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Latest News & Information

Important Information.

Updated  August 6th

The Charity match scheduled for

the 9th of August has been

postponed and will be run later

in the year,


We are now selling Daytickets

and Keep nets can be used.


The Trap Pool is open

but with restrictions - READ on

Coronarvirus (COVID-19)

Measures to be taken to comply with government guidance.

We are open to anglers local to the venue.

Buckley AA are asking all our members to take care and adopt a few simple measures to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Most importantly, it is about maintaining a good measure of social distancing at all times. It is also important to clean your hands thoroughly with sanitiser after opening and closing gates.

The toilets are now open for use by our members, but please, wash your hands before and after. Only one person allowed in the wash area at any one time.


On arrival at the car park. please stay in your vehicle if there are others either loading or unloading their tackle in the immediate vicinity.


Take a moment to read the notice board on the clubhouse. It will inform you of the permitted pegs.( a good number of pegs are closed as social distancing would be compromised if they were to be used.


Fishing is from DAWN till DUSK, all anglers to be off the car park before dark.


Whether you are a current member or an angler looking to buy a permit, we ask you to vacate the car park without delay. Move to the peg of your choice (of those available) and start fishing.  .A bailiff will come around at some point and either check your  membership or sell you one, but please have the correct money or alternatively a cheque.

Once your session is over , leave the pool by travelling along the same route as you entered, and take care to avoid passing others too closely



Additional Rules in place during COVID-19

1.NO spectators, visitors or bank walkers. The only time a max of 2 people may occupy one peg is if they are from the same household.

2. Carry a supply of hand sanitiser for use after handling gates etc.

3. There is no requirement to book in.

4. And finally, if you have any of the well publicised symptoms of the coronavirus, PLEASE STAY AT HOME and self isolate in accordance with Government Guidance.




To comply with Social Distancing, an awful lot of pegs have been closed off for the forseeable future. We are actually down to about 28 pegs, but includes all the favourites for this time of year or at least most of them.

Clockwise 1, 2, 4,  ,8, 10,12, 17 and 20  Anti clockwise  Dis-abled,   46, 45, 44, 43, 42, 41,  Island, 38,  37, 33, 32, 31, 29, 28,27  26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21.

Toilets are now open, but please take note of the signage, and only one person in the washroom area at a time and wash your hands on entering the building and again before you exit..



Please, no spectators, visitors or bank walkers of any kind.

Anglers must be 1 to a peg,and must sit on the peg so that a clear 2m clearance to other anglers that may be passing behind.

Final note

Social distancing  is an absolute must at all times. Bailiffs will be monitoring this, as will I am sure the local residents.

Any relaxation of the Lockdown is quite contentious at the moment, so we must consider ourselves on trial.




Notice to all members

The new membership cards will be available for sale on the bank from April 1st 2020




SENIOR          £40

OVER 65`s      £25

JUNIOR           £10




Important notice of a change to the rules.

All anglers will be allowed to use a max of 2 rods.


However, a strict set of rules must be adhered to.

All baited hooks must be cast within the confines of the peg being fished. This would mean that a bait may not be cast beyond mid way to the adjacent pegs left and right whether occupied or not. Also a bait may not be cast out in front beyond the mid way point to pegs on the opposite bank.







(Closed Group) and feel free to post your pictures and comments.