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Weekly Report


Trap Weekly Report

Updated 7/02/2024

Permits now at half price until March 31st 2024


The Trap pool has fished better this winter than any winter I can remember, and it continues to fish very well. However, not every peg is producing, the fish are heavily shoaled up between pegs 4 and pegs 15. There are exceptions, with fish being caught from the Jetty and the Sandbank. But in general if you want guaranteed sport head for the former.

We held a silver fish only match last sunday and 10 anglers put 80lb of roach and rudd and Ide on the scales. A good number of F1`s were caught and returned immediately.

Yesterday, we re-stocked with quality Bream averaging 3.5lb in weight, these were great looking fish and will, I am sure, have a marked effect on catch returns this comming year.

Although we still allow the use of keepnets, (please note, F1`s must be in a separate net to silvers), we ask that these newly stocked Bream are not put in keepnets but returned immediately.

The new season permit will be available from April 1st, in the meantime, they asr on sale at half price, as are the day tickets.

All permits are available on the bank.






We recently stocked with 1000 F1`s and they are begining to show in numbers, in particular from the shallow pegs.