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2019/2019 MEMBERSHP Cards now available on the bank from Saturday 30 March


Day Tickets are also available on the bank.

but please note we can only accept cash or cheque made out to Buckley Angling Association



SENIOR          £40

OVER 65`s      £25

JUNIOR           £10


SENIOR          £8

JUNIOR          £4


Important notice of a change to the rules.

The one rod rule will no longer apply. All anglers will be allowed to use a max of 2 rods.

However, a strict set of rules must be adhered to.

All baited hooks must be cast within the confines of the peg being fished. This would mean that a bait may not be cast beyond mid way to the adjacent pegs left and right whether occupied or not. Also a bait may not be cast out in front beyond the mid way point to pegs on the opposite bank.




Buckley Angling Association


A further step forward


2017 proved to be as successful as predicted the Club have been running and monitoring the  Aeration system throughout the last 12 months with very favourable results on both water condition and temperatures taken and recorded throughout the year, the introduction of the roof electricity generating panels have proved to be a sound financial investment for the Club  it allowed the running of the Aeration system over the past twelve months at minimal cost, and generated income for the club by way of  excess electricity which is returned to the National Grid Power supply for which the club  receives a quarterly payment which in turn generates income  helping towards running costs for the Club.

As detailed in the last report the Club did go ahead with the free junior membership for 2017 even though there is a cost which goes against the Club regarding individual insurance for each junior card issued which the club covered, the Club Committee were disappointed at the response even though there were well over 100 free cards taken out this did not manifest itself in the numbers we saw at either the coaching sessions or actually fishing over the Holiday period when you have people who are willing to give up their free time to coach  and assist, actively  trying to encourage youngsters to participate it can be very disheartening to all concerned.

At the  AGM  it was proposed and accepted that in order to retain a balance in membership receipts and ages in April 2018 there will be an increase of £5 to the £20 over 65s annual membership, and the introduction of a £10 junior annual membership, along with an increase in day ticket prices Seniors from £6 to £8 and Juniors £4 would hopefully go towards balancing out the annual running costs of the Club, the Senior Annual Membership will remain at £40 but this might also have to be reviewed if the above measures  prove to be unsuccessful for the long term future of the Club which all the committee members are working towards, which is shown in their active involvement in numerous  maintenance activities carried out throughout the year and is evident in the appearance of the Trap and surrounding areas.

As mentioned previously the Club throughout the year haven carried out temperature monitoring in order to see if the conditions of the lake have changed since the introduction of aeration to date they are showing a uniform reaction to temperature ranges throughout the depth bands, which in turn has encouraged the fish to feed at all depths as with most course fishing you have high and low activity and this has proved to be the case this year, although this may well be down to the expansion of the lakes natural food source which has encouraged the fish to disregard our efforts to try and offer enticement in order to be caught.

This year has seen a major input of fresh stocking fish into the lake from various sources, some have been financially gained others have been part of agreements reached for long term projects which over time will prove to be a major gain for this club, ensuring it will carry on well into the future hopefully this will also encourage Parents and Children to support an asset to the Town, which is more than willing to offer them encouragement, with Technical and Practical Coaching from the clubs two national registered coaches, and CRB checked assistants.

It is with sadness I inform the Membership of the passing of one of the Club stalwarts over the years Mr Russ Jones, he was a past Secretary and Trustee and up to his illness which prevented him from fishing was regularly to be seen either fishing or drinking tea with his fellow anglers in the Club house he will be missed.  

This year a special thanks to Lionel’s for their continued support, early in the year they held a raffle which raised £800 which Nikki very generously donated to the club to offset the cost of the aeration system, they also offer a local service to the angler for all tackle and bait requirements, we should actively support them as it would create a major inconvenience to us all, if we were to lose this localised asset.

December will see the Committee trial a fish feeding programme over the first week identified alternate pegs  will be fed , with skrettings this is a  vegetable based fish friendly pellet, monitoring will be ongoing with the use of technical equipment a wireless fish finder,  this will provide visual evidence to show the fish are feeding freely and all pellets are being consumed, if successful then a further expanded feeding programme to support their natural feeding will take place throughout the winter encouraging size and weight gain through the winter months on the Clubs extensive variety of fish stocks.    

On behalf of the BAA Committee we look forward to your continued support through 2018 and tight lines whenever you are fishing.


Mr D C Long


Buckley Angling Association



JULY 2017



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