday Rover April 24th 2014 (10 fished 134lb total weight)

1st Phil Iball     26-12-00  (peg 2)

2nd Pete Evans   22-10-00  (peg 13)

3rd  Steve Martin   19-04-00 (peg 16)

4th Jane Cropper   17-14-00 (peg 12)



Thursday Rover April 17th (10 fished combined weight 115lb)

1st Mal Griffiths   30-00-00   (peg 33)

2nd  Pete Evans    21-02-00   (peg 34)

3rd Jane Cropper   14-09-00  (peg 16)

4th Bill Morrant      13-14-00   (peg 37)



Summer League 1 Sunday 13th April 2014 (15 fished combined wt 114lb)

1st Graham Davison   18-15-00  (peg 32)

2nd Mike Delve          13-11-00  (peg 43)

3rd Justin Westbrook  11-02-00  (peg 42)

joint 4th Mal Griffiths   10-14-00 (peg 38)

              Joe Bird          10-14-00 (peg 33)


 Thursday over 50`s

April 10th  (11 fished,  combined weight 120lb)

1st Joe Bird   28-13-00 (peg 2)

2nd Pete Evans   21-00-00  (peg 33)

3rd  Bill Morrant  18-04-00  (peg 37 )

4th Mal Griffiths   17-09-00   (peg 20)


 Thursday over 50`s

April 3rd (12 fished, combined weight 104lb)

The first match in the series was fished today, and the pool fished brilliantly with the top 5 recording nearly 80lb of fish.

1st Allan Maddocks   18-15-00  (peg 46)

2nd Joe Bird               18-05-00  (peg 45)

3rd Pete Evans          17-07-00 (peg 1)

4th Brian Plumridge  13-04-00 (peg 1 )

5th Mike Delve         11.09.00     (peg 37)

Unluckiest on the day was Mike, who landed a 2lb 9oz Barbell and lost 4 others


Sunday 30th March (12 fished)

1st  Pete Wright   25-11-00 (peg 2)

2nd  Justin Westbrook   17-10-00 (peg 44)

3rd Mark Foster  11-03-00  (peg 37 )

4th Pete Evans   10-01-00 (peg 36)




Sunday 23rd March (12 fished)

1st Mark Foster  12-14-00  (peg 2)

2nd  Mal Griffiths  11-06-00 (peg 37)

3rd Justin Westbrook  8-10-00 (peg 44)

4th Pete Evans  8-08-00 (peg 5)

5th Graham Davison 7-07-00 (peg 6)

6th Mike Delve 6-15-00 (peg 32)

7th Joe Bird  6-00-00 (peg 7)


Sunday 16th March (14 fished)

This latest match was fished in bright and sometimes flat conditions, and so with that in mind the result was quite surprising.

1st Justin Westbrook  45-00-00 (peg 32)

2nd Glyn Williamson 10-01-00 (peg 2)

3rd Bill Morrant     9-10-00 (peg 44)

4th  Graham Davison  9-05-00 (peg 20)

5th Joe Bird 8-06-00 (peg 6)

6th Mike Delve  8-02-00 (peg 37)

7th Pete Evans 8-00-00 (peg 48)

A very close match, except for the winner who latched onto a few lucky Carp !! and more surprising the spread of weights around the pool. The match was fished over 4.5 hrs and the winning weight just 6lb short of the match record.


Sunday 9th March (16 fished)

1st Joe Bird  5-14-00 (peg 6)

2nd Pete Wright  5-04-00 (peg 4 )

3rd Mal griffiths  4-11-00 (peg 2)

4th Justin Westbrook 3-11-00 (peg 32)

5th Graham Davison 3-05-00 (peg 37)



Sunday March 2nd (12 fished)

1st Pete Evans   10-14-00   (peg 45)

2nd  Bill Morrant   8-11-00  (peg 43)

3rd Graham Davison  7-05-00  (peg 7)

4th Joe Bird  6-00-00 (peg 4)

5th Derek lONG 5-05-00 (peg 2)

6th Mal Griffiths  5-04-00 (peg 37)


Fixtures August 6th

The Combat Stress match will be held on Sunday 18th August, draw will be at 9am with fishing from 10 till 3pm. The entire pool will be used for this event and all coarse species will count, yes even Carp.

This event is run annually and generally raises £ 200 to 300 for the Charity.

Tickets are now on sale at Lionels priced at £15.


Summer Series

Officialy this started on April 7th and was won by Pete Evans with 27-12-00, but unfortunately, this was before the new membership card was available from the printers. As a result, this points match will be run at a later date. So all you hopefuls that fancy a chance at competeing for the Summer series Club Championship need not be disapointed.

This years winner will receive a substantial prize for his or her efforts.


Tuesday  Nights (New series for club members)

First match 15/05/2012     draw 5.15pm fish 6.00 to 9.00

Pools 3 pounds all in




Thursday Over 50`s matches will start on 25th April, draw will be 9 .00 am

and entry is just one pound

Winter League.

Dates for this are in the new membership card

Fur and Feather


 (This is a prize match funded by the peg fees taken from both the Summer and Winter series)

Entrants must be members and have fished a minimum of 3 matches in advance of this match.


Junior Summer Series.

Dates in membership card

Draw will be at 5:00pm, best 4 results to count towards series.

Junior Cup 30-08-2012



Thursday 24th Oct

1st   Bill Morrant    26-12-00  (peg 42)

2nd Brian Plumridge   26-04-00 (peg 12)

3rd  Ian Smith   23-12-00 (peg 38)



Thursday 10th Oct  Over 50 Rover

1st Bill Morrant   34-05-00

2nd  Paul Morrelle   24-12-00

3rd Brian Plumridge   19-12-00



Thursday Over 50 Rover Oct 3rd

1st Steve Martin   29-12-00

2nd  Mike Delve 21-12-00

3rd  Paul Morrelle   18-12-00

Thursday Over 50 Rover Sept 5th 2013

1st Joe Bird      34-06-00 (peg38)

2nd  Mike Delve   24-06-00  (peg 12)

3rd M Griffiths    12-10-00    (peg 16)


Thursday Over 50 Rover Aug 29th 2013

1st Pete Evans   28-10-00   (peg 12)

2nd  Brian the Bailiff   22-09-00 (peg 16)

3rd  John Shaw        17-08-00 (peg 38)

4th Joe Bird           16-15-00   (peg 8)



Sunday 26th August

1st Ryan Wilcox  25-11-00 (peg 33)

2nd  Justin Westbrook  25-03-00 (peg 18)

3rd  Rhys Ellis   17-10-00  (peg 34)

4th Bill Morrant  16-04-00 (peg 12)



Ladies Match Sunday 25th Aug 2013

Sophie Westbrook made it three years in a row by winning with an amazing weight . Sophie landed a carp of around 12lb and unfortunately lost a second at the net., but along with a good bag of silvers totaled 29-06-00. Second, and not far behind was Jane Rough with two good carp for 24-10-00. The Carr family took 3rd and 4th spots. Sioned  weighed 14-11-00 and Rose 12-02-00.

Many thanks to BBQ Brian for a good feed afterwards.


Thursday over 50 Rover 22 Aug 2013

1st Mike Delve   19-15-00 (peg 12)

2nd  Pete Evans   19-10-00  (peg 37)

3rd   Colin Nicholls  17-08-00 (peg 38)



Tuesday August 20th

1st  Pete Evans    24 -13-00  (peg 16)

2nd Noel Popplewell   15-04-00 (peg 38)

3rd   Justin Westbrook   12-09-00  (peg 19)



Combat Stress Sunday 18th Aug 2013. (Pete Ryan Memorial)

This was a resounding success with 21 fishing. A total of £142 was raised on the day which the club will double and round up to £300 for the very worthwhile charity.

1st  Pete Evans    29-10-00  (peg 38)

2nd Justin Westbrook  21-06-00  (peg 32)

3rd  Mike Ellis    17 -14-00   (peg 12)

4th  Martin Carr  13-04-00   (peg 34)


Thursday over 50 Aug 15th

1st Paul Morrlle  29-06-00  (peg 38)

2nd Pete Evans  24-07-00 (peg 12)

3rd  M Griffiths   14-12-00 (peg 42)


Rover Tuesday 13th Aug

1st Justin Westbrook  15-04-00  (peg12)

2nd Mike Peers   14-08-00 (peg 42)

3rd  Bill Morrant  10-08-00 (peg 16)



Tom Drury Shield 11th Aug

1st Justin Westbrook   30-06-00   (peg12, )

2nd Mal Griffiths  27-08-00 (peg 33)

3rd James Bourne  19-06-00 (peg 20)



Thursday over 50 Rover 8th Aug

1st Pete Evans   27-10-00   (peg 36)

2nd  Mal Griffiths   24-10-00  (peg 16)

3rd Colin Nicholls  14-10-00 (peg 38)



Tuesday 6th Aug

1st Bill Morrant    12-08-00  (peg 42)

2nd  Noel Popplewell   16-06-00 (peg 38)

3rd Justin Westbrook  12-05-00 (peg 18)



Sunday 4th Aug

1st Mal Griffiths    34-06-00 ( peg 33)

2nd Pete Evans      22-09-00   (peg 20)

3rd Bill Morrant (peg 16) and Pete Wright (peg 22)     16-12-00



Thursday over 50 Rover 1st Aug 2013

1st Pete Evans  28-05-00   (peg 34 , Ide, Roach and skimmers)

2nd M Griffiths   20-15-00  ( peg 36 mixed bag)

3rd  John Shaw   20-13-00  (peg 43 mixed bag)


 Tuesday 3oth July

1st Mike Ellis     14-15-00 (peg 25, skimmers and Bream.)

2nd  Noel Popplewell    12-12-00 (peg 38)

3rd Mal Griffiths          10-14-00   (peg 16)


 Sunday 28th July

1st Justin Westbrook     52-06-00  (peg 20 carp and skimmers)

2nd  Pete Evans     18-09-00  (peg 25  Roach and Ide)

3rd Ben Williams    15-03-00  (peg 8 roach and perch)

Thursday over 50`s July25th

1st  Mal Griffiths     36-09-00   (peg 38)

2nd  Mike Delve     16--00-00  (peg 12 Crucians, Roach ans Perch)


 Tuesday Evening rover July 23rd

1st  Noel Popplewell    22-00-00  (peg 38)

2nd  Matty Powell      15-06-00 (peg 20, all skimmers)


Thursday over 50`s 18th July

1st Pete Evans  15.04.00 (peg 19 Ide and Roach)

2nd M Griffiths   10.06.00 (peg 25 Ide, Roach, skimmers and Crucians)

3rd Mike Delve  6.09.00 (peg 8, Ide and Barbell)



Tuesday night Rover 16th July

1st Pete Evans   20.05.00 (peg 25 Skimmers and Bream)

2nd  Matty Powell  16.15.00 (peg 33. Ide and skimmers to the pole)


Jubilee Cup Sunday 14th July

Young Rhys Ellis drew the fancied peg 33 and made no mistake. He fished an excellent match, with maggot feeder to the island for an impressive 25lb 10oz.

Mal came second with 18lb 90z from peg 22 and Graham Davison took 3rd spot with 16lb 7oz from peg 16.

Although weights were a little below the usual standard, it must be noted that 10th spot weighed in over 12lbs, just proving what an interesting and fair venue it has become.



Over 50 Rover July 11th

1st Pete Evans   39.06.00

2nd I Smith       25.09.00

3rd M Griffiths  25.06.00



Billo Lamb Shield Sunday 30th June

1st M Carr   25.14.00

2nd M Ellis  18.07.00

3rd J Bird    16.11.00



Alf Roberts Cup June 16th

1st M Griffiths     38.10.00

2nd  G Davison    31.04.00

3rd  J Bird            21.04.00



Summer series Sunday June 2nd

1st  Pete Evans    31-11-00  (peg 20)

2nd Joe Bird       18-11-00 (peg 23)

3rd  M Griffiths    14-12-00 (peg 8)



Over 50`s Thursday 30th May

st M Griffiths  47-04-00 (peg 33)

2nd Pete Evans  22-10-00 (peg 20)

3rd Paul Morrlle 15-10-00 (peg 28)




Tuesday Rover 28th May

1st Pete Evans     16-12-00 (peg 37)

2nd    Mike Rough   14-07-00 (peg 13)



Over 50`s Thursday 23rd May

1st Joe Bird   17-07-00 (peg 8)

2nd Pete Evans  11-12-00 (peg 7)

3rd Brian Plumridge 11-08-00 (peg 38)



Sunday Buckley Trap Cup  19th May

1st  Graham Davidson   26-11-00 (peg 23 mixed bag of Roach and Ide)

2nd Mike Griffiths  24-09-00 (peg 37, mostly Ide)

3rd Mike Ellis         23-10-00   (peg 12)

4th Pete Evans  21-11-00  (peg 25)




Tuesday night members Rover  14 May

1st Matty Powell   26-10-00  (peg 33)

2nd  Pete Ellis     16-00-00 (peg 25)

3rd Mike Rough 10-12-00  (peg 43)


Cliff Hibert Memorial Cup Sunday 21st April

1st Mike Rough   32-11-00  peg 36

2nd Mike Griffiths   32-04-00  peg 34

3rd Pete Evans  13-11-00 peg 10



Sunday sweep April 14th

1st Graham Davidson   20.02.00  (peg 7)

2nd  Mike Griffiths   13-12-00  (peg 12)

3rd  Mike Ellis  13-04-00 (peg 35)



Sunday sweep April 7th

If todays result is anything to go by, were in for an amazing year on the Trap Pool.Bearing in mind that we still have snow on the ground, and the day started with a hard frost, weights were nothing short of outstanding.

1st Pete Evans   27 12-00  (peg 7, all silver fish.)

2nd Graham Davidson  22-07-00  (peg 10, mixed bag of silvers)

3rd Mike Delve   17-07-00  (peg 8, Roach, Perch and Ide)

Sunday Sweep March 17th

1st Mike Ellis    15-12-00  (peg 34)

2nd  Pete Evans  13-12-00  (peg 8)

3rd  Mike Griffiths  7-02-00 (peg 36)

Sunday members sweep March 10th

1st Pete Evans   8-13-00  (peg3)

2nd Mike Griffiths  6-12-00 (peg 13)

3rd Mike Delve      5-12-00  (peg 8)

Sunday members sweep March 3rd (8pegs)

1st  Pete Evans   8-14-00 (peg 8)

2nd  Mike Delve   5-12-00 (peg 37)

3rd  Mike Ellis  3-10-00    (peg 46)

Quite respectable weights considering the pool was frozen over when we arrived.



Sunday members sweep Feb 10th (12 fished)

1st joint  Pete Evans  6-12-00 (peg 7)

                     Pete Ellis       6-12-00 (peg 36)

3rd            Mike Griffiths  6-03-00 (peg 34)




Jan 9th

1st  Pete Evans        12-10-00  (peg 8)

2nd  M Griffiths    6-09-00    (peg 36)

3rd Graham Davidson   5-15-00  (peg 45)

14 fished.

These matches will be run each Sunday through till April.

Draw will be at 9am with fishing from 10am till 2.30pm. These matches are for members only and will be run as Rovers with the pool remaining open for pleasure anglers. Pools are a fiver with a full payout on the day.


Fur and Feather Sunday 9th Dcember


1st Pete Evans     7-09-00 (peg 36)

2nd Pete Ellis    6-09-00   (peg 8)

3rd Mike Ellis  4-14-00     (peg 37)



The Thursday over 50 Rovers are still taking place and will continue as long as there is interest

the results of the latest round can be found below.

22nd November over 50 Rover
1st  Mal Griffiths        10-09-00  (peg 36)
2nd Pete Evans           9-11-00 (peg 27)
3rd Derek Long           8-05-00 (peg37)

15th November over 50 Rover
1st Pete Evans                7-15-00  (peg 25)
2nd Brian Plumridge   6-10-00 (peg 19)
3rd Joe Bird                    6-02-00 (peg 8)

8th November over 50 Rover
1st  Mal Griffiths            17-05-00   (peg 33)
2nd Brian Plumridge   12-06-00 (peg 16)
3rd Pete Evans                 7-08-00 (peg 19)


18th Oct over 50 Rover

1st Steve Martin   10-09-00 (peg 20)

2nd Pete Evans    7-14-00 (peg 19)

3rd   Joe Bird    5-03-00  (peg 37)




Oct 4th

1st  Brian Plumridge  12-10-00 (peg 16)

2nd  Mal Griffiths   10-12-00 (peg 19)

3rd  Bill Moran      10-02-00 (peg 38)




Sept 27th

1st Brian Pumridge  8-07-00 (peg 23)

2nd Mal Griffiths  4-15-00 (peg 20)

3rd Pete Evans    4-14-00 (peg 25)




Memorial Cup Sunday 23rd Sept

1st  Pete Evans   11-00-00 (peg 23)

2nd  Mike Ellis   9-11-00  (peg 13)

3rd  Ben Williams   8-03-00 (peg 16)


Over 50 Thursday 20th Sept


1st  Mal Griffiths  15-04-00 (peg 13)

2nd  Mike Ellis  13-09-00 (peg 30)

3rd  Pete Evans   9-10-00  (peg 22)


Over 50 Thursday 13th Sept

1st  Pete Evans  11-15-00  (peg 20)

2nd   Mal Griffiths  11-04-00 (peg 23)

3rd  frank Roberts  10-07-00 (peg 31)


Hope and Anchor Cup Sunday 9th Sept

1st  Graham Davison  22.12.00  ( peg 33)

2nd Pete Evans             13-06-00 (peg 12)

3rd  Joe Bird                  8-10-00 (peg 13)


Over 50 Thursday 6th Sept

1st Joe Bird    15-00-00  (peg 20)

2nd  Brian Plumridge   13-04-00 (peg 13)

3rd  Pete Evans   11-08-00 (peg 22)


Over 50 Rover Thursday 30th Aug

 1st  Mal Griffiths   21-03-00  (peg 33)

2nd  Mike Ellis     11-10-00    (peg 30)

3rd  Frank Roberts   9-07-00  (peg 38)


Challenge Cup August 27th

1st  Justin Westbrook    22-00-00

2nd Pete Evans        8-10-00

3rd   Mal Griffiths   7-04-00




Ladies Match  26-08-2012

This is a match for our Lady members, our members wives or girlfriends and our junior`s mothers.

Each entrant must be accompanied by a member whom can offer advice and assistence if required.

The match will be followed by the presentation and a BBQ.

Tickets will be on sale at Lionels Tackle in advance at a cost of one pound.



   The Ladies Match

Sport really picked up for this one. Conditions were ideal and good catches were had by all.


Sophie Westbrook won the match and retained the trophy for the second year running. Again for the second year running she landed a sizeable Common Carp and together with Ide Roach and Skimmers, totaled an amazing 18-04-00. Sophie drew peg 16 and pole fished caster in the margins.

In second, with another impressive catch was Victoria Tasker. Victoria caught Skimmers, Crucians and a Tench for 9-07-00 from peg 20.

In third was local tackle dealer, Niki with 7-06-00 of mainly Ide from peg 12.

Fourth spot was taken by Emma Rough (the Carp Slayers sister) with a weight of 3-12-00 from peg 19


Further pictures from this event can be found in the Gallery.

Thursday over 50 Rover

1st Pete Evans   20-12-00  (peg 40)

2nd  Steve Martin  9-12-00 (peg 12)

3rd Mike Griffiths  6-06-00 (peg 45)




Combat Stress Charity Match

1st Mike Griffiths    20-08-00  (peg 13)

2nd  Neil Pearce       16-05-00  (peg 380

3rd   Brian Plumridge   14-07-00  (peg 33)

4th Pete Evans                 9-13-00 (peg 16)




Thursday 16th Aug

1st  Mike Griffiths      10-04-00 (peg 19)

2nd Steve Martin    9-12-00   (peg 37)

3rd Colin Nichols   9-04-00  (peg 42)





Tom Dury Shield Sunday 12th Aug

1st Graham Davison  23-00-00 (peg 20)

2nd Pete Evans  16-04-00  (peg 25)

3rd Mike Griffiths  12-15-00 (peg 21)




Thursday 9th Aug Over 50`s

1st  Pete Evans   24-08-00  (peg 20)

2nd  Mike Griffiths   16-07-00 (peg 21)

3rd  Brian Plumridge  14-07-00 (peg 45)




Thursday 2nd Aug Over 50`s

1st  Pete Evans  20-12-00  (peg 42)

2nd  Mike Ellis  16-00-00  (peg 12)

3rd Brian Plumridge   13--00-00 (peg 45)




Sunday 29th July

1st Luke  16-05-00 (peg 20)

2nd Justin Westbrook  8-07-00 (peg 19)

3rd Pete Evans  8-04-00 (peg 23) 




Thursday 26th July

1st  Pete Evans  17-12-00 (peg 22)

2nd  Mike Griffiths  13-13-00  (peg 21)

3rd  Paul Morrlle 12-09-00 (peg 23)




Tuesday 24th July

1st  Michael Rough  17-12-00 (peg 12)

2nd  Pete Evans  16-02-00 (peg 21)

3rd Matty Powell  14-05-00 (peg 33)




Thursday 19th July

1st Pete Evans   16-12-00  (peg 42)

2nd Mike Griffiths  13-04-00(peg 24)

3rd Brian Plumridge  11-10-00 (peg 37)




Tuesday night July 17th

1st Mike Griffiths  14-15-00 (peg 33)

2nd  Matty Powell   13-00-00  (peg21)

3rd  Pete Evans          9-06-00 (peg 23)




Jubilee Cup July 15th

1st Graham Davidson            16-01-00 (peg25)

2nd  Luke                                      13-05-00 (peg 20)

3rd  Mike Griffiths                  10-14-00 (peg37)




Thursday 12th July

1st   Pete Evans    20-05-00  (peg 13)

2nd  John Sturgess   12-09-00  (peg 38)

3rd Paul Morrlle   11-08-00  (peg 42)




Tuesday 10th July

1st  Pete Evans   16-00-00  (peg 37)

2nd  Mike Griffiths   15-12-00  (peg 33)

3rd   Justin Westbrook   13-06-00 (peg 13)


Thursday 5th July

1st  Mike Griffiths   22-12-00 (peg 33)

2nd  Mike Ellis         16-14-00 (peg 42)

3rd  Brian Plumridge   10.01.00 (peg 20)





Tuesday 3rd July

1st   Mathew Dawes  13-07-00  (peg 23)

2nd  Mike Griffiths       12-13-00 (peg 38)

3rd   Matty Powell      11-12-00   (peg 25)




Sunday 1st July

1st  Graham Davidson   18-01-00 (peg 37)

2nd  Justin Westbrook   13-13-00 (peg 28)

3rd  Peter Evans   12-01-00 (peg 16)




Thursday 26th June

1st  Brian Plumridge   18-10-00  (peg 23)

2nd  Paul Morrlle        12-09-00 (peg 42)

3rd  John Sturgess     12-01-00 (peg 20)




Tuesday 26 th June

1st  Mathew Dawes   17-01-00 (peg 25)

2nd  Justin Westbrook   13-12-00 (peg 13)

3rd  Mike Griffiths   9-04-00 (peg 45)




Thursday 21st June

1st Mike Griffiths   22-04-00 (peg42)

2nd  Mike Ellis      17-04-00     (peg 15)

3rd   Brian Plumridge   15-08-00  (peg 38) 




Tuesday night Rover

1st   Peter Evans    25-03-00

2nd Mike Griffiths   21-13-00

3rd  Matty Powell   19-09-00




Alf Roberts Cup Sunday 17th June



The latest round of the Summer series was fished today on the Tap Pool and although we had a very wet start, conditions improved as the match went on.

Winner on the day was Graham Tasker from Lionels Tackle. Graham drew peg 37 (the Rock) and caught mostly Ide for a very impressive 31-09-00.

In second spot was Graham Davison with 22-10-00 of Roach and rucians from the wooden jetty.

Mike Ellis drew peg 28 in the corner ansd caught Ide, Roach and Skimmers for 21-13-00.



Full Result

1st Graham Tasker  31-09-00

2nd  Graham Davison  22-10-00

3rd  Mike Ellis   21-13-00

4th Pete Evans   19-09-00

5th Mike Rough   13-14-00


Thursday 14th June Over 50 over


1st  Mike Ellis  21-04-00

2nd  Pete Ellis   17-07-00

3rd  Brian Plumridge   16-02-00


Tuesday night Rover  June 12th


1st  Mathew Powell   19-09-00

2nd  Mike Rough   14-12-00

3rd  Mike Ellis    12-08-00






Chairmans Trophy  Sunday 3rd June

1st  Pete Evans    20-11-00  peg 13

2nd  Mike Griffiths  15-10-00  peg 12

3rd  Mike Ellis  10-10-00   peg 24




Thurdsay Over 50`s  31st May

1st  Mike Ellis   23-00-00  peg 13

2nd Frank Roberts  15-12-00

3rd  M Phillips   13-00-00  peg 24




Tuesday night Rover 29th May

1st  Mike Ellis   18-08-00  peg 25

2nd  Mathew Powell  9-07-00  peg 22








Thursday Over 50`s

1st   Mike Ellis    17-12-00   peg 19

2nd  Pete Ellis    14-06-00  peg 25

3rd  Mike Griffiths   9-04-00




Tuesday night Rover 22nd May

1st  Mike Ellis   15-11-00   peg 28

2nd  Mathew Powell   15-04-00  peg 25

3rd  Michael Rough    14-07-00   peg 33

4th  Peter Evans        11-15-00     peg 19

5th   Mike Griffiths   11-03-00  peg  38



Over 50`s Thursday 17th May

1st  Mike Griffiths      23-10-00
2nd   Ian Smith   20-15-00
3rd Brian Plumridge   12-06-00

Tuesday 15th May evening rover

1st  Mathew Powell   19-02-00
2nd  Pete Evans     15-07-00
3rd   Mike Griffiths   12-15-00
4th  Justin Westbrook   12-11-00

Specimen Shield 13th May

1st Pete Evans   20-01-00
2nd  Peter Ellis    18-08-00
3rd  Graham Davidson   17-06-00
4th Justin Westbrook  16-09-00

Over 50`s Thursday 10th May

1st  Mike Ellis   20-03-00
2nd   M Griffiths  11-13-00
3rd  Colin Nicholls  6-05-00

Buckley Trap Cup  15-04-2012




Last Sunday saw the start of the Summer Series, however you could be forgiven for thinking we were still in the Winter series. There had been a very severe frost and a freezing cold wind blew strongly down the pool. As a result, it was the shelterd pegs that fared best.

1st on the day was Mike Griffiths Maike drew peg 29 at the bottom of the ramp to the sandbank and fished a straight bomb into 12 foot of water. He caught from the off and totaled 60 fish for 11-06-00.

In second spot with a fine effort, was Welsh junior, Michael Rough. Mike caught "up in the water" with a mixture of Roach and Ide for 8-06-00. Mike alternated between maggot and caster from peg 32, again from the Sandbank area.

Third was Phil catherall with 7-14-00. Phil drew peg 27 and again alternated between maggot and caster for Roach and Ide all taken from about 10 foot of water.

Pete Evans drew the fancied peg 33, but suffered from a strong wind and only managed 5-06-00 of Roach Ide and Skimmers all taken using slider tactics in 14 foot of water.



Thursday Rover (26 April)

1st Mike Griffiths   14-06-00  peg 20

2nd Brian the Bailif      11-15-00   peg 42

Cliff Hibbert Memorial Cup (Sunday 29th April)

This match was fished in simply awful conditions. The temperature did not get above 3 deg and it rained stair rods all day. However everyone stuck it out and went home soaking wet and frozen. I personnaly did`nt get warm till the following day.

Mike Ellis returned after a break from the water and drew peg 12. He pole fished into 14 foot of water for a catch of Roach, Perch and Ide for 4-14-0.  Justin Westbrook just pipped Mike  for second with a weight of 3-11-0 from peg 16.


Thursday Rover (May3rd)


1st  Pete Evans                              20-08-00   peg 25

2nd  Mike Griffiths              17-03-00  peg 33

3rd Chris Cameron                     12-13-00   peg 37

joint 4th Brian Plumridge        11-08-00  peg45

                  Pete Ellis                       11-08-00  peg 32






Thursday Rover Nov 24th

This latest match was won by Pete Evans from peg 8 with a weight of 6-06-00. Pete fished worm at 3m for a succession of small Perch and switching to caster for the second half of the match and picked up better Perch and 4 or 5 good Roach.

In second was Brian Plumridge with 4-15-00. Brian pole fished maggot on peg 16 for a mixed bag of Perch, Roach and Ide.


Thursday Rover Nov 17th

These matches will continue as long as there is an interest, the draw is at 9:00am with fishing from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Pools are just 0ne pound.

The latest round was fished in less than ideal conditions, with bright sunlight and flat calm conditions for most.

Mike Griffiths chose to pick the Willow peg 20 and fished a straight lead with maggot for about 30 fish for 4-07-00. Colin Westwood was second with 3-12-00 from peg 33 and 3rd spot was shared between Brian the Bailiff on peg 16 and Pete Evans on peg 19. Both weighed in 3-05-00, but it is worth noting that, and not for the first time, Brian lost more fish than he landed. Unlucky Brian!

Thursday Rover Nov 10th

1st   Kev Carr    7-03-00   (peg 20 the Willow)

2nd   Pete Evans   5-13-00   (peg 19)

3rd   Brian Plumridge   4-07-00  (peg 16) 

Thursday Rover November 3rd

1st Pete Evans      11-07-00   (peg 12)

2nd   Steve Martin  4-02-00  (peg 27)

3rd   Brian Plumridge   3-12-00  (peg 16) 

Thursday 13th Oct

Over 50 Rover

Steve Martin won the last round with a fine catch of Crucians, Perch and Ide  for 9-00-00. Steve opted for peg 16 and fished double maggot close in with waggler tactics   

In second was Pete Evans with 8-01-00 of Perch from peg 19

Third palce went to Brian the Bailiff with 6-12-00 of Perch, Roach and Ide from peg 12

These matches will continue as long as there is an interest. There is no need to book in, just turn up for the draw at 9am. Pools are just one pound.


Summer Series Sunday 25th Sept

The final match in the Summer Series was fished today on the Trap Pool. Conditions were less than ideal with virtually no wind and flat calm conditions for a lot of anglers. Pegs with a ripple fared quite well and a respectable set of weights were recorded. 

Winner on the day was Craig Stubbins a relative stranger to the water of late. Craig drew inform peg 12 and caught a succession of Perch and Ide for a weight of 10-11-00. Craig alternated between pieces of worm and double maggot hook bait fished under the overhanging branch on the left. 

In second was Terry Rawlinson, another newcomer to the water. Terry drew the rock and caught mainly Ide for a weight of 7-11-00.

Mike Ellis came third with 7-08-00 of skimmers from peg 34.

Overall, the series was won by Mike  Ellis, pictured right. Mike scored  an amazing 104 points out of a possible 144. This included 4 wins, 2 seconds and 2 thirds.

Pushing Mike all the way, was Graham Davison just a couple of points behind.

Third went to Pete Evans some ay behind on 66 and in fourth was Colin Westwood with 64.

And it all starts again in two weeks time with the first of the Winter League Series.


Thursday Rover 15/09/2011

1st  Pete Evans     7-05-00 (peg 33)

2nd   Kev Carr    5-03-00 (peg 27)

3rd  Colin Westwood  4-03-00 (peg 13)


Thursday Rover 8/09/2011

1st Brian Plumridge      10-02-00 

2nd  Mike Griffiths     4-14-00

3rd  Steve Martin  2-15-00 




The penultimate round of the Summer Series was fished today on the Trap Pool. Conditions were far better than expected but unfortunately, the bright conditions made things very difficult for many, however pegs with cover fared quite well.

Winner on the day was Mike Ellis with 16-11-00. Mike drew peg 33 and fished to the island with a groundbait feeder and caught mainly Ide. In second was Graham Davidson with 8-12-00 of  mainly bits from peg 20. Two bonus Crucians and a skimmer taken on pellet boosted his weight.

The league is currently lead by Mike, just half a point ahead of Graham with just one match to go.

Young Mike Rough took third spot with 6-01-00 from peg 27 and just behind him was Welsh team mate, Liam Parry with 5-12-00 from peg 12.

Thurday Over 50`s Rover 1/09/2011

1st     Brian Plumridge    7-00-00 (peg 13)

2nd   John Shaw                6-13-00 (peg 27)

3rd   Brian Probert         5-15-00 (peg 33)


Summer Series Sunday 29th


The Bream have been showing  on the Sandbank for the last few days and it was only a matter of time before someone put a weight together. Graham Tasker (left) drew peg 32 and made no mistake. After a slow start, he took 9 good Bream and a few small skimmers for a winning weight of 27-05-00. Graham caught most on 6mm pellet  fished at 9 metres.

In second was Graham Davidson with 15-01-00 of mostly Ide and Barbel from peg 12, whilst it was very close for 3rd with Joe Bird just edging out Brian Probert by one ounce for a level 9lbs.







Ladies Cup (Sunday 28th August)

Sunday morning was particularly miserable and wet, but fortunately, things picked up considerably for this match and the very tasty barbecue that followed. Many thanks to Brian the Burger for a splendid job. In total 6 ladies took part, or at least I think they were all ladies! and all caught well. A number of good Bream were landed, but surprisingly, it was a carp that stole the show. Young Sophie Westbrook (pictured below) hooked a carp on double maggot hookbait but unfortunately lost it when the hooklength broke. A new heavier rig was attached and she was soon into a second fish and this time made no mistake, netting a fine common of just over 10lbs.

  In second spot was Wilma Wilcock with 6-11-00 of Bream from peg 31. Wilma was unfortunate to have lost a Bream at the net and a second jumped out of her hands whilst posing for the camera. Had she won, I think there may well have been a stewards enquiry with question asked about HIS elegibility!!

Result in full;  1st Sophie    11-06-00

                             2nd  Wilma     6-11-00

                             3rd   Nikki       3-06-00

                             4th   Gwyneth  3--00-00

                             5th   Vicky         2-06-00

                             6th   Jessica      1-11-00

A number of further photos of the event in the Gallery


Junior Cup Saturday 27th August




Junior Coaching finished last weekend, and this was a chance for the young anglers to put their new found skills to the test. Winner on the day with an excellent performance was 12 year old Rhys Ellis. Rhys drew peg 12 and pole fished maggot and caster for a succession of Perch, Ide and Barbel. Rhys (pictured right, connecting with his first of 2 Barbel) weighed a very creditable 9-12-00.

In second spot was Ryan Wilcock with a mixed bag of silvers for 4-02-00. Ryan drew the Jetty was perhaphs a little unlucky not to win having lost a Carp at the net.

Very close behind was Liam Carruthers with 4-01-00 from peg 17. Liam caught Ide and Perch from quite close in using maggots.

Mike Rough came 4th with 3-09-00 of Roach and Crucians from peg  23. Mike was also guilty of losing fish with a couple of good Crucians coming off on the way to the net.

The award for top in the under 12yr category went to 7yr old Alex Westbrook. Alex fished the feeder on peg 19 and was rewarded with a Perch and a Tench for a weight of 1-09-00.










The final round of The Junior Summer League(sponsored by Lionels Tackle) was fished last night on the Trap Pool.




Winner on the day was Liam Parry with 3-01-00. Liam drew peg 22 in the shallows  and caught mainly small fish on maggot.


In second was Oliver Westbrook with 2-15-00 of Ide and Perch from peg 17

and in third was Rhys Ellis with 2-02-05 of bits from peg 28.

This concluded a very successful, well attended series enjoyed by all. The final league placings were to be decided by the competetors best four results from six, and it was a very close thing.

The eventual winner was Mike Rough(pictured centre) with 44 points. George Campbell and Liam Parry initially tied on 41 points, but George (picturd left) just edged it on a count back.

Many thanks to lionels Tackle for supplying the trophies, and a special thank you to Neil for presenting them on the night.



Over 50`s silver fish rover

1st   Kev Carr                       17-15-00    (Bream and Skimmers from peg 34)

2nd  Roger Millard           10-09-00    ( Bream and Skimmers peg  33 )

3rd  John Shaw                   8-09-00      ( All silvers peg 25)



Junior Summer Series sponsored by lionels Tackle (round 5)


7 year old Alex Westbrook won his second match of the series, from peg 20.Alex fished short pole in 3 foot of water for a few small fish and 3 Crucian Carp to finish in first place with a weight of 2-08-04.

Second spot was taken by Travis Butler with 2.02.00. Travis fished in a similar manner on peg 12 and was rewarded with a few Ide and a brace of Barbel.

Third place was taken by Cags Parry with 1-11-10 of skimmers from peg 19. Cags fished high up in the water with caster and just edged out now Welsh Internation Mike Rough who had 1-10-08 of small Rudd from peg 21.








Thursday Over 50`s Silver Fish Rover(Aug 18)

1st       Kev Carr                15-01-00       (Bream from peg 34)

2nd     Colin Westwood  14-06-00      (Bream and Skimmers peg 27)

3rd     Joe Bird                    8-15-00        (Ide from peg 33)


Summer League Sunday August 14th

The winner of todays match was Pete Ellis (pictured right) Pete drew peg 13 on the Rubble, and fished feeder tactics to  the Island for a good net of Ide for a weight of 15-14-00. Pete alternated between corn, caster and worm on the hook and just groundbait in the feeder.

In second was Colin Westwood with a 14-12-00 mixed bag from peg 23, which included  a number of Crucians annd Crucian hybrids all on pellet.

Pete Evans filled the 3rd spot with Roach,  Ide and Barbell taken from peg 37(the Rock) Pete caught on white maggot fished tight in against the rock to the right hand side. Caster up in the water added a number of quality Roach.



Junior Summer Series (Sponsored by Lionels Tackle) Round 4





The latest round was fished last night in ideal conditions, warm, overcast with a gentle breeze, and the juniors made the most of it with excellent weights for just a two and a half hour match.

In first place was George Campbell (pictured left and on the left) with 7-03-05 from peg 22. Goerge fished caster at 7 metres  for a number of Roach, Perch and Skimmers.

Close behind was Mike Rough with 6-12-14 from 19. Mike pole fished maggot at 11 metres for a good mixed bag including a Bream of about 2lbs.

Ryan Wilcox was next to Mike on peg 20 and had a bag of silvers along with a Crucian and a Tench (thats not a misprint) for 5-01-07. After landing the Tench, Ryan unfortunately took advice from a spectator and tightened his elastic and as a result bumped off the next 7 fish.

Top under 12 yr old and 4th overall was 10 yr old Oliver Westbrook with 4-03-03 of Ide and Chub from peg 12. Oliver was also unlucky losing a number of sizeable fish in the tree roots.




Over 50s Thursday Silver fish Rover.


1st Kevin Carr                  12-06-00    (peg 33)

2nd Frank Roberts           8-01-00  (peg 31)

3rd Pete Evans                   6-12-00    (peg 18)



Junior Summer Series (Sponsored by Lionels Tackle) Round 3

The third round was fished last night, and already a pattern is forming, with 3 of the more experienced anglers sharing top spot in the league with 29 pts a piece.

Winner on the day, was soon to be Welsh International, Mike Rough (pictured right). Michael has been selected to fish the Celtic Cup (Home International) in Scotland next week. So best of luck to Michael from all at Buckley AA.

  1st     Michael Rough   5-12-10   (peg 9)

2nd     Liam Parry            3-01-12 (peg 14)

3rd     Ian Bowering        2-03-06 (peg 12)

4th    Oliver Westbrook  1-15-08 (peg22)

This is proving a very popular series with 19 young anglers taking part in this latest round. The matches are Open, that is open to non members, and assistance is on hand for the less experienced. Entry is just one pound, and prizes are given out on the day. The draw takes place on the Trap car park at 5:30 on Thursday evenings.



Over 50`s Thursday Rover(silver fish match)

1st       Pete Evans               15-01-00  (peg 34)

2nd   Colin Westwood   10-02-00  (peg 19)

3rd    John Shaw                 8-13-00  (peg 12)


The Rose Bowl (Sunday July 31st)

1st    Pete Evans                14-13-00 (peg 20)

2nd  Mike Ellis                 13-04-00  (peg 23)

3rd Graham Davidson   12-04-00 (peg 15)


Junior Summer Series (July 28th) sponsored by Lionels Tackle




What a match this turned out to be! Sixteen young anglers took part, aged between 7 and 16. The youngest, Alex Westbrook pictured left, drew peg 12 and after a slow start found a hungry shoal of Ide just 3 metres out. Fishing single white maggot he took a succession of good fish for an amazing weight of 10-09-00 to run out a comfortable winner.


In second spot with a weight of 7-01-00, was Travis Butler  (pictured right) Travis drew peg 15 on The Rubble and started on the pole before getting into dificulty with his elasticated top. This forced him to go to plan B which was to use feeder tactics and was rewarded with this nice Common Carp.

It was close between third and fourth, with George Campbell just edging it with 4-11-08 from peg 22. Liam Parry was on peg 9 and fished long pole and maggot for 4-06-04.

Ryan Wilcox was the unluckiest angler of the night, Ryan hooked into a very large Carp on light tackle very early on , but unfortunately lost it after a considerable time.

All 16 anglers weighed in and the league is now lead by George Campbell. Further details next week.








0ver 50`s Thursday July 28th (Silver fish Rover)


The latest round of the series was fished today in ideal conditions. There was a gentle north westerly wind blowing down the pool with overhead conditions warm and cloudy.

Winner on the day was Roger Millard (pictured right). Roger picked the Willow and made no mistake catching a succession of good skimmers and Bream to 3lb.

1st  Roger Millard        17-07-00 (peg 20)

2nd Brian Probert       16-06-00 (peg 33)

3rd Colin Westwood    8-01-00 (peg 34)


Committee Cup 2 Glasdir Wednesday 27th july  3hr evening match

1st   Pete Evans                  35-04-00  (all silvers)

2nd Justin Westbrook    22-00-00 (Carp)

3rd  Martin Powell            15-15-00 (all silvers)




 Junior Summer Series Open July 21st (sponsored by Lionels Tackle)


This was the start of a new series of matches intended to run alongside the coaching that starts on Saturday. So hopefully improvements will be evident as the series progresses. The series will be run on a points system and a trophy presented to the overall winner. Tackle vouchers will be presented  to the top 3 of each individual match.

The winner of the first match was future Welsh International Michael Rough.( pictured centre) Michael has been selected to fish for Wales Juniors in the Home International, to be held in Scotland later this summer.

Runner up and just a few ounces behind was George Campbell (pictured left) and in third spot was Rhys Ellis.(pictured right)

1st   Michael Rough      3-11-04

2nd George Campbell  3-07-04

3rd  Rhys Ellis                 1-05-04

This match was fished total of 17 anglers, ranging between 7 and 16 yrs old of varying ability. Assistence is on hand for those requiring it, so please feel free to come and have a go. The draw is at 5 pm each Thursday through the summer with fishing from 6 pm to 8:30 pm.



Over 50`s Thursday July 21st

1st    Pete Evans               19-00-00  (peg 34)

2nd Brian Plumridge  11-08-00  (peg 8)

3rd  Colin Westwood   10-07-00 (peg 19)


Committee Cup (Glasdir) wednesday July 20th

1st Mathew Powell   42-15-00  (Carp)

2nd Pete Evans          31-12-00   (silvers)

3rd  Phil Catherall  28-10-00  (Carp)



COMBAT STRESS OPEN (Sunday July 17th)

This match was fished over 6hrs in persistent rain, and strong winds which wrecked a number of brollies. However, most stuck it out, and a couple of hundred pounds was raised and will be going to the charity, Combat Stress.

The winner on the day was Graham Tasker with a tremendous weight of 30-15-00. Graham chose to fish long pole  from unfancied peg 27. Fishing at half depth and spraying maggots, he caught several good Bream and Skimmers before a succession of Carp came into his swim. He lost several but managed to land a brace of Common Carp to win quite comfortably.

Second was Mathew Carrol with 19-03-00 of silver fish from peg 33. Mathew fished a long pole and alternated between worm and caster.

In third was Pete Ellis with 15-07-00 of skimmers, Roach and Ide from peg 42 on the long bank.This was an excellent catch from this area of the pool given the conditions and he would have done even better had he not lost   4 good skimmers at the net.

There was a tie for fourth, with Graham Davison and Justin Westbrook both weighing 14-10-00.

Section Winners.

A Section  Craig Stubbins 9-10-00 (peg 4)

B Section  Michael Rough  6-13-00 (peg 12)

C Section Justin and Graham 14-10-00 (pegs 25 and 26)

D Section Joe Bird 8-01-00 (peg 28)


Thursday Over 50`s July 14th

1st  Brian Plumridge (The Bailiff)    10-12-00 (peg 20 )

2nd Pete Evans                                              10-00-00 (peg 19)

3rd  John Shaw                                              7-05-00    (peg 23)




Thursday Over 50`s July7th

1st Brian Probert   12-06-00 (peg 25)

2nd John Shaw      9-06-00 (peg 19)

3rd  Pete Evans    8-13-00  (peg 13)





The latest round of the Summer Series was fished last Sunday (July 3rd) and was by far the closest yet.

Winner on the day was Pete Evans (pictured right) Pete drew peg 21 in the shallows and caught a succession of small fish on long pole and caster, before adding a "small common" for a combined weight of 16-08-00.

In second was Graham Davison with a superb bag of Roach for 16-07-00 taken on caster from peg 33.

Third spot went to Colin Westwood just a mere 4oz behind the winner with 16-04-00 taken from the Willow (peg 20) Colins catch was mostly small silvers but boosted with a couple of large skimmers and a few Crucians.



Thursday June 30 over 50`s



1st Colin Westwood              14-11-00 (peg 19)

2nd John Shaw                       10-07-00 (peg 23)

3rd Pete Evans                         8-13-00 (peg 25)


Wednesday Night Open June 29th

1st Justin Westbrook        21-10-00

2nd Andy Amos                   16-07-00

3rd Phil Catherall               11-00-00


Thursday June 23rd over 50`s

1st  Brian Plumridge               8-12-00 (peg 42)

2nd Pete Evans                         6-08-00 (peg 28)

3rd John Shaw                          5-07-00 (peg 24)


Wednesday Night Open June 22nd

The shallows fished particularly well and visiting angler, Andy Amos (pictured right) made the most of a good draw. Andy drew peg 22 and made no mistake taking a good bag of silver fish using long pole and caster. A couple of sizeable Bream boosted his weight to over 25lbs and made him a clear winner on the night.




1st Andy Amos                      25-13-00


2nd Pete Evans                      11-00-00

jnt 3rd Mike Ellis and Justin Westbrook 10-12-00



Sunday 19th June (Summer Series)

The 6th match in the series was fished today on the Trap Pool. Conditions were better than of late, and the pool fished quite well, but the big fish were once again conspicuous by their absence.

Graham Davidson drew one of the fancied pegs in the shallows (peg 22) and made no mistake taking an impressive 21lb 1oz mixesd bag to the scales and running out a comfortable winner.

In second was Kevin Carr with 12-12-00 from the jetty. This was again a good mixed bag consisting of Roach, Ide, Rudd, Perch, skimmers and Crucians.

In third was Mike Ellis with 11-00-00 of small stuff from peg 16 on the Rubble.


Thursday 16th June Over 50`s (Silver fish Rover)

1st Mike Griffiths                                         14-00-00 (peg 23)

2nd Brian Plumbridge (the Bailiff)     11-08-00 (peg 28)

3rd Pete Evans                                            9-08-00 (peg 19)


Wednesday  Night Open June 15th

1st Graham Davidson    9-06-00 (peg 23)

2nd Mike Ellis                   8-13-00  (peg33)

3rd Mike Rough               8-05-00  (peg 22)


Sunday June 12th

What an awful day, it rained and blew for the duration. Considering the conditions weights were reasonable with sheltered pegs fairing best.

Winner on the day was Mike Ellis with 10-06-00. Mike fished unfancied peg 36 and caught a succession of small fish close in. In second spot was Colin Westwood with 10-00-00 of mixed silvers, taken from the jetty, and in 3rd was Graham Davidson with 8-03-00 of small fish on long  from peg 31.

No pictures this week, not taking my camera out in that sort of weather.

Wednesday Night Open June 8th

Joint 1st   Pete Evans        8-08-00

                    Matty Powell    8-08-00

            3rd Liam Parry       4-06-00

Wednesday Night Open June 1st

1st    Justin Westbrook       31-05-00

2nd  Phil catherall              25-12-00

3rd  Matty Powell                19-10-00

4th  Ryan Wilcock                9-10-00



Summer Series 4 Sunday May 29th

Once again the Trap fished below par, we were spoilt with fine weather and excellent catches during the month of April. However todays weights were not too bad considering the weather.

In first place was Mike Ellis from the Willow (peg 20) Mike pole fished caster for a mixed bag of silvers weighing 11-12-00.

In second was junior angler, Liam Parry (pictured right) Liam fished chopped worm and caster at 13m on peg 23. Liam weighed 8-10-00.

In third was Tony Belcher with 7-12-00. Tony fished the feeder on peg 33 and caught mainly Ide.


4th Mathew Powell 7-05-00

5th Phil Catherall   7-00-00

and in 6th place 12 year old Rhys Ellis    6-10-00 (pictured above/right)                                           



Wednesday night May25th

You would never think it possible but for the second week in a row, Buckley anglers have been upstaged by a junior angler. This time, by Michael Rough. Michael has been there or there abouts all summer and its great to see him finally take first place.

Mike drew peg 26 (used for the first time this year ) and landed a sizeable carp of around 10lb plus a number of Roach and Ide all to single caster fished shallow on a long pole.

1st Michael Rough      13-04-00

2nd Phil Catherall       13-00-00

3rd Pete Evans              6-13-00



Wednesday series May 18th


Junior angler Ryan Wilcock (pictured above) showed the seniors how to do it on a difficult windy night. Ryan drew peg 33 and fished maggot shallow at 6m for a fine net of Roach and Skimmers. His weight was boosted with a Bream of around 5lb.


1st Ryan Wilcock 10-04-00

2nd Mike Ellis         8-12-00

3rd Pete Evans      7-13-00

4th John Porter   7-12-00


Summer series 3 Sunday 15th May


The 3rd match in the series saw a  marked deterioration in the weather and this reflected in the catches, were most found the strong gusting wind difficult. However Colin Westwood won the match with a weight of 21-04-00 which included the fine mirror carp (pictured right). The carp fell to single white maggot fished on an 18 hookpeg 25 (the Jetty)

In second spot was Mike Ellis with 14-09-00 of mostly Roach, Ide  and Skimmers from peg 32.

Junior Welsh International Mathew Powell came 3rd with 13-04-00 of skimmers from peg 15 0n the rubble. Mathew was unlucky to have pulled off four sizeable Bream on the way to the net, so better luck next time.

Two more of our promising juniors caught noteable catches with Michael Rough recording 7-08-00 of silver fish from The Rock, and first timer George Campbell with 5-01-00 from peg 27.





May 11th (Wednesday night open)


1st Andy Amos 42-00-00

2nd John Porter 18-08-00

3rd Michael Ellis 13-14-00

4th Pete Evans  10-14-00




8th May Silverfish match

Graham Davison ( pictured right)won Sundays match with a fine weight of 20-05-00 which consisted of mainly skimmer bream and a single Perch of 2-07-00. Graham drew the Willow (peg 20) and fished pellet on long pole.

In second, was Pete Evans on the next peg with 18-02-00 of Roach all taken high up in  the water at 13m.

Mike Griffiths was third with 15-10-00 of Roach, Ide and Crucian Carp from the jetty (peg 25)



May 1st

The second match in the series was fished today on a windswept Trap. Weights were much improved with the field of 18 catching a total weight of just under 150lb.

In first place was Mike Ellis (pictured right ). Mike boosted his weight to 27-06-00 with a Common Carp of 19-11-00. His carp fell to pole fished  caster on a size 18 hook to 2lb hook lenghth, so quite an achievement.

In second was Graham Davison with a fine net of silvers for 16-11-00 from peg 13 on the rubble.

Third spot went to Justin Westbrook with 15-01-00. Justin drew peg 25 (the Jetty) and was restricted to fishing no longer than 4m due to the strong winds. He pole fished caster for Roach, Ide and a single carp of around 9lb.

4th  Phil Catherall  12-07.00

5th Pete Evans         11-14-00

6th Roger Millard   10-15-00

7th Colin Westwood 10-04-00



April 25th Members Sweep
Joe Bird won a very close contest with a superb net of silver fish weighing 16-14-00.  Joe drew peg 27 and pole fished caster.

In second was  Graham Davidson  with a similar catch from peg 25 (the Jetty ). Graham also caught all silvers for a weight of 16-12-00. 


Strong winds on the day prevented Graham from fishing beyond 4m, so this wa an exceptional weight in the circumstances.

In third was Steve Doring with 10-14-00 of skimmer bream taken on pellet from peg 16.

Following up were Pete Evans with 10-04-00 and top junior, Michael Rough (pictured above) with 10-03-00

17-04-2011 (Summer Series)

The first match of this series was fished in bright, flat calm conditions and many struggled, however, Graham Davison came out the winner with a fine net of Roach, Ide and Barbel for 14-15-00. Graham drew the Rock, peg 37, and caught staedily on pole fished caster.

Pete Evans came a close second with 13-12-00 from The Carp Hole peg 23. Pete again fished caster on the pole for  predominantly Roach and a few Ide.



Summary of results below;
1st Graham Davison                                 14-15-00 peg 37

 2nd Pete Evans                                           13-12-00 peg 23

3rd Colin Westwood                                   7-02-00 peg 33

4th Justin Westbrook                                7-00-00 peg 36

Graham pole fished caster on several lines for a succession of Roach and Ide and small Barbel.