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Weekly Report


Trap Weekly Report

Updated 29/04/2024



The new season commences on April 1st, permits are now available and at last years prices. New anglesr to the water can buy now and use their permit immediately, thus getting a couple of weeks foc.


This winter has seen the intoduction of Roach and Skimmers, Ide, and an awful lot of Bream to 5lb, and they are showing in numbers. Yesterdays mach was won with over 40lb and 38lb came second, and strangely, the F1`s did not put in an appearance with only one fish caught.

The silvers have begun to spread out, they are still on pegs 2 to 13 in numbers, but not as densely packed as they were over the winter. The Bream are comming out all over, even the shallows.(pegs 20 and 25)

F1`s are in the usual haunts pegs 44, 45, 12, 12A, 16, 19, 27, 28 although did`nt show yesterday.

The carp are feeding, with a good few caught last week to double figures. This year we plan to introduce a number of carp to boost stocks, probably November onwards.

Day tickets are available but only from 8am.

Fishing is strictly dawn till dusk, but we do have a small night syndicate that will bailiff the water after dark.

All permits are available on the bank.

Keepnet rules.

If you choose to use a keepnet, then the following must be adhered to.

1. Dip nets in the solution provided.

2. F1`s and carp under 5lb must go in a separate net to silvers.

3. Carp over 5lb to be returned immediately

4. Bream over 1lb in weight must also be returned to the water immediately

5. If lucky enough, a maximum of 40lb of fish to be held in any one net.

6. Fish to be held in a net for a maximum of 6 hrs, all nets to be emptied and removed from the water 1 hr before dusk.






We recently stocked with 1000 F1`s and they are begining to show in numbers, in particular from the shallow pegs.