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2019 AGM will be held in the clubhouse on Thursday 28th November at 7.30

see notice board for the Agenda

Notice to all members

Running a fishery involves an awful lot of work behind the scenes to maintain standards, however we as a club should not be content with

just maintaining standards we need to strive to continually raise them. Huge measures have been put in place over the last few years to improve the water quality and largely with success. The aeration project has been immense for the water quality and food chain, and slowly our fish population is growing, this will take time but the improvement is positive.

Thank you to all those involved for the vast amount of work done each year to maintain the safety and comfort of or paths and pegs, but there is so much more that can and needs to be done. Unfortunately, all the work done around the pool and the day to day running of the club is done by a very small minority of our membership.

To ease the burden and improve things even further, we are looking to recruit members to get actively involved in a variety of ways. If anyone out there feels they would like to get involved, please contact me on 0741 5614285 or email me on prevans54@gmail.com to discuss further.

The big problem facing us in the coming months is bird predation. This can if ignored, have a devastating effect on our levels of stock, and all it requires is a presence on the water at first light to deter large numbers of predators feeding on our fish.

Other measures to ease this problem will be implemented very soon. The introduction of a dye to restrict underwater visibility is soon to be introduced and fingers crossed, this will give the stocks better freedom of movement and security.

Day Tickets are also available on the bank.

but please note we can only accept cash or cheque made out to Buckley Angling Association



SENIOR          £40

OVER 65`s      £25

JUNIOR           £10


SENIOR          £8

JUNIOR          £4


Important notice of a change to the rules.

The one rod rule will no longer apply. All anglers will be allowed to use a max of 2 rods.

However, a strict set of rules must be adhered to.

All baited hooks must be cast within the confines of the peg being fished. This would mean that a bait may not be cast beyond mid way to the adjacent pegs left and right whether occupied or not. Also a bait may not be cast out in front beyond the mid way point to pegs on the opposite bank.






JULY 2017



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