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Club Rules

General Permit Holders Rules


  1. Junior Permit Holders shall be Senior Permit Holders at the age of 17. All junior Permit Holders must have their Parents/ Guardian`s permission to fish the Lake. Provision is made on the Permit Holders  card for this permission to be granted by providing their signature.
  2. Day Ticket Junior Permit Holders UNDER THE AGE OF 14 are not allowed to be at Lakeside unsupervised, they MUST ALWAYS BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT.
  3. No Permit Holder is allowed to lend or transfer his/her Permit card to any other person.
  4. All Permit Holders must carry their Permit card with them when fishing the Lake and are obliged to produce it on request by a Company Director or Bailiff.
  5. All Senior Permit Holders must hold a current Natural Resources Wales Rod License. Juniors aged 13 to 16 must also have one, these are currently FOC and are available online. Juniors aged 12 and under do not need a Rod Licence.
  6. No Permit Holder can run, hold a match on the Lake without the permission of the Directors.
  7. NO ALCOHOL or ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES to be brought onto Company property or consumed around the Lake.
  8. Permit Holders are requested NOT to leave litter of any kind, and it is strictly forbidden to throw bread into the water or leave it lying about. PLEASE TAKE YOUR LITTER HOME.
  9. No cycling around the pathway’s, disabled Permit Holders are requested not to take mobility scooters around the Lake pathways but make use of the dedicated pegs provided.
  10. Transistor Radios may be used, but only when fitted with an earpiece so as not to upset other anglers.
  11. Permit Holders who must bring their dogs, must obtain permission from the Directors to take them to their fishing pegs, if allowed they must keep their dogs under strict control and supervised at all times, and remove any dog poo from the area, failure to comply will result in their permission being withdrawn.
  12. If you choose to use  keepnets, they net must either be dipped before use or be absolutely bone dry before use IMPORTANT NO CARP OR BREAM OVER 1lb IN WEIGHT TO BE PLACED IN A KEEPNET. (This is whilst pleasure fishing, there are different rules for matches) Nets must be emptied of fish after a max of 6 hrs, and allways 1hr before dark. FI carp must be placed in a separate net, with silvers under 1lb in a second net. Max net weight 40lb
  13. Pool Security - The entrance gate may be locked and only opened at around 8am, permit holders will be made aware of the code for the combination lock.
  14. Day tickets will only be available after 8am. This also applies to anglers wishing to purchase a season permit for the first time.




Permit Holders Angling Rules


  1.  Night Fishing, is being trialed, see night permit rules.
  2. Barbless hooks only.
  3. Landing nets suitable for the targeted fish must be used.
  4. Keepnets, if used, must be a minimum of 2.4m long and NRW approved. Fish must not be held for more than 6 hours and must be carefully swam up the net when being released.
  5. Carp and Bream must not be placed in a keepnet and a maximum overall weight of 40lb held in any one net. F1 carp must be placed in a separate net to silvers.
  6. Keepnets must be emptied and removed from the water 1 hour before dark.
  7. No tents or Bivies to be erected around club waters.
  8. No Live baiting and the use of artificial lures is forbidden.
  9. Fishing members may use a maximum of 2 rods, but strict rules must be followed. All baited hooks must remain within the confines of the peg occupied. That is, no further than halfway to adjacent pegs left and right (occupied or not), and only halfway towards the opposite bank. Baited rods must not be left unattended at any time, either on the bank or in the water. Failure to follow these rules may result in expulsion.
  10. Only shop bought boilies are permitted, and these must only be fed by use of stringers or PVA bags ONLY. All seed and nut baits are banned, with the exception of Sweetcorn and well-cooked Hemp and Tares.
  11. The use of Bait Boats is prohibited.
  12. Only pegs 7, 13 and 33 may fish to the Island.
  13. All fish caught, must be returned unharmed to the same water in which they were caught.
  14. All anglers fishing for Carp must carry and use an unhooking mat.





Every Permit Holder shall accept the rules under penalty of expulsion. The BTMT Limited has as its main objective, to improve the local angling facilities and members are honor bound to do all within their power to achieve this.


The Rules are subject to alteration or addition (with good reason) at the sole discretion of the Company Directors.


 BAL Limited or BTMT Limited Directors do not hold themselves responsible for any personal injury sustained, or loss or damage to personal property in connection with any of the Clubs activities.



Permit Holders Match Rules


  1. Angling Trust Rules apply.
  2. Keepnets must be a min of 2.4m
  3. F1`s and Carp  over 5lb to be placed in a separate net.
  4. A max of 40lb in any one net.
  5. At the draw, competitors are allowed to draw only one peg.
  6. No ground baiting before the all in.
  7. The match will start and finish with an agreed signal given by the selected timekeeper.
  8. Competitors must bait, hook and land their own fish unassisted.
  9. At the signal to stop fishing, and allowance of 15 minutes will be given to land a fish hooked before the signal to stop fishing was given.
  10. Competitors intending to weigh in, must stay at their peg until their catch has been weighed.
  11. Any complaint regarding pegging, must be made to the match organizer before the match starts. Any redraw permitted will be at the sole discretion of the match organizer.


Dogs around the Pool

In the interest of safety and cleanliness, ordinarily, dogs are banned from our fishery. However, we do appreciate that some anglers are dependent on looking after their dogs and may find it difficult to find the time to fish because of this. This season we are introducing a dog Permit that will allow anglers to be accompanied by their pet. But there are stipulations;

1. The owner must apply to the committee for a permit. Permits will be issued with no charge.

2. Dogs must be on a lead at all times.

3. You as the owner, must clean up any mess left by the dog.

4. Permits will only be issued to anglers and bailiffs engaged with bailifing the water.

5. If all the above are not met then the permit will be withdrawn.



There are a number of bait control bait stations positioned around the pool, their exact locations will be on a marked up plan, provided with the permit.

From time to time the stations may contain poisinous material, it is the dog owners responsibility to ensure these stations are not interfered with by their pet.

Buckley Trap Management Team will accept NO responsibility for the safety of their animals whilst on our property.