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Winter League Results



The 2016 Winter League will be upon us before we know it. The first match will be in October so look out for a list in Lionels Tackle on which to register your interest.

Dates for the 2017 Winter League

1/10/2016, 8/10/2016, 15/10/2016, 22/10/2016

29/10/2016, 5/11/2016, 12/11/2016, 19/11/2016

Draw 9am fish 10am till 3pm

Best 6 results from 8 count towards the series.

All carp landed above 5lbs will count as 5lb

Pools are £8 all in, of which £5 will be paid on on the day (1st, 2nd and 3rd) The remaining £3 will be held until the end of the 8wks and again paid out 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall.

However feel free to come along and fish the odd match for £5 with your result not affecting the points on the day.




Winter League 2017 Results

Round 8 Sunday  19th Nov 2017 FINAL ROUND

1st Pete Evans 11-14-00 (peg 19)

2nd Ken Edwards 3-13-00 (peg 12A)

3rd Mal Griffiths 3-01-00 (peg)

So with this the final round, and best 6 results from 8 counting towards the outcome, we had a tie. Pete Evans and Mal Griffiths both recorded 3 wins, 2 seconds and 1 third each for 64 points out of a possible 72 points.

In third place was Mike Delve with 45 points.

Round 7 Sunday 12th Nov

This was fished in attrocious conditions, gale force winds and driving rain.

1st Mal Griffiths 6-07-00 (peg 20)

2nd Pete Evans 4-06-00 (peg 34)

3rd Bill Mourrant 3-13-00 (peg Island)

Round 6 Sunday 5th Nov 2017

1st Mike Delve 8-02-00 (peg 37)

2nd Tony Belcher  7-11-00 (peg 12)

3rd Ken Edwards 5-11-00 (peg 33)


Round 5 Sunday 29th 0ct 2017

1st Pete Evans   12-15-00 (peg 34)

2nd Tony Belcher  8-06-00 (peg 20)

3rd Mike Delve  6-10-00 (peg 12A)

Round 4 Sunday 22 Oct 2017

Round 4 was fished in extreme conditions with winds gusting to 45mph. Mal made the most of a good peg in atrocious conditions, by fishing the feeder.

1st Mal Griffiths  10-03-00 (peg 20)

2nd Bill Mourant  6-10-00 (peg Island)

3rd Pete Evans      4-15-00 (peg 34)

Round 3 Sunday 15th Oct

1st Pete Evans    14-09-00 (peg 34)

2nd Mal Griffiths  5-02-00 (peg 25)

3rd John Porter    3-11-00 (peg 32)

Round 2 Sunday 8th Oct

1st John Porter 8-15-00 (peg 32)

2nd Mal Griffiths  6-14-00 ( peg 25)

3rd Mark Foster  6-07-00 (peg 13)

Mark actually caught just under 20lb, however the rules of this comp say that all large carp are to be returned to the water immediately  and count as 5lb.


Round 1

1st Mal Griffiths   14-12-00 (peg 20)

2nd Pete Evans     10-11-00 (peg 33)

3rd Mike Delve      9-07-00 (peg 12A)

4th Ken Edwards   9-01-00 (peg 34)



Winter League 2015

8th and Final round of the Winter League 2015

1st John Porter    14-15-00 (peg 25)

2nd Pete Evans     12-05-00 (peg 16)

3rd Mal Griffiths 10-09-00 (peg 37)

Final league positions after dropping the worst 2 results

1st Pete Evans                64pts

2nd Glyn Williamson    43pts

3rd  Joe Bird                  42pts

4th Mmal Griffiths        39pts

5th Ken Edwards          36.5pts

6th Mike Delve              33pts

Winter League Round 7 Nov 15th

1st  Glyn Williamson   16-11-00 (peg 25)

2nd Ken Edwards       15-00-00 (peg 25)

3rd Pete Evans   9-05-00 (peg 37)

League after 7 rounds

1st Pete Evans              70

2nd Glyn Williamson   39

3rd Ken Edwards        37.5

4th Joe Bird                 36

5th Mike Delve           33

6th Mal Griffiths        31

Winter League Round 6 Nov 8th

1st Joe Bird   9-12-00 (peg 42)

2nd John Porter  6-05-00 (peg 13)

3rd Pete Evans     6-04-00 (peg 16)

Winter League Round 5 Sunday 1st Nov

1st Pete Evans  17-04-00 (peg 16)

2nd Mike Delve  9-09-00 (peg 42)

3rd Bill Morrant   8-06-00 (peg 38)


League positions after round 5

1st Pete Evans        54

2nd Mike Delve      29

3rd Ken Edwards   25

Winter League round 4 Sunday 25th Oct 2015

1st Pete Evans     17-15-00 (peg 20)

2nd Glyn Williamson  17-02-00 (peg 25)

3rd Mike Delve       6-12-00 (peg 27)

Round 3 Sunday Oct 18th 2015

1st Pete Evans        12-15-00 (peg 20)

2nd Derek Long      10-05-00 (peg 25)

3rd Joe Bird           8-12-00    (peg 21)


Winter League Round 2 Sunday 11th Oct 2015

1st Ken Edwards   22-14-00 (peg 25)

2nd Pete Evans    21-01-00 (peg 2)

3rd Joe Bird        19-12-00 (peg 21)

Winter League Round 1 2015

1st Mal Griffiths   20-09-00 (peg 20 )

2nd Glyn Williamson   12-02-00 (peg 2)

3rd Pete Evans   11-07-00 (peg 12)





Winter League Round 8 23rd Nov 2014

1st  Tony Belcher 5-10-00 (peg 16)

2nd Joe Bird  4-05-00  (peg 8)

3rd Mal Griffiths 3-02-00 (peg 13)


Winter League round 7 Nov 16th 2014

1st  Joe Bird  7-04-00 (peg 37)

2nd  Jane Cropper   5-07-00 (peg 16)

3rd   Mal Griffiths  4-10-00 (peg 36)


Winter League Round 6 Nov 9th

1st  Geraint Edwards   3-04-00 (peg 12)

2nd  Ken Edwards   2-08-00 (peg 27)

3rd Mal Griffiths     2-02-00 (peg 32)

League to date

1st Joe Bird 40.5

2nd Geraint Edwards 37

3rd Ken Edwards    32

4th Mike Delve 28


 Winter League round 5 Nov 2nd

1st Ken Edwards    5-00-00 (peg 13)

2nd  Mark Foster   1-14-00 (peg 27)

3rd Joe Bird   1-13-00 (peg 34)


Winter League round 4 26th Oct 2014

1st Geraint Edwards   7-0-0 (peg 25)

2nd Tony Belcher 5-0-0 (peg 15)

3rd Steve Dorin    2-14-0 (peg 12)

League to date

joint 1st Mike Delve and Joe Bird  28pts

3rd Geraint Edwards 25pts


Winter League round 3

1stMike Delve 15-15-0 (peg 25)

2nd Ken Edwards  5-0-0 (peg15)

3rd Mark Foster 3-14-0 (peg 8)


Winter League round 2.

1st Mal Griffiths  6-03-00 (peg 12)

2nd Joe Bird        3-02-00 (peg 16)

3rd Geraint Edwards  2-09-00 (peg 32)


2014 Winter League round 1 Oct 5th

1st Joe Bird   20-05-00 (peg 20)

2nd Mike Delve  5-07-00 (peg 37)

3rd Paul Saville  4-12-00 (peg 12)


2013 Winter League Overall results

 After the final round the League placings are;

1st Mal Griffiths

2nd Graham Davison

3rd Peter Evans

So congratulation to Malcolm for doing the double in winning both the Summer League and the Winter League.


With one round to go the league currently stands;

1st Mal Griffiths 46

2nd Tony Belcher 40

3rd Pete Evans  37

4th Mike Delve  34.5

5th Mark Foster 34

6th Graham Davidson 32

7th Joe Bird     30

Glyn Williamson  27

However worst 2 results can be dropped.

The top 3 will definitely come from the above 7 anglers.

Sunday 17th Nov Winter League round 7

1st Bill Morrant and Joe Bird   9-07-00 (pegs 25 and 6)

3rd Mal Griffiths  5-03-00 (peg 36)


Sunday 10th Nov Winter League round 6

1st Tony Belcher     10-07-00 (peg 30)

2nd Pete Evans       9-08-00 (peg 12)

3rd Pete Wright     8-09-00 (peg 19)




Sunday 3rd Nov 2013 Winter League Round 5

1st Tony Belcher   5-15-00 (peg 30)

2nd Glyn Williamson 5-05-00 (peg 12)

3rd Pete Evans     5-03-00 (Peg 8)



 Sunday 27th Oct 2013 Winter League Round 4

1st  Mal Griffiths 17-03-00 (peg 12)

2nd  Joe Bird   12-05-00 (peg 37)

3rd Steve Dorring   8-05-00 (peg 27)


Sunday 20th Oct  Winter League Round 3

1st Mark Foster  14-08-00 (peg 27)

2nd  Geraint Edwards 7-11-00 (peg 12)

3rd Tony Belcher   6-11-00 (peg 37)


Sunday 13th Oct Winter League  Round 2

1st Graham Davison  18-12-00 (peg 12)

2nd Mike Delve 7-12-00 (peg 16)

3rd Mal Griffiths  3-08-00 (peg 8)


Sunday 6th October 2013

Winter League Round 1

1st Mal Griffiths    32-04-00  (peg 12)

2nd Pete Evans     14-11-00 (peg 27)

3rd Graham Davidson   8-11-00 (peg 16)

4th Justin Westbrook  5-09-00  (peg 13)

5th  Mike Delve  3-13-00  (peg 32)

6th Derek Long   3-07-00 (peg 37)




The 2012 Winter League is upon us and the first match is on Sunday 7th October.

The draw for all matches will be at 9am with fishing between 10 and 2-30.


1st match 12 pounds with 6 going into a kitty for the final payout to top 3 in the series. Subsequent matches will be 8 pound with 2 pounds going into the kitty and the rest paid out.

There is no peg fee taken and best 6 results from the 8 match series to count towards the final placings.

Points will be scored as the summer series. ie. 12, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4 etc

Round 8 Sunday Nov 25

1st Pete Evans        6-04-00   (peg 13)
2nd Steve Doring    4-08-00 (peg 36)
3rd Joe Bird             4-05-00  (peg 27)

Final league positions;

1st Pete Evans    66 - 5 =    61
2nd Luke Baker   64 - 7  =  57
3rd Joe Bird         65 - 11  = 54


Round 7 Sunday Nov 18

1st Pete Evans    7-07-00 (peg 12)
2nd  Joe Bird       6-11-00  (peg 8)
3rd Mal Griffiths   6-02-00  (peg 25)

It is still up for grabs after 7 rounds with any of the top still 4 able to win the series.
Top 4 Placings;
Luke Baker    59 pts
Joe Bird         57 pts
Pete Evans   54 pts
Mal Griffiths 45 pts

nb lowest 2 scores to be deducted from each overall total.

Round 6 Sunday Nov 11

1st Joe Bird             8-14-00   (peg 33)
2nd Mike Rough    6-04-00  (peg 25)
3rd  Luke Baker      5-10-00  (peg 34)

Round 5 Sunday Nov 4

This was a strange one. Possibly the best set of weights recorded in a winter league match at this time of the year.
The winner was Mal with 15.05.00 from peg 34. Mal fished a straight lead into 17 foot of water for a succession of quality Ide.
In second was young Mike Rough with 10.07 .00 from peg 16 and alternating between straight lead and pole at 13m.
Unluckiest of all was 3rd place Joe Bird. Joe caught a total of 25lb, but this included an 18lb Ghosty, which under winter league rules counted as 3lb, a travesty as he landed this on a 22 hook and .01 hooklength whilst fishing a feeder from peg 15.
His final weight was recorded as 10.04.00.
Other notable weights were 12 year old Kristan Jones with 7.10.00 from peg 31, Pete Evans with 7.04.00 from peg 19 and Luke Baker with 5.15.00 from peg 12.
13 anglers fished.

Round 4 Sunday 28 Oct

 1st  Luke Baker   9.04.00   (peg 32)
2nd M Griffiths    7.05.00   (peg 13)
3rd  Pete Evans   7.01.00    (peg 33)

Round 3 Sunday 21 Oct

1st Pete Evans   6-10-00  (peg 16)

2nd  Luke Baker  6-08-00  (peg 34)

3rd Joe Bird      6-05-00   (peg 19)




Round 2 Sunday 14 Oct

1st Pete Evans   5-14-00  (peg 12)

2nd  Luke Baker  5-08-00  (peg 37 )

3rd Joe Bird  4-08-00 (peg 16)



Round 1 Sunday 7 Oct

1st Luke Baker   8-03-00  (peg 27)

2nd Martin Powell  6-13-00 (peg 25)

3rd Matty Powell  5-10-00 (peg 8)




2011 Winter League Series


The final round was fished today on the Trap Pool and what a close thing it was. In the week leading up to the match, good catches were being had by all, so expectations were high.

Joe Bird, the series leader, drew peg 33 and made the decision to stick with the tip. Joe alternated between feeder and straight bomb to catch a fine net of Ide and Skimmers for a weight of 9-12-08. Most of his catch were taken on maggot, with pinkie responsible for a bonus skimmer.

Steve Dorring drew the next peg to Joe, peg 32 and opted to fish pole tactics with caster on the hook. Steve landed more than 60 fish for a weight of 9-07-08.

And in third was Mike Griffiths on peg 27. Mike opted for yet a different method, he chose to fish the slider and with maggot as hook bait had a good catch of quality Ide for 9-01-00.

Mike Rough was top junior on the day with 7-05-08 of Ide, Roach and Perch taken on long pole from peg 25, the Jetty.

The series was won by Joe Bird with a toatal of 68 points after dropping his worst 2 results. In second spot was Pete Evans with 60 points.




Round 6 of the Winter League (Jan 15th 2012)

It was a very cold frosty Trap that we had to contend with on Sunday, but I think everyone was pleasantly suprised by the way things turned out. Bites were plentyful, and although weights were relatively low they were better than expected

Ist on the day was Tony Belcher. Tony drew peg 8 and fished a feeder quite close in to take a mixture of Roach, Ide and Perch and Skimmers for a weight of 4.08.00.






2nd was Joe Bird with 3.06.00. Joe fished feeder from peg 33 and was rewarded with a similar mixed bag.

3rd was Mike Griffiths with 2.12.00. Mal drew peg 15 and fished a straight lead into 15 foot with maggot on the hook and loose fed maggot over.





Winter League Round 5 4th December

1st John Porter   4-02-00

2nd Mike Griffiths  3-14-00

3rd Joe Bird      3-05-00


Leaguec after 5 rounds

1st John Porter   53.5

2nd   Mathew Carrol   47.5

Winter League Round 4November 20th

Todays match was won by Joe Bird (pictured right) Joe drew peg 13 on The Rubble and set up to fish a groundbait feeder to the island. After a slow start, he began to pick up Roach, Ide and Perch to red maggot and before long Skimmers and a good Crucian arrived to boost his total weight to an impressive 9-08-00.

Second spot went to John Porter with 5-10-00. John drew the Willow and fished worm over caster on a long pole for a catch of mainly Roach and Ide.

Some way behind was Mike Griffiths with just under three pounds. Mal drew peg 25 The Jetty and quiver tipped maggot for a catch of mainly Ide.

League positions after 4 rounds

1st John Porter          41.5

2nd  Mathew Carrol   38.5

3rd Pete Evans           36.5

4th Craig Stubbins            35.5


1st   Pete Evans     6-04-00   (peg 27)

2nd   Mat Carrol    5-03-00   (peg 32)

3rd   John Porter    4-05-00   (peg 16)

League positions after 3 rounds

1st   Pete Evans          31.5  pts

2nd  Mathew Carrol   31 pts

3rd  John Porter          30.5 pts

4th  Craig Stubbins     28  pts

 WINTER LEAGUE OCTOBER Round 2) 23rd 2011

1st     Mathew Carrol      8-03-00

2nd    Joe Bird                 5-07-00

3rd     Craig Stubbins    4-15-00

4th jnt  John Porter and Pete Evans 3-14-00


Today saw the start of a new Winter League series on the Trap pool.

The series consists of 9 matches (as listed in Club Card) of which, the best 7 results count towards the overall positions of which the top 3 will be paid out. So if you missed this match all is not lost. In the event of the pool freezing over the number of matches will be reduced.


Todays winner was John Porter (pictured right) John drew inform peg 33 and made no mistake with a fine performance to record a weight of 16-04-00 of Bream, Skimmers and Ide. John opted for feeder tactics and caught both up to and short of the island.

Some way behind was Pete Evans on the Jetty, with a bag of bits taken on squatt and pinkie for a weight of 5-02-00.

Third spot went to Craig Stubbins with a level 5lbs. Craig caught Roach and Perch well off bottom on peg 34.





ROUND FIVE Sunday 7th November 2010


For the fifth match in a row, the Trap pool was as flat as a mill pond,no breeze or ripple whatsoever, and coupled with bright sunshine and an overnight frost, a struggle was expected.

Pete Evans (pictured left) won with a modest weight of 4-0-0.This consisted of a dozen small Roach, a few Ide and 3 Skimmers the best of which was about 1lb 8oz.

Peter drew peg 21 and fished a long pole at 14 metres in 3.8m of water. Most fish came to red maggot fished over loose fed casters. Bites were plentyful but hard to hit, a change to caster hook bait late on produced the bonus skimmer.

In second spot was Mike Griffiths with a weight of 3lb 9 oz. Malcolm drew peg 31 (the jetty) and fished into the deep water with slider tactics. He caught a few Roach before the bites became so difficult to hit that he gave up on the method and fished a straight bomb on the same line. This greatly improved his catch rate and he caught small fish steadily for the last hour and a half.

In third spot, making a guest appearance was Mike Ellis. Mike drew peg 45 (the Rock) and caught small fish on small pieces of worm for a weight of 3lbs.

Steve Doring and Joe Bird tied for fourth spot, and Steve caught this big Perch on pole fished maggot.



                                           ROUND 6 SUNDAY 14th NOVEMBER

Once again, an overnight frost and still bright conditions suggested a further struggle was on the cards, and it was for most. However Steve Dorring drew the fancied peg 45 (the rock) and was quickly off the mark with a small Barbel taken on pole fished maggot in about 12 foot of water. A further half dozen Barbel followed and a few Ide for a winning weight of 3lb 13oz.

Pete Evans fished long pole from peg 43 and used caster to tempt 3lb 7oz of Roach and Ide for second spot. Pete fished a 3.5 grm float in 15 foot of water.  The flat conditions made for a slow start with just one small Roach to maggot in the first hour. Sport picked up once a breeze put a ripple on the water, and a steady succession of small Roach and Ide followed to caster fished hard on the bottom.

Third spot was taken by Joe Bird from peg 38 on the Sandbank. Joe fished a small open ended feeder into 20 foot of water, and caught a few small skimmers and Roach for a weight of 3lbs.




Conditions today, appeared slightly better than of late . Slightly overcast and with a light breeze, expectations were a little higher. How wrong can you be, the wind was very  cold and with temperatures around 4 deg it was bitter, and for the first time in the series, the skimmers were conspicuous by their absence.

The resultant weights were low but very close with just 12oz separating the top four.Joe Bird (pictured left) came out tops with 2lb 12oz. Joe drew the fancied Rock (peg 45) and pole fished maggot in twelve foot of water for a catch of Roach ,Ide and just one small barbel.


In second spot was Pete Evans with a weight of 2lb 6oz. Pete drew the jetty (peg 31). Recent results have shown the top weights to come from around twelve feet of water and to achieve this from this peg, Peter had to fish a very long pole (14.5m) angled towards peg 12. Small Roach and Ide came to red maggot and caster hook baits , fished hard on the bottom beneath loose fed caster.

Third place went to Michael Rough with a weight of 2lb 4oz 8drm. Michael drew the rubble (peg 14) and persevered with fishing the pole in very cold conditions, eventually to be rewarded with a cracking Roach of 1lb 2oz. The remainder of his catch consisted of Roach, Perch and Ide.




The league is now led by Peter Evans with 70pts, but bearing in mind the requirement for each angler to drop their worst three results, things become very close with 2 rounds to go.

The League to date; (After 7 Rounds) Best 6 from 9 to count



Winters definitely arrived, at 9am this morning the temperature on the Trap pool car park was minus 6 deg c. The pool was 40% ice and with snow underfoot, it was going to be torture.

We stuck with the same peg selection and although largely clear of ice, half the pegs saw little if any sunshine.

Winner on the day was Joe Bird with a disappointing weight of 1lb 13oz 8drm. Joe drew one of the colder pegs (peg 31, the Jetty). Joe fished a small feeder into the deeper water and after a slow start was rewarded with a very unseasonal Crucian Carp that fell to a double pinkie hookbait. The remainder of his catch was made up with Roach and Ide to single red maggot.



In second spot was junior angler, Ryan Willcock. Ryan drew peg 45, probably the coldest on the pool and did really well to push Joe all the way with a weight of 1lb 12 oz 4 drm. This consisted of small Roach, Ide and Perch all to pole fished white maggot in 12 foot of water. Ryan was actually unable to fish for half an hour when an ice flow drifted across his peg.

Third spot went to Mike Griffiths with 13oz from peg 37. Mike persevered with a straight lead and caught quite late on just pipping Pete Evans on 12oz 4drm and Phil Catherall on 12oz.

With the final match scheduled for next Sunday, Joe looks to be taking top spot overall with second and third still up for grabs



The league after 8 rounds ( each angler to drop their worst three results)




ROUND  9 JANUARY 16th 2011

Well finaly, the Trap Pool is free of ice and the last match in the series went ahead this morning. The strong winds of yesterday had subsided, and although mild it rained for the full four hours.

The match was narrowly won by on form Joe Bird. Joe drew peg 41 and set up with the usual feeder tactics. After a slow start, he caught a few skimmers and Ide for a rather poor weight of 2- 12 - 4. This was Joe`s 3rd win in a row, and 4th in the series.

In second spot , just 4 drams behind was Mike Griffiths. Mike drew the Jetty peg 31, and  fishing the tip, with maggot on the hook he caught Roach and Ide for a weight of 2-12-0. 

Third went to Pete Evans with a weight of 1-13-0. Pete drew the fancied Rock peg 45, and made a right hash of it missing about a hundred bites on caster.

The final placings in the league were as follows;

1st Joe Bird                    69 pts

2nd Pete Evans             63 pts

3rd Mike Griffiths 60 pts

This was after droping their worst three results.



Phil Catherall1112910-878-65
Alan Clarkson81011127687675
Pete Evans1098912111191089
Joe Bird4111279.51012121289.5
Mike Griffiths781081199101183
Ryan Wilcock66.56464-11750.5
Mike Rough96.5 -687100955.5
Derek Long54050555029
Steve Doring35 119.51266860.5
Dave Edwards12 0 --   12
Martin Powell  7 --   7
Darren Coppack0 00--   0
Jim Roberts0   --   0
 Callum Imrie    5-    5


The summer series will not now start until the new card is issued in April, however, we will be running a few sweepstakes before then. The dates will be posted on the Latest News Page of this site so keep looking.