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Weekly Report


Trap Weekly Report

Updated April 26/4/2019 2019




The last couple of weeks have really brought home the enormous effect the weather has on our sport. The pool was fishing really well as Easter approached  and then came blue skys, no wind and high temperatures and the level of sport dipped. However now the weather is back to normal so is the sport. Loads of fish being caught from all over. The Ide are well spread even in open water, which is unusual and the average size is over a pound with odd fish to nearly 2lb. Crucians and Hybrids are coming out in good numbers, noteably, from pegs; 12, 12A, 42 and 43. Skimmers and Bream to 4lb from the Sand Bank area mainly though to big baits fished deep.

We have now ditched the One Rod Rule, and a number of Carpers have returned to the water and are are doing well. Loads of fish between 13 and 20 being taken and several over 20 with the best being a little under 24lb. Maybe the water record of 28-12 will go this year !

For visting anglers, just turn up and fish a member of our team will turn up and sell you a membership or day ticket. Please note the Match dates and avoid pegs 12 to 37 on these days, thats just once a fortnight. Other matches are Rovers using available pegs only.

Best pegs at present;

anywhere from peg 1 to 12A, pegs 15, 16, 20, 25, 32, 33,42, 43. But its a large water and some areas havent been fished yet so who knows !




The club have revised the ONE ROD RULE, and are now allowing a max of 2 rods.



 Membership Cards is now available on the bank and priced at £40 seniors, £25  for over 65`s and £10 Juniors.

Day tickets remain at £8 senior and £4 junior and can be purchased on the bank..

With the light nights coming please note day tickets are now half price from 5-30pm onwards.














I SHOULD LIKE TO REMIND ALL MEMBERS THAT NIGHT FISHING IS BANNED ON THE TRAP POOL. There have been reports of nightfishing going on, and the Committee is working to discover the culprits. Anyone caught, will be asked to leave the water and will receive an automatic ban.

If you are planning to visit the water, please remember to purchase your day ticket from Lionels Tackle BEFORE FISHING .  For opening hours use the link to Lionels Tackle, on the Useful Links Page.