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Buckley Angling Association


A further step forward


2017 proved to be as successful as predicted the Club have been running and monitoring the  Aeration system throughout the last 12 months with very favourable results on both water condition and temperatures taken and recorded throughout the year, the introduction of the roof electricity generating panels have proved to be a sound financial investment for the Club  it allowed the running of the Aeration system over the past twelve months at minimal cost, and generated income for the club by way of  excess electricity which is returned to the National Grid Power supply for which the club  receives a quarterly payment which in turn generates income  helping towards running costs for the Club.

As detailed in the last report the Club did go ahead with the free junior membership for 2017 even though there is a cost which goes against the Club regarding individual insurance for each junior card issued which the club covered, the Club Committee were disappointed at the response even though there were well over 100 free cards taken out this did not manifest itself in the numbers we saw at either the coaching sessions or actually fishing over the Holiday period when you have people who are willing to give up their free time to coach  and assist, actively  trying to encourage youngsters to participate it can be very disheartening to all concerned.

At the  AGM  it was proposed and accepted that in order to retain a balance in membership receipts and ages in April 2018 there will be an increase of £5 to the £20 over 65s annual membership, and the introduction of a £10 junior annual membership, along with an increase in day ticket prices Seniors from £6 to £8 and Juniors £4 would hopefully go towards balancing out the annual running costs of the Club, the Senior Annual Membership will remain at £40 but this might also have to be reviewed if the above measures  prove to be unsuccessful for the long term future of the Club which all the committee members are working towards, which is shown in their active involvement in numerous  maintenance activities carried out throughout the year and is evident in the appearance of the Trap and surrounding areas.

As mentioned previously the Club throughout the year haven carried out temperature monitoring in order to see if the conditions of the lake have changed since the introduction of aeration to date they are showing a uniform reaction to temperature ranges throughout the depth bands, which in turn has encouraged the fish to feed at all depths as with most course fishing you have high and low activity and this has proved to be the case this year, although this may well be down to the expansion of the lakes natural food source which has encouraged the fish to disregard our efforts to try and offer enticement in order to be caught.

This year has seen a major input of fresh stocking fish into the lake from various sources, some have been financially gained others have been part of agreements reached for long term projects which over time will prove to be a major gain for this club, ensuring it will carry on well into the future hopefully this will also encourage Parents and Children to support an asset to the Town, which is more than willing to offer them encouragement, with Technical and Practical Coaching from the clubs two national registered coaches, and CRB checked assistants.

It is with sadness I inform the Membership of the passing of one of the Club stalwarts over the years Mr Russ Jones, he was a past Secretary and Trustee and up to his illness which prevented him from fishing was regularly to be seen either fishing or drinking tea with his fellow anglers in the Club house he will be missed.  

This year a special thanks to Lionel’s for their continued support, early in the year they held a raffle which raised £800 which Nikki very generously donated to the club to offset the cost of the aeration system, they also offer a local service to the angler for all tackle and bait requirements, we should actively support them as it would create a major inconvenience to us all, if we were to lose this localised asset.

December will see the Committee trial a fish feeding programme over the first week identified alternate pegs  will be fed , with skrettings this is a  vegetable based fish friendly pellet, monitoring will be ongoing with the use of technical equipment a wireless fish finder,  this will provide visual evidence to show the fish are feeding freely and all pellets are being consumed, if successful then a further expanded feeding programme to support their natural feeding will take place throughout the winter encouraging size and weight gain through the winter months on the Clubs extensive variety of fish stocks.    

On behalf of the BAA Committee we look forward to your continued support through 2018 and tight lines whenever you are fishing.


Mr D C Long


Buckley Angling Association








JULY 2017



(Closed Group) and feel free to post your pictures and comments.




Please all remember to renew your licences for the new season on April 1st.

To promote our junior membership we have taken the bold step of offering FREE Junior membership to those 16 and under. This does not mean that juniors can fish without a licence, but they can do so once obtaining their free licence available from Lionel`s Tackle. Also Juniors (16 and under) can register for a Free Rod Licence with Natural Resources Wales. They can do this on line at

www.gov.uk/get-a fishing-licence or at any Post Office. Under 12`s do not require a licence anyway.

This is an exciting year for us at the Trap Pool, Significant changes have been made to the way we operate the water. Firstly, as you may be aware, our diffused air aerators have been running for just a couple of hours a day. the intention is to ramp this up as the weather gets warmer and run them on most days for up to 8 hrs.

Already we are seeing a good colour in the water and catch rates have improved dramatically. Catches are predominantly Roach of all sizes, but the Ide are also begining to show.

We are currently negotiating further fish introductions for the comming weeks.

2017 International Welsh Carp Team Trials

This event will be run at Gweryd Lakes on the 22nd and 23rd of April.

Entry fee is £35 per person and must be submitted by 3rd April with cheques made out to the Welsh Federation of Coarse Anglers.

Applications to;

Tony Rees

WFCA Treasurer,

13 Alexandra Avenue,

Merthyr Tydfil,

Mid Glamorgan   CF47 9AE









January 2017


To start the new year on a positive note, we were offered prime Roach at a discounted price. We took up the offer, and have stocked 1700 fish averaging about 4 to the pound.

Further introductions are planned before the Spring, so hopefully these introductions will kickstart the new season. This winter has been difficult, but with the New Look Aerated Trap Pool, we should avoid the return of such conditions and the level of sport should increase year round.

We would also expect to see a huge increase in fry survival rates, and buying large numbers of fish, anually, a thing of the past, but we must be patient as it may take a couple of seasons to see the benefits.



B.A.A Newsletter

The way forward 2017 and beyond.

2017 will see Buckley Angling Association take a major step forward in safeguarding the long term future of the Trap Pool as a successful fishery. Following extensive surveys, research and consultation, an aeration system was introduced into the lake last November.

The Trap Pool has always suffered from thermal stratification over the summer months which leads to low oxygen levels at depth. The installed system will disrupt these layers preventing the formation of a thermoclyne and oxygenating the lower reaches.

Over many years, tree foilage and wildlife excrement have built up on the bottom of the pool exacebating the low oxygen levels and making the deep water inhospitable to our fish stocks. With the introduction of oxygen to these regions, the organic silt will degrade naturally, and the habitat for a thriving food chain will result.

With the living environment enhanced, and a more even water temperature achieved over the summer months, fry survival rates will be greater, fish will feed more freely at depth and catch rates will improve.

Running costs will be significant, hence the introduction of solar roof panels in November 2015. Initally we will operate the system for 8 hrs a day, April to September, but monitoring of the results will be required periodically over this time to ensure the success of the project. We will then either extend or reduce the running period accordingly.

The Committee have adopted a positive forward thinking attitude to resolve, potentially, the most detremental thing that could that could have happened to the Trap Pool with the gradual decline of water quality without taking this positive action.

Another radical step forward will be to introduce FREE Junior membership  for 2017. The Committee are committed to attracting junior members to the club. As a club we offer free coaching to to our members and not just our junior members. We run regular coaching events through the summer months and currently have two Angling Cymru trained coaches and a number of assistants CRB cleared. This hopefully gives  piece of mind to anxious parents who quite rightly worry about their children whilst participating in such activities. Parents and guardians are not just welcome but encouraged to attend these sessions, so come along and see what the club has to offer. We have flush toilets, hot and cold running water and a classroom. We can also offer the loan of start up tackle if required.

With the Club spending so much on the preservation of the fishery, we have not neglected the need to introduce fish to maitain a good level of sport. During 2016 we were invited to the Iceland fishing complex, on Deeside.This gave interested members the opertunity to experience and enjoy a days fishing at a different venue. Not only that, all fish caught were transported by the host organisation to our own water, the Trap Pool. This happened on six occasions between May and June. We have already received an invitation to repeat the experience for the comming year. This should be an added incentive to come and join us at Buckley Angling Association, you will be made most welcome.

The Club Committee are extremely committed members of this club and this year saw the addition of three new members. So we are retaining our strong commitment in overseeing the opositive running of the club for all our members. People only have to walk around our lake to see how much work is carried out annually to maintain the outstanding condition of pegs and pathways and the level of safety around the lake.

Club Secretary      Mr D.C. Long





Aeration Raffle (saturday 18th June)

Lionel`s Tackle have over the last few weeks, been running a raffle to assist with funding for the proposed aeration system for the Trap Pool. There will be in the order of 20 prizes all kindly donated by Lionel`s Tackle supply chain.

Buckley AA would like to express their gratitude to the propreitors and staff of Lionel`s tackle for their hard work and initiative. The amazing sum of £800 has been raised and Buckley AA would like to thank all the customers that have contributed by buying a ticket.

A full list of the lucky winners will be published, here, hopefully later today.













Pictured above, Neil and Nikki of Lionel`s Tackle with their son, Alfie drawing the winning ticket.


The Aeration Project

Buckley AA would like to take this opportunity to give a brief explanation as to why aeration is necessary at the Trap Pool. For those of youwho know the Trap Pool and have fished it for many years, you will be aware of how challenging the fishing is over the winter months.

Well hopefully this is about to change !

The Trap is approximately 5 acres and has depths to about 30 feet, and during the summer months the water warms up, but not over it`s whole depth. The result is Thermal Stratification. This creates a very large volume of water at depth to become very cold and low in oxygen. The autumn turnover sees tis water begin to mix with the warmer water which is now cooling. The end result is stressful conditions for our fish and poor fry survival rates.

The solution is to prevent the thermal stratification from forming by mixing up the water layers with the use of diffused air.  The plan is to run the equipment from April to September for as many hours as necessary to achieve the required result. The equipment will largely be powered by solar energy from the roof panels installed late last year.

The poor winter sport is not new, it`s always been a feature of the Trap, but over the last couple of years investigative work by ourselves and from Aquatic Management Services has pinpointed the route of the problem.

More details and information will be posted here on the progress of the Project when available but we are expecting the equipment to be installed and operating by the spring of 2017.



The USE OF KEEPNETS at the Trap Pool


The Club has introduced a new

regulation with regard to keepnets.


From the 16th of June 2016, a max of 30lb of fish may be placed in a keepnet, multiple nets may be required to comply. This will apply to all anglers, match and pleasure.

This regulation is for the Welfare of the fish.

Visiting Club


Flint Anglers have booked an away match on the Trap Pool for Sunday July 10th. They have booked pegs 12 to 37 incl. between the hours of 8am till 3pm.


COACHING AT THE TRAP POOL (posted 28th May 2016)

Once again we will be providing coaching on Saturday mornings through July and August, commencing on 16th July at 9am.

These sessions are free of charge to club members and are generally aimed at beginners of all ages.

Over the 6 weeks we will be covering the following;

Pole Fishing

Waggler Fishing

Feeder Fishing

If you are just starting out and have not yet bourght tackle, don`t worry we can loan you tackle for the sessons and advise on the appropriate tackle required.

Other dates can be provided for individuals by arrangement.

for more info contact Pete on prevans54@yahoo.co.uk

or on 0741 5614285



Fish Stocking  May 15th 2016

On Sunday 15th May we introduced approximately 500 roach, of size ranging from 4oz to 12oz. The above picture is typical of the fish introduced.

Further introductions are planed for later this month.




Post April 2016

The new season has begun and licences are available at Lionel`s Tackle at the same price as last year.

Coaching is scheduled for our junior members, to start in July and continue through the summer. However, additional sessions can be provided on request. Such extra sessions will be FOC to club members and are not restricted to our junior members. Call Pete Evans on 07415614285 to find out more.


Post Feb 2016

AGM Nov 2015

Last November we held our AGM, and there have been changes to the management of the Club. Unfortunately Martin Powell has stood down from his position as Chaiman, a position he has held for about 10 years. Martin`s contribution has been massive over the years and his experience and expertise will be missed. However, his replacement Andy Davies (Vice Chairman) has taken over at the helm and will continue to drive the Club forward.

The current Line up;

Chairman     -    Andy Davies

Secretary     -     Derek Long

Treasurer     -     Pete Evans

Match Secretary   -  Malcolm Griffiths

Bailiff         -      Brian Plumridge

Child Protection Officer  - Pete Evans  0741 5614285

Fish Stocking

We hope to introduce a substantial number of Roach in the coming months. Further details will be posted when available.





February and March Re-stocking 2015




The Club has re-stocked the Trap Pool with quality Roach and Skimmers.

We have introduced approx 500lb in weight and there is more to come.

We are looking for a further stocking this Spring


Coaching sessions will commemce on 11th July at 9am at the Club House

They will start off Classroom based and then move on to making up rigs

and hopefully some practical sessions on the water. These sessions are for all interested parties not just juniors. However due to legislation, we do require assistance looking after the under 12`s when on the water, so we ask that they be accompanied by a Guardian.

Sessions are totally free and we have tackle to loan to beginners if required. All we ask is that you be a member of Buckley AA.

2nd MAY 2015


Now that we are into the new season, please note that both the Match Page and the Weekly Report are up to date and will be updated and reviewed weekly.


1st April 2015


The new Club Membership Card is now available at   Lionels Tackle Shop.


Prices are as follows;

Seniors  £40

OAP`s   £20

Juniors  £20

Day tickets are available at £6 senior and £3 Junior. (Juniors must be accompanied by a senior to fish on a day ticket.)

The membership runs from 1st April 2015 until 31st March 2016

Please remember to renew your Rod Licence.

AGM November 27th 2014

At the Clubhouse 7pm for a 7.30pm start

Motions to the floor and nominations for office must be made in writing and deposited either at Lionels Tackle or with a committee member on the bank by October 31st at the latest. (as set out in membership card)


Minutes of 2013 AGM

Matters arrising

Chairmans address

Treasurers Report

Re- election of Officers

Election of committee

    nominations received;     Jane Cropper,  Mark Foster.

                                                      Jacob Keene (junior representative)

There are no further Agenda points and have been no motions to the floor from the membership.

Following the closure of the meeting an open discussion will take place.


July 20th 2014

Coaching sessions will commence on Saturday 26th July. They will be run by Martin Powell and Pete Evans, both qualified and licensed Coaches.

Please note they are for all members, not just Juniors, so if you are new to angling and need a little help, please call in.

Lessons will run for 5 weeks but feel free to attend when it suits you.

Meet at the Clubhouse at 9am.



March 2nd 2014

Unfortunately, due to rising costs we are having to raise the price of membership cards from 1st April.

These will be;

Senior £40

OAP  £20

Junior £20

Day Tickets will still be available from Lionels tackle at an unchanged cost of £6 senior and £3 Junior. There will be no concessions for OAP`s.


Aug 20th 2013

The Ladies match will be held on Sunday 25th Aug draw 1pm.

All participants must be accompanied by a member (senior or junior)They need not be a meMber themselves. We have registered the event with the EA as a training day and therefore the need for a Rod Licence is also relaxed. The match will be fished from 1.45 to 4-45pm and then we will have a BBQ.

August 6th 2013

 Tickets now on sale for the Combat Stress Charity Match. See match page for details


July 16th 2013

Junior Coaching starts on Saturday 20th July, Please book in at Lionels.

Junior matches will commence on Thursday July 25th with the draw being at 5pm. Fish 5:45 to 8:15pm

 December 16th 2012

This years match programme is now over and the new Summer Series wont start until April, however for those interested, we will be running a number of Sweepstakes on Sunday mornings, Pools will be five pounds all in with a full payout on the day. Juniors are more than welcome, but unfortunately are not allowed to enter the pools. Te first match is scheduled for January 6th with a 9am draw.

November 4th
Clubhouse and Car park Security

Some of you may have noticed a few additions to our club house facility this last week.
We have had CCTV cameras and associated equipment installed to cover the car park and immediate area around the clubhouse for our members peace of mind.

The AGM will be held at the Clubhouse, on the last Thursday in November.
Proceedings will commence at 7.30pm. (Thursday 29th Nov.)

The AGM will be held at the Clubhouse as stated in your licence. Fully paid up members may attend and vote as required.
No motions from the membership have been posted.
Committee recommendations;
1. Buckley AA will adopt a single rod only rule.

Ammendments to the Constitution.
1. Change to Rule 10.The Officers will be the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretaryand Treasurer, two of which(excluding the Treasurer) shall retire annually at the AGM, however they can seek re-election from the floor. The Treasurer shall remain in Office until he either, resigns or is requested to do so by the Trustees or by two thirds majority of the Committee.

2. Change to Rule 17. Trustees to continue in office for life, unless requested by two thirds majority of the Committee at the AGM.

3. Add Rule 23. Our H&S Policy will be made available to any paid up member on request.

4. Change to Rule 13. The Clubs year shall start on 1st April and end on the 31st of arch of the following year. The financial year shall start on 1st of November and end on Oct 31st the following year, to allow for the accounts to be prepared for the AGM.

No other business will be discussed at the AGM, however an open forum discussion will take place after the meeting.


Wednesday 31st October
Today we took delivery of 850 Ide of average length 7 to 8 inches. The Ide stocking program is now in its 4th year and I think you will all agree has been very successful with consistent sport not just from the Ide but in general. Match weights are much improved with 20lb needed for a win throughout the summer months.



Sunday 12th August.

Please be aware that the pool will be closed on Sunday 19th August. The Club is hosting an annual OPEN charity match. A 5 pound peg fee will be taken and go direct to the charity, COMBAT STRESS. Tickets are on sale at Lionels Tackle. The draw will take place at 1pm with fishing from 2pm till 7pm.



June 5th  (10am to 2pm)

This comming Saturday, the 9th of June sees an Open day on the Trap Pool. The event is being run by Buckley AA in conjunction with the Environment Agency. The objective is to introduce new anglers to the sport, and on the day, basic training and instruction will be given. A limited ammount of tackle will be available on the day (Poles etc).

A Rod Licence is not required on the day as this will be covered by the Coaching Organisation.

The Event is scheduled for a 10am start, with Registration being taken from 9:30am.

All ages welcome, and if you have tackle, bring it along.




April 2012

Licences now available from Lionels Tackle




Feb 9th 2012

Today, we took delivery of 855 quality Ide. These really were beautifully conditioned fish in the 6 - 8in bracket. This is now our 3rd Ide stocking and I am sure you will all agree, they have been a huge success.

They appear to have spread out over the whole pool and feed in the coldest of temperatures. This latest stocking will hopefully prove equally successful.


November 2011


The AGM will be held on Thursday 24th of November at 7:30pm at The Clubhouse on The Trap Pool.

All members welcome.

There is very little on the Agenda for this year. The Committee have put forward the re-introduction of a peg fee of one pound on all club matches held on the Trap Pool. This would fund the prizes for the Fur and Feather match and help towards Junior prizes that are awarded to any junior that finishes in the top 3 even though pools have not been taken. This was introduced earlier in the year with the intention of encouraging juniors to take part in the senior matches and has proved successful with two of our juniors representing Wales in the Celtic Cup earlier in the year.






Sunday August 14th

Liam Parry, Mathew Powell and Michael Rough (pictured right) represented the Welsh Juniors in The Junior Celtic Cup. The match was fished at Magiscroft in Scotland. It was a very close contest with Ireland just edging Wales out by one point. However individual honours went to a couple of the Welsh lads with Michael Rough  finishing in top spot with a tremendous weight of 14.58 Kg. Runner up was Mathew Powell with 8.78 Kg. So well done boys, a brilliant achievement. For a full match report take a look at www.magiscroft.com and go on the Forum pages.


August 12th

The Ladies Match will be fished this year on Sunday 28th of August. The match will be followed by a Barbecue on the Club car park, so get your ticket in advance so we can cater accordingly. Tickets will be on sale at Tackle Tackle priced one pound.

To fish this match, it is not necessary to be a member, girl friends, sisters, wives and mothers of members  are all welcome.


 June 14th

Events for July

Sunday 17th July is a Charity Open Match in aid of Combat Stress.

40 pegs tickets available from Lionels Tackle and Deeside Tackle.

Draw 11:00am , fish 12:00 to 6:00

Refreshments available on site.


sorry for the inconvenience but I am sure you will agree it is for a good cause.




Thursday 21st July sees the start of the Junior Summer Series. These will be run as Opens for the first time.

Draw 5:30, fish 6:00 to 8:30.

full details available on notice board in Lionels Tackle.



Saturday 23rd July.  Junior Coaching at the Trap Pool.

These will run for approx 6 weeks between the hours of 9:00 and 12:30.

They are for members only and booking is essential as places are strictly limited. ( enrollment form in Lionels Tackle.) for further details speak to Pete on 07415614285.

Tackle is available for use on the day.



June 10th 2011

Next Thursday ( June 16th) sees the end of what used to be the Close Season and although not implemented fully on The Trap Pool the use of keepnets is forebidden during the period March 16th to June 15th inclusive.

In addition next Thursday sees the start of a new series of matches. These will be elligible to club members over the age of 50 yrs. of age. The draw will take place at 9-00am with fishing from 10-00am to 2-00pm.

Pools will be compulsory at one pound, and the full ammount taken will be paid out  on the day, with the number of prizes depending on the turn out. These matches will not be too serious, just a bit of fun, so don`t feel you need to be a " MATCHMAN" to enter, all are welcome so come along and give it a go.

Please note the pool will not be closed for these events, only available pegs will be used on the day.





April 3rd 2011

The second Open match of the year was fished on the Trap Pool today, temperatures were a little lower than of late, but despite this weights were much improved on the last match.

First on the day was Mike Ellis with a weight of 12-07-08. Mike drew peg no 23 in the shallows and fished pole for a net of Ide and quality Roach.

Second was Alistair Davies with a weight of 9-08-00 from peg 33. Alistair caught approx 60 Roach and Ide.

Third was Kevin Carr with 6-14-08. Kevin drew peg 28 (the Hellipad) and pole fished maggot and caster for a bag of silvers.

4th Mal Griffiths 6-13-08, 5th Graham Davidson 6-06-00, 6th Phil Catherall 5-13-8, 7th Pete Evans 5-09-00, 8th Colin Westwood 4-10-08.


March  2011

Today, Sunday March 20th, saw our first Open match of the new year. 20 anglers

  took part and although weights were low, it was a very close result.  The match was won by Colin Westwood (pictured right) with a bag of roach for a weight of 4lb 8oz. Colin drew the jetty, now peg 25, and alternated between pole and feeder tactics with caster on the hook.

Second spot went to Kevin Carr with a similar catch of roach for 4lb 1oz. Kevin was on peg 20 (The Willow) It is noticeable that these pegs were 2 of the shallowest used in the match and so shows the fish are moving out of the deep water at last.

Third went to Mike Rough ( a very keen and able junior member) Mike drew peg 30 on the Sandbank, and fished long pole into 3.5m of water for a succession of small Ide. His weight was boosted to 3lb 12oz with a surprise Crucian Carp, very unseasonal! Unfortunately as Mike is under 16 he is unable to enter the pools, however a tackle voucher is waiting for him at Lionels Tackle (5 pounds, better than nothing)

So by default, third place went to visiting angler Mark Crossley. Mark drew peg 33 and fished long pole for a net of small Ide. Mark was just an ounce behind Mike with 3lb 11oz.

Weights were very close with 10th spot recording a weight of 2lb 6oz. Skimmers and Bream have been showing all over the pool in the lead up to this match, however the Bream did not put in an appearance and just a handfull of skimmers were caught. The next open is on April 3rd, draw 9pm. no need to book in.





Janary 2011

It has been a poor start to the year, with the pool being frozen over for long periods of time. It is beyond belief that people put their lives in danger by walking on the ice, and I ask all members to be vigilante and to warn others of the dangers. Signage has been erected around the pool  to this effect.

Work Parties.

A lot of work has already been done to improve the pegs on the pool,  and further work will be done over the coming weeks, so I ask you all to take notice of any pegs closed for this purpose. At times it may be necessary to close a length of bank and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. Advance signage will be erected  ahead of such operations.

If there are members out there that would like to get involved with work around the pool, then please get in touch with either Pete Evans or Martin Powell for further information.

Outstanding work planned for this Spring includes the following;

Staging to pegs 14 and 15         

A boat slipway

Level up peg 45

Repairs to the clubhouse roof (verges)

General tidy up of pathways with addition of stone

Erection of further Lifebuoys.


Match calendar for 2011

Firstly there will be a members sweepstake on the Trap pool this coming Sunday (30th January) The draw will take place at 9:00am with fishing from 9:30 to 2:00pm.  It will be fished from peg 1 to peg 16.

The Fur and Feather match will be re-scheduled for a date in March to be confirmed. This is a prize match, but to qualify for a prize, entrants must have fished a minimum of 3 matches during last years summer series.

This years summer series will commence in April once the new membership card is available.  Dates will be published on the match page in due course.


Fish Stocking

Today (23rd of January ) we took delivery of approx 1000 Ide. They averaged 150mm in length, a little smaller than last years offering, but we are hopeful that they will be a success and gain weight quickly. I am sure you will all agree,they have been a great success, showing well in matches and feeding in the coldest of weather.


The Ide

The Ide or Orfe is a freshwater fish of the Cyprinidea family and is native to Northern Europe and Asia.

At first glance they look like a roach, but the main distinguishing feature is the size of scales, being smaller with a number of 56 - 58 along the lateral line as opposed to only 42-45 in the case of the Roach.

Ide are predators and will feed on insects, crustaceans and molluscs. They commonly grow to a weight in excess of 2lbs but can achieve 10lbs in their native habitat.








March 2011

The weather is now much improved and so has the fishing at the Trap Pool. Roach, Ide and Skimmers are being caught in abundance. Best methods are long pole and feeder into water greater than 3m in depth, however slider tactics are also proving successful. It is difficult to say which areas are best, as fish are being caught all over, however, the shallows and the long bank are best avoided on morning sessions. There have been some noticeable catches, exceeding 10lbs or more with bream to 4lb, perch to 3.5lb and sereral roach over a pound.

There is an Open match being run on Sunday 20th of March, draw 9am . No need to book in.

Please remember that although we presently do not observe a close season, the use of keepnets is prohibited between March 14th and June 15th inclusive.

Please also note that we are presently operating on last years licence, this expires on March 31st. The new licence will be available for purchase at Lionels Tackle at this time.






This is your News & Information page, if you have any news please call 01352 757648 between 18.00 hours and 20.00 hours any day or E-mail us, using the e-mail us link.