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Latest News & Information


, Feb 7th 2024 we re-stocked the pool with Bream. These were great looking fish and all between 2 and 5lb, with an average weight of 3.5lb

This introduction follows a december stocking of Ide.

The 2024 season starts on April 1st


Permits will be available on the bank from April 1st

Senior    £50

OAP     £40

Junior £10

Day tickets - senior £10, junior £5

Day tickets only available after 8am, juniors under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.


The match schedule for 2024 is now sorted all details can be viewed here, on the Match page.


Latest News and Information

Anglers may find the entrance gate locked on their arrival, the code to the gate lock can be found on their Permit.

Generally the gate will be unlocked by 8am.

Day tickets and Permits can be purchased on the bank from 8am.


Fish Feeding and aeration

The pool is now stocked to a relatively high level, in relation to its area of 4.75 acres. To sustain stock levels and for fish to grow on and breed, it is essential that we provide supplementary food for these fish. So once the water warms up a little, we will be commencing our feeding programme. We understand that this sort of plan wont please everyone, but it is essential and will be done with due care not to upset anglers. How would you like to be transported half way across the country and dumped into a 30 foot deep pool with no food, think about it! Every commercial in the country does this along with aeration, but most operate on limited hours and such activities are carried out after the anglers have gone home. We operate dawn till dusk and so dont have that opertunity.


Also, come April, the aerators will operate for 2 hrs a day until september. The main objective of the aeration is to break up thermal stratification, which if allowed to form will see cold water trapped beneath the thermoclyne. This trapped water will becme colder and colder over the summer months, will be totally anaerobic and will contain harmful toxins that will eventually be released into the main column of water during the autumn turnover in November. This condition is highly damaging to the food chain and fish stocks. So in a nutshell, we see the benefits of aeration in the winter months when it is not running.


To further improve ares of the pool that suffer from a build up of silt, we will be introducing the second dose of Siltex. This makes the water a little cloudy for a few hours after its introduction, but is totally harmless to fish and greatly beneficial to the ecosystem as a whole.


This winter has seen the best match results ever recorded on this pool for the time of year, so please bear with us, we must be getting something right.



















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