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Weekly Report


Trap Weekly Report

Updated 12th March 2020




It is some time since I last updated this post and there are a few rule changes for the new season commencing on April 1st

1. Bream and Skimmers can be put in keepnets along with all other species if so wished, however take note of the 30lb rule and the rules regarding CARP

2. Keepnets can be used during what was regarded as the close season, however, we retain the right to re-introduce it at any time if there are concerns for fish welfare.

3. The club have revised the ONE ROD RULE, and are now allowing a max of 2 rods.

Now to the fishing !

We have had an excellent winter, with masses of silvers and that includes Bream and skimmers, being caught from all the usual winter pegs. For those who don`t know, these are pegs 1 to 13, 19, 26,32, the island and 46 (dip tanks).

The best tip pegs for Beam and Skimmers are without doubt 13, 19, 26 and 32.

The best general methods are either pole fished between 8 and 12 foot deep, which on a lot of pegs makes it about 4m to hand which id ideal for bagging roach and perch.

The straight bomb is also another good method with either maggot or caster on the hook. This needs to be fed by balling in a heavy groundbait and bear in mind you will be fishing into 20 feet of water.

Maggot catches an awful lot of fish, but some can be quite small, the better fish normally fall to caster or double maggot.

Matches are generally won with around 10lb with 6 or 7 needed to frame, but pleasure sessions regularily throw up weights of 15 to 20lb which is not bad for winter fishing. We are NOT a commercial.

A number of medium sized carp came out last week and from the shallows, these were all between 10 and 15lb, in addition several were hooked and lost during the Sunday sweep, so a good sign that they are moving around feeding.




 Membership Cards is now available on the bank and priced at £40 seniors, £25  for over 65`s and £10 Juniors.

Day tickets remain at £8 senior and £4 junior and can be purchased on the bank..















I SHOULD LIKE TO REMIND ALL MEMBERS THAT NIGHT FISHING IS BANNED ON THE TRAP POOL. There have been reports of nightfishing going on, and the Committee is working to discover the culprits. Anyone caught, will be asked to leave the water and will receive an automatic ban.

If you are planning to visit the water, please remember to purchase your day ticket from Lionels Tackle BEFORE FISHING .  For opening hours use the link to Lionels Tackle, on the Useful Links Page.